We still have the builders at home (Grrr!!) and so for the second weekend in a row Owner and i de-camped to a local hotel to be able to shower and relax in an environment with a working toilet and that isn't covered in dust - ohh i am going to have sooo much cleaning to do when this horror is finally over! The Sunday proved to be one of those days which started very well but didn't end that way.

On Sunday morning Owner presented me with a special treat after we returned to our room from breakfast, in the form of a full glass of Her golden nectar which She nonchalantly set down on the bedside table next to me before She climbed back into bed. The glass was full almost to the brim and warm to the touch, it's contents the colour of a sweet wine. i drank down the delicious fluid that Owner had honoured me with, relishing it's taste. Three mouthfuls later and the glass was drained, i set it back down on the bedside table.

But my treats didn't end there, Owner had more in store for me. No sooner had i drained the glass than She set about spanking my chastised clitty and fondling my nipples before eventually tiring of tormenting me Herself She instructed me to take over and spank my clitty in a variety of positions, first on all fours on the bed whilst She watched, then kneeling before Her and finally lying on my back, legs splayed apart.

Owner took over from me and proceeded to spank my exposed 'labia' Herself causing me to wince more than once and making my locked clit very hot and aroused. She paused briefly in Her exertions to remove Her panties and drape them over my face, making sure to place the wonderfully aromatic crotch just under my nose so that my head was filled with Her scent. Then She started to masturbate Herself with Her finger. She re-positioned Herself so that She sat astride my head, offering me a grandstand view as She pleasured Herself, occasionally sinking down on Her haunches and letting my tongue briefly take over from Her own fingers. It has been quite a while since i was last permitted to lick Owners clitoris and it was wonderful.

As Owner masturbated Herself above me She permitted my finger to circle and probe Her anus. i paused occasionally to lick and moisten my fingertip, delighting in Her taste, before returning to work in Her delightful derriere as Her own fingers worked up a rhythm on Her clitoris. It wasn't long before i felt Her thigh and sphincter muscles spasm and contract as She came. My own clit throbbed and pulsed forlornly inside it's plastic cage, delightfully denied once again. It really was a most wonderful way to start the day.

Owner again commented how much She enjoys using Her 'whore' as Her sex toy. i absolutely love it too, especially when the ultimate pleasure is Hers alone to enjoy whilst i am left denied and aching for the remainder of the day. It really was a wonderful treat.

Later in the day when we were back home and i was washing-up after dinner Owner came through into the kitchen and started to rummage through the food cupboard. She had already criticised me earlier in the week for allowing the cupboard to become disorganised but now i could sense Her getting angrier and angrier the more She ferreted around. The cause of Her anger was me, and specifically the fact that i had not checked the contents of the cupboard before ordering more groceries and so She had discovered that we had multiple packets of some of the same products - packets that would likely go to waste. Worse was to come though. Owner also discovered that i had not checked the expiry dates of the dried herbs (i should have known better than to think they didn't have them) that were stored in the cupboard. Owner has previously had cause to punish me on more than one occasion for not checking for expired food - now She had discovered that i had been completely ignoring the dried herbs when doing this. She was not at all happy with me, especially given that some were still unopened and had expired in 2010 - six years ago - and gave me a verbal and very deserved dressing down.

At times like this, when i know that i have disappointed Her, i don't know what to say - other than that i am sorry. My lack of a more detailed 'explanation' served only to infuriate Owner more, especially as, as mentioned, She has had cause to punish me for not properly checking use by dates in the past. For my part i know that saying 'i didn't think' is not an acceptable response or explanation and that She should expect much more from Her wife. As Owners housewife it is my responsibility to keep on top of things like that and Owner has every right to be angry with me. i ended up spoiling Owners day and for that i am truly sorry. i imagine there will be consequences.
Last week wasn't the best of weeks. The work on the new bathroom started on Monday and by the end of the day the builders had already managed to flood ourdownstairs neighbours, an act they then managed to repeat later in the week for extra dramatic affect. Thankfully, no major damage was done and she was remarkably phlegmatic about the whole thing.

The contractors doing the work have been a nightmare to deal with and although we actually had paid already through the company we purchased the bathroom from for an 'expert installation service' i have ended up project managing much of their work. Oh and our boiler stopped workign so we had no hot water or heating and we also don't currently have a fully functioning toilet. We do, however, have enough dust being created each day to keep me busy hoovering etc until the end of time.

Meanwhile, Owner had Her period and wasn't feeling at Her best and She really does not cope well with chaos and dirt at the best of times and i hurt my back and spent a few days just limping around not able to walk properly. Ho hum! Needless to say we upped sticks and de-camped into a nearby budget hotel so we can at least shower etc.

The work is due to be completed at the end of this week and both of us can't wait for it to be finished and get our lives and our routine back.

On the positve side, Owner gave me a wonderful clitty spanking on Saturday whilst i was temporarily out of chastity for a few hours. She ensured that i didn't get to cum but Her expert beating and teasing left my clit throbbing and pulsating and feeling wonderfully and  desperately frustrated. It has now been over 50 days since i came and the longer it lasts the better and better the denial becomes. Seriously, orgasms are way over-rated compared to the slow, incessant, longing ache, the frustrated desire, the feverish twitches and random pulsating throbs, the constant yearn for release coupled with the hope to never be so so that the delicious and delirious feeling never ends. A few seconds of pleasure vs days, weeks, months who knows of that, that ache. Personally, i'd always take the latter.

See, just sitting typing these few sentences is driving me crazy. My clit has again started pulsating, twitching and throbbing in its plastic safe and my nipples are hard as bullets, creating two small pinnacles in the fabric of my top. i long for Owner to strike me hard and repeatedly 'down there', to fellate Her cock, feel it thrusting into me, to taste and lick Her anus, drink Her urine, feel my nipples beign twisted and pulled taut by Her. i long to watch as She receives pleasure and be happy to have been able to provide Her with such pleasure. To recall the smoothness of Her skin, Her scent, Her perfectly shaped breasts, the feel of being smothered between Her slim athletic thighs, face buried amidst the lush hair of Her pussy, fingers caressing the tips of Her nipples, Her presenting Her anus to me, parting Her small, pale cheeks to feast on Her treasure.

Everyday these thoughts fill my mind, exciting and arousing me and with each day of denial my excitement grows. The gift of chastity truly is the fift that keeps on giving. Thank you Owner for giving it to me. And it's a terrific distraction from the building works :)
Owner and i are having a new bathroom installed next week so we are bracing ourselves for at least a week of chaos at home. This means that there will be a few days when i will be working from home with builders banging and clattering away in the background, days in which i won't be wearing a skirt but hopefully will still be able to wear my blouses, smart women's trousers, stockings and flats. Owner has decided that we should de-camp to a local hotel for a couple of nights at the end of next week so that we can shower etc without being surrounded by chaos.

Speaking of Owner, yesterday was Her birthday and i took Her out for a meal to a great gluten-free Italian restaurant in Soho in London called La Polentaria. Owner, of course, chose what i would eat but She did permit me to have a beer which i enjoyed as well as the meal. Now that Owner has switched to a gluten-free diet i have been learning some new recipes to prepare for Her. If any readers have any great gluten-free recipes they can recommend then i would love to hear about them so that i can add them to my repertoire for Owner.

Both of us travelled to Spain for the Easter weekend to spend it with Owners family. We had a really enjoyable time. It was also, i think, the first time that i have remained in chastity for such a trip. Previously, Owner told me to remain out of chastity for such visits but not this time and so i again successfully ran the gauntlet of airport security safely locked up and spent all of our visit locked away. Except for when i have been permitted to remove the device for cleaning i have now been locked in chastity for 41 days in a row. It is still quite a way from our previous all time record - which was over 60 days - but i am enjoying being locked-up again on a longer term basis and Owner seems to be too, which is great.

In one of my previous posts i mentioned about how Owner had found a really pretty dress She wanted me to buy but which i had not been able to as buying it would have left me with nothing left of the monthly allowance She allows me to spend each month - which would in turn have meant i would have had no money to pay to get to work on days i needed to go into the office. Well, i managed eek out the last of my allowance to the end of March and then the 1st April saw it replenished for another month. i checked that morning and to my delight the dress was still on sale, So after a quick text to Owner seeking Her permission to buy it i placed my order.  i can't wait for it to arrive. Below is a picture (and a link) from the website where i bought it

Link to dress here
i am also quite pleased with how my exercises have been going of late. As readers may recall i exercise regularly - with a focus primarily on my butt and abs. Owner has commented a few times that She likes how my body shape has changed - i can, for the first time in my life, now see my abs! - and i have also lost weight. i am now consistently down at just over the ten stone mark (circa 140-141lbs). My goal is to get below 140lbs and keep my weight consistently just below that which would bring me back the weight i was when Owner and i first met over a decade ago, which would be nice.