Owner and i have just returned from a great two week holiday in the Orkney Islands. Sadly, we both have to return to work tomorrow and so we are just moping around the house looking devastated and consoling ourselves with plans for where to go on holiday next :(.

Before we went away i managed to complete the period of punishment that i had accrued without acquiring anymore and so once again was able to return to wearing make-up and feminine clothing. Yippee! However, i think the Gods were against me as a few days later we arrived all fresh ad excited in the Orkney Islands to start our holidays only to discover that our luggage hadn't quite made it with us. In fact, it was another three days before we were reunited with our luggage which meant three further days minus makeup etc. However, our luggage did eventually arrive and within it the special coat that had Owner bought for me just for the occasion - yes a see-thru plastic coat in which to complete some outdoor 'challenges' whilst we were away. You can see me modelling the coat and posing against our hire car below;

Being the exhibitionist that i am i have to say that i absolutely adore the coat and hope that there might be some other opportunities to wear it again!

We both absolutely loved our holiday and had a great time exploring some of the amazing archaeological sites in the island, including dwellings that were built sometime around 3000BC, burial chambers, remnant Viking culture and leftover military installations from the Two World Wars. These alongside some amazing bird and other wildlife and a wealth of fantastic land and seascapes and a large number of islands to explore. Below are just a few pictures from our visit;

They really are wonderful islands to visit and explore.