Well, today is the 40th day that i have spent in continous chastity and 35 of these have been spent with my clitty locked tight and secure inside its' new Happygo Super Small chastity cage, with over two weeks still to go until i get my next opportunity for release on the 11th of July. So what is the new device like?
Me and my Happygo
As the name suggests it is super small! It is the smallest cage i have ever worn measuring in at a grand 4cm or 1.57 inches long. As a result it is incredibly discrete with very little sign at all that you are wearing a chastity device, even in tight clothing - which is a real plus. It's size also means that there is no way at all, no matter how much your body might try, that you are going to achieve any sort of meaningful erection. It is just physically impossible. In fact, even the slightest level of arousal will quickly be constrained by the physical size of the device. Of course, at first your body will still keep trying - particularly towards the end of the night when men the world over mysteriously 'awake' - but it will not be possible. i have worn different types of chastity devices for many years and have grown to adjust to this and i find that this 'dawn erection' is actually less of an issue in the Happygo than in some other devices, possibly because it can never properly get started and so there is less ability for your locked cock to grow and strain against the base ring than in larger chastity devices. So, in that sense the device is actually more comfortable for genuine 24/7 wear than larger ones. Still, if it is your first time trying chastity you might still want to start with a bigger device and then work down in sizes to this.
the low profile of the Happygo

In terms of construction the device i got is very well built, it is stainless steel so is more hygienic than plastic devices - though be aware that, being metallic, it will likely trigger airport security (i temporarily swapped into my plastic Holy Trainer device to pass through security on our Sweden trip). They locking mechanism is a bit fiddly, getting the three barrels to align in order to insert the key - but as it has only been unlocked twice since i started wearing it over a month ago (to replace with the Holy Trainer for the 15 minutes it took to clear airport security before putting it back on) that has not been an issue.
The 'three barrels' that need to align in order to lock [Edit by Owner - your clit looks like a raspberry!]
The Happygo is easy to keep clean and keep your trapped 'clitty' fresh. Just shower daily and use a good nail brush and some soap and a well-directed shower head to keep yourself clean and hygienic. As you can see i also keep myself shaved smooth.

The one thing i have realised is that because your cock/clit is trapped in a tiny little cage you will find that when you are sitting down to pee (which of course you likely will be when wearing any chastity device) you will sometimes dribble over your testicles and so need to wipe your bits dry afterwards - you know, like girls do.

The plus side of keeping your clitty so tightly constrained though is that your testicles/balls or 'labia' are perfectly presented and completely exposed for your Owner or partner to do with exactly as she/he/they choose. They are totally accessible and very well presented 'plums' that are just crying out to be spanked or clamped or abused in a myriad f creative ways, all the while your cock or clit can do little in response other than swell slightly then strain and throb.

My final comment about the Happygo is it's price. It is really great value for money. i have spent more than i care to think about on a variety of chastity devices over the years that Owner and i have been together. This is the cheapest one i have ever bought and yet, i think it is also probably the best. Not everyone will agree but for me the Happygo is a great value micro device that is perfect for keeping your clit exactly as it should be, tiny and locked out of sight.


Sissy Kaaren said...

I like it and will point it out to my wife.....I am very small to begin with and I need smaller chastity devices as the years go by!!!!
Thanks so much for the info!!!!
Love your blog very much!!!!

Poppet Subslut said...

Thanks Kaaren and as someone who admires your own blog i am thrilled you like this one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Poppet:

Like you, I have shrunk into a 1 1/2 inch mature metals cage that is similar to yours. Everything you say is accurate from that inability to even starting to get engorged to the pee dribbles. The idea of permanent chastity never entered my mind but the longer I am locked up the more I desire it. Your little clitty looks so cute and helpless in it.

Poppet Subslut said...

Thanks wifey and i imagine yours does too.