A comment on my last post from Sissy Kaaren (about the lock of her chastity device lock once an airport security scanner) reminded me of a post that Owner and i had previously talked about me writing but which i had never quite got around to doing. Well here goes. The following are all real things that have happened over the 14 years that Owner and i have been together. Each was, at the time, rather embarassing, but also quite funny. All could only happen to someone or a couple who enjoy the kind of relationship that Owner and i do and the activities that accompany this.

Yes, what follows is a list of embarassing predicaments or mis-haps that have come our way over the years. Each is true. It would be great to hear of any other similar mishaps or incidents that readers have also had to go through but which in turn have all helped to make us who we all are today.

Anyway, here goes with my list:

  • the time i accidentally sent a Christmas wishlist intended for Owner to my parents and my sister - i bet they never had never thought of a butt plug as a seasonal for me before!
  • the time in Ireland whilst staying in a tiny little holiday cottage that the cleaner unexpectedly let herself into the building just as Owner was about to fuck me with Her strapon on the downstairs coffee table - ooops!
  • the time at work when a colleague suddenly announced (whilst looking rather confused) that he had just found a suspender strap on the floor - the minute i saw it i knew whose it was!
  • the time at Rome airport when the immigration officer decided to do a full and very public inspection of the suitcase Owner and i had with us for our little weekend trip - you can guess the things he found inside
  • the time when Owner's sister stumbled across a picture she really was not supposed to see whilst she was staying with us
  • the time i accidentally emailed a colleage with the same name (and hence very similar work email addresses) a copy of an 'interesting' short story i was writing that i had meant to email to myself to work on whilst away on a work trip
  • the time when, whilst my dad was staying with us, he looked at me most oddly at breakfast and i realised i had, without thinking, started to eat my breakfast from the metal dog's bowl i am expected eat all my food from - we don't even have a dog!
  • the one and only time i have ever needed to be transported by ambulance to a hospital when, of course, i happened t only be wearng a pink dressing gown and had no opportunity to 'make myself a bit more decent'
  • the time when i accidentally texted the builder, who had installed a new front door the day before, a message intended for Owner that described what clothes and knickers i was wearing that day and in which i referred to myself as 'slutty pet' - i then had to face the same builder a few hours later! Mercifully, the subject of the stray text was never raised.
  • the time my Mum suddenly said to me when  I visited one time 'Are you wearing make-up?' - to which obviously the answer was 'yes' 
  • the time on my 'hen party' that i got a little carried away and took off my knickers near London Bridge for a quick, naughty photo with Owner, when suddenly a gaggle of tourists appeared around the corner and i had to hastily drop to the ground and to hide the fact that i was 'completely commando'
There are countless other 'near misses' to add to these as well and no doubt there will be more to come over the years. Have any readers experienced similar mishaps?
Owner and i have just returned from a wonderful long weekend to Zagreb in Croatia. The trip was a present to me from Owner for my birthday and She booked us into a wonderful 5-star hotel in the city, the Esplanade that used to be popular with travellers on the Orient Express and has been host to royalty, film stars and celebrities across the ages. It really was a special place with a wonderful style and ambiance, the perfect spot for a photo shoot!

But, before that there was the city to enjoy and explore. We had a lovely time exploring the old town and eating some great food. We also visited a couple of fascinating museums, the Museum of Broken Relationships (some very sad stories of loves lost) and the 80s Museum (an apartment full-of items and memorabilia from Yugoslavia in the 1980s - again quite poignant given the terrible wars that were just around the corner).

Here are a couple of pictures from Zagreb
Zagreb market

But back to the wonderful hotel! Owner made good use of the sumptuous surroundings to do a great photo shoot of me roaming around in the corridors in one of my new dresses and then a second series of photos of me in my new nighties in the bedroom. It was great fun to do - here are some of the pictures
the lift lobby on our floor
prowling the staircase
and the corridors...
in our room in my new nightie
My birthday treats were far from over though. This morning Owner first straddled my back whilst pleasuring Herself to orgasm with Her vibrator and then took me using Her new strapon harness pants and Her favourite strapon whilst again pleasuring Herself to another orgasm. As Owner thrust into me i thrust happily and greedily along the length of Her shaft, revelling in the sensation of being fucked by Her.  i was safely locked up in chastity as Owner took me (as i was all trip - only briefly swapping my metal cage for a plastic one to clear airport security)- it was a wonderful way to end the trip!
As mentioned in my last post Owner has introduced the concept of my having to undertake challenges when working from home which are determined by the roll of one of the new dice she has created for this specific purpose. The dice allows different activities to be written and described on each face. If i am working from home then Owner requires that i roll the dice to determine what challenge or activity i will be required to perform. This new game started mid-way through last week, just after my birthday, with having to deep throat the double-ended dildo once an hour for three hours.

Well, this week i worked from home yesterday and today. Yesterday i had the relatively simple task of wearing nipple clamps for twenty minutes. I attached clover clamps to my nipples at the start of a teleconference and wore them for the specified time.

Today's challenge was rather more risque and humiliating. It required that i go outside at some point during the day and take a photo of my knickers on my head, Well, I am pleased to report that i completed it successfully taking a photo outside in our street. In fact, i did it twice as the first time i realised i was not happy with the photo as you could not see my knickers very well and so i went back outside and did the challenge again! Owner insists that is not the real reason at all and that the real reason is simply that i am an exhibitionist - She is, of course, correct.

Anyway, this is what i was wearing when i went outside:
my home working uniform for the day
And this is me in our street
Oops - I seem to have come out with no knickers on - no i haven't, they are on my head!
The dice are certainly bringing a new dimension to working from home!

Yesterday saw me celebrate what will be my last year in my forties. i was really lucky, Owner treated me to a whole series of wonderful surprises. She is taking me to Zagreb in Croatia for a long weekend as a birthday treat and she also took me out to dinner and has booked a restaurant for the two of us this weekend as well - see i said i was lucky! In addition to this Owner also bought me a lovely green dress. It is gorgeous
me and my lovely new green dress
Separately, Owner has also devised a new dice game for when i am working from home. She ordered some more dice that allow Her to customise what appears on the faces. This time the dice contains a series of 'activities' that i need to do if working from home. Today was the first day we got to use the dice and i rolled a 'deepthroat new dildo once every hour for 3 hours'
One of Owners' new dice games
Well, there were worse things that it could have landed on, such as to take a picture of myself outside with my knickers on my head! Anyway, i am pleased to report that i completed my deep throat task to day and have the photo montage to prove it
deep throat fun
What a lucky, slutty pet i am!
First off i am excited to report that tonight i was returned to chastity and, what's more the chastity dice determined that i will be locked up for at least two months. The dice will be rolled again on the 11th March.
The verdict of the dice
Locking the device
Today, Owner also came up with another suggestion for the dice. It is a special dice that Owner can write on and so can constantly change the instructions on each face. Now whenever i work from home i am always expected to text Owner and enquire whether She has particular 'instructions' for me. Sometimes She asks that i be plugged and such like. She has even instructed me to go into the street with humiliating signs attached to me. Anyway, today She advised that She will also start using the dice as a means of giving me 'activities' to perform whilst i am working from home. i am very excited at what might lay in store.

In fact, talking of working from home, i think i surprised our downstairs neighbour earlier this week. It was actually one of my days off, Owner was at work, and i was dressed in a short skirt, stockings, bra, blouse and slippers when the doorbell rang. Thinking it likely a delivery i bounded down the stairs only to be surprised to discover it was our neighbour wanting to ask me something. It was too late to try and make any attempt to conceal my outfit and the only option was to brazen it out and chat to her.
in my comfy slippers
She seemed somewhat surprised by my appearance but said nothing and it wasn't long before i was updating Owner about my unexpected encounter!

Mind you, that was as nothing compared to the outfit i was wearing working from home today for 'dress down Friday', and of course we received two deliveries in the mail so the delivery people had a surprise too. Luckily this time there was no encounter with our neighbour.
Today's 'dress down Friday' home working outfit
Honestly, i am such an exhibitionist!
As mentioned in my last post Owner permitted me to purchase a 12 inch double-ended dildo with which to practise cock sucking. It is both longer, slightly narrower and more flexible than the dildo i had been practising before with and so i hoped that i might be able to better deepthroat the new dildo.

We were away over the New Year staying with Owners' family in Spain and so today was the first time i got to have practise session with it. As i had thought it might the new dildo slips past the back of my throat more easily than the other, firmer and fatter dildo i had been practising with, making it much easier to properly deepthroat. i was not able to quite get the full 12 inches down but i am sure that, with practise i could eventually. i think i managed about 9 inches. i really enjoy deepthroating and hope to be able to practise and perfect my technique with this new toy. You can see how i got on in the pictures and videos below;

my throat ended up nice and gooey
By the way, for those of you who are statistically minded and interested in such things, i ended up being permitted 6 orgasms during 2018. Am i odd to be hoping for less in 2019? Owner will, as always, decide.