Owner and i had such a wonderful day yesterday. Owner stated that She wants me to remain out of chastity for a few days for Her to have an opportunity to play with my clitty. So it was that yesterday morning after being permitted to masturbate Owner to orgasm She then advised that i could rub my clitty between Her legs. Well, it is so rare that i am allowed to get so close to Owner that i got rather excited rather quickly! However, Owner delighted and surprised me by saying that it was ok and that i was allowed to cum...oh it was wonderful to do so and enjoy the sensation rather than it happen whilst i am trying to fight it. i  know that i was very lucky to be permitted such a release and i am very grateful to Owner for allowing me to cum this way.

During the day we both visited our local park which was holding its annual summer fete. Sadly the weather was pretty un-summerlike, very windy and occasional showers. We'd seen advertisements that there was going to be an 'unusual vegetable competition'. Unfortunately, if it was there we didn't see it. However, it did give Owner an idea for a couple of vegetable-related photos:

Vegetable silliness over we then headed home to start getting ready for our our absolutely favourite night out, namely The Magic Theatre at the Rivoli Ballroom. It really is a wonderful night out in an amazing art deco ballroom. For anyone that likes to dress-up we really would recommend it. Here is Owner looking gorgeous waiting to depart from our flat;

and then here we are in the venue:

We danced and we danced and we danced and had a wonderful time.

This evening Owner told me to lie down naked on the bed as She wanted to change Her usual caning routine. Instead of caning my derriere Owner announced that She wanted to have a go at the exposed bits of my chastised clitty with Her riding crop. Accordingly, i was soon lying on my back on the bed with my legs spread and a chain connecting my collar to the tip of my Jailbird chastity device so that it was pulled upwards to fully 'reveal' my bits.

Owner alternated between gently cropping my titties and my clitty before starting to up the tempo and deliver a succession of firmer strikes to those bits of my clitty which hang outside of the chastity device and which were helplessly exposed before Her. Owner had just started to get into Her stride with the cane when disaster struck. With no warning and though still firmly constrained inside its chastity cage my clitty suddenly started to leak semen. Thin sticky fluid was soon dribbling down my thigh....much to both our surprise. i uttered a flustered and profuse apology whilst Owner asked how that could have happened? It didn't feel like an orgasm but my prostrate wasn't being stimulated so it couldn't have been a milking. It was just a sudden and unexpected leak and substantial leak of semen. It wasn't pleasurable (though nor was it unpleasurable) but it was a disappointment.

Meanwhile, and on a completely different subject, my father and his girlfriend have been staying with us for a few days. Throughout their visit i have continued to wear makeup and my collar. This is the first time i have done this in front of any family member. Last night we all went out for a meal and both he and his girlfriend mentioned what an unusual chain i was wearing. Owner, my dad, his girlfriend and i then had a short conversation about what it was made of (steel wire) before the conversation moved on. Had you told me only a few months ago that i would have not only worn my collar in front of my dad but happily discussed it with him in a restaurant (though he never asked its meaning and i didn't offer an explanation) i would not have believed you. It's funny how 'normal' wearing it and makeup everyday, including at work, has now become. i no longer even really think twice about or worry about.
For those of you who wear a Jailbird type chastity cage the following is an illustration of how your clitty can be presented to your Owner or Dom/me for caning when wearing a collar with a D ring attachment. All that you need is a set of clover clamps (or something similar) on a chain with one end attached to the D ring of the collar and the other end attached through the tip of the chastity device. The chain is just the right length to lift your clitty up, exposing your bits ready for them to be caned. You can see what i mean below;

This new way of presenting my clitty to Owner for caning certainly makes access much easier for Her :)
This evening was the moment when i had to complete the ice cube challenge Owner had set for me, namely to order some iced water in our local bar and then first caress my titties with a piece of ice and then go to the bathroom and insert the remainder of the cubes in my pussy. Here i am looking all relaxed before the challenge started;

Incidentally, the top i am wearing is a gift from Owner. She bought three size extra small/small tops from GAP recently all of which were too big for Her (She is an extra small or size 0) - clearly there was a fuck-up with the sizing as there is no way i am a small! However, Owner donated all three tops to me and even accessorised them for me (She added the wooden flowers on this one) - how lucky i am.

However, i digress. First i took an ice cube and caressed my titty and then i took the remaining cubes out of the glass - popped them into a small plastic bag and trotted off to the bathroom and popped them up into my pussy. Remarkably, all stayed in place. i  then wearily pulled my knickers and jeans back up and returned to my seat next to Owner in the bar. i sat back down on my jacket in case i suddenly 'leaked' but, whether it was the fact i was sat in the same position for a while or not i don't know, i was able to spend another hour sat on the seat with a pussy full of iced (albeit quickly warming and melting) water without any obvious signs of seepage. Of course, it couldn't last and so it was that as Owner and i walked around our local park on the way back home from the bar my 'waters broke' and i got to experience the full joy of suddenly feeling my panties fill with liquid as water squirted down into them and trickled down my legs. It was lovely to be able to escort my Owner whilst dripping wet :)

Whilst in the park i also couldn't resist the opportunity to flash my titties to Owner :)

Meanwhile, as we were walking around Owner spotted a sign advertising a forthcoming community event which gave Her a rather interesting idea. The sign indicated that there is to be a community festival held in the park which, amongst other things, will include a 'Vegetable or fruit modelling competition - any theme - under 12s only'. Well, Owner has decided that there really should be an adult theme and that i should enter. So it looks like i may find a use for our left over vegetables....now where did i put that aubergine?.....

Owner undertook what She described at the time as a de-fluffing of yours truly this evening, remarking that it was 'time to de-fluff Her pet'. What on earth does this mean i hear you say? Well read on and i shall attempt to enlighten you on what is involved.

First, you need your pet, or sub, or sissy or combination of all three. Next you need to position them well so that they, or at least their bodies, are accessible to you. In my case this involved being placed kneeling down on top of the sofa with my hands resting on the back of the sofa i.e. so that i was facing towards the rear and away from Owner. However, before being so positioned your pet should be naked, or at least have her panties down to expose her derriere and also have her breasts similarly exposed. In my case i was naked save for my chastity device and my collar and wrist cuffs. Your pet should also be gagged and she should already have ensured that near to her are a variety of implements and tools available for her Owner. she can use her own judgement selecting these but she must ensure that her Owner has everything to hand which She may later need or desire.

Next, the pet needs to be prepped. Owner performed this by applying a selection of floggers and paddles to my backside. The prepping helps to warm and redden the pets derriere prior to administering the cane. When the cane is used each stroke should be counted off by the pet - not easy to do when you are gagged. Upon completing the first ten strokes attach clamps to the pets nipples. At the next ten suspend heavy weights from these clamps and add additional weights when 30 strikes have been delivered. At the 40 strokes mark attach small (and preferably metal and vicious) pegs to the base of your pets chastised clitty. At the 50 mark add more clamps to really start accessorising those bits of your pets clitty that are accessible to you outside the chastity device i.e. the dangly bits. Above the 50 mark  keep adding more pegs and clamps where you can but also start spanking and caning  your pets clitty as well as her bottom. When you start to get close to 100 stokes lube your pets pussy and stretch it open with you fingers before inserting a dildo.

Finally, for the last ten strokes finish with a flourish as your pet makes strange indistinct noises (remember she is still gagged) as you deliver the last few strikes of the cane to your pet as she squirms in painful delight - an interesting sight to behold with her pussy plugged with a dildo, and her titties and clitty clamped and the latter safely encased inside its chastity device. And that, dear reader, is how my Owner de-fluffed Her pet before dinner.
This morning Owner and i retired back to bed after i had made breakfast. It was wonderful to lie next to each other with Owner spooning me as is Her custom knowing that we have all of the time in the world to do as little or as much as we liked. It wasn't long before Owner's fingers began to caress and explore my body, Her hands wandering across my breasts, pinching and pulling at my nipples and then exploring between my buttocks. Being the slut i am i couldn't help but part my thighs and push myself harder against Owners body.

After teasing and caressing me like this for a while and causing my little clitty to swell and strain within its cage Owner then instructed me to fetch the dildo gag and lock it in place. As i was doing this Owner selected the large, heavy metal butt plug and told me to place that inside my pussy whilst She selected one of Her new vibrators. With my clitty caged, my pussy plugged and my gagged Owner slipped the vibrator between Her legs and ground Her hips against mine and pulled and twisted my nipples. As She pleasured Herself this way Owner kept saying how much She liked using me like a slut and how She loved that i had a mouthful of cock, courtesy of the gag, and couldn't speak whilst She used me as Her toy.

Owner rolled me onto my back and positioned Herself astride my face and lowered Herself down onto my gagged mouth, grinding down and forcing the penis gag deeper into my throat as She simultaneously brought the head of Her vibrator against Her clitoris, clamped my head between Her thighs and rode my face to orgasm. All the while i was inhaling and becoming joyously drunk on the deep musk of Her sex as Her thighs gripped my head tighter and tighter.It was a joyous sight to behold as my Owner bucked and ground, Her face a mask of pleasure and concentration as Her hips quivered and shuddered until finally She collapsed forward happily spent and exhausted and we snuggled back up together until i was instructed to go and make some coffee for Her.

It is such an honour to be used this way by Owner for Her pleasure and i will never tire of the thrill of knowing how much She enjoys using my body this way. As for me it is now almost two months since i was last permitted an orgasm and i have to say that with each passing day of denial the more my body craves the continuation of its deliciously enforced abstinence. As the song says 'heaven is a place on earth' and for me that heaven is being used by Owner for Her pleasure whilst my own continues to be wonderfully denied.
Yesterday i met-up Owner after work at Liverpool Street station and we both headed down to Tattoo a go-go to get my belly button pierced. The tattoo a go-go parlour is a really nice-looking place run by a couple of women. i had brought along the two belly rings that Owner had bought me for our anniversary and explained how i would like to have one of them fitted. Unfortunately, this was the first time the piercer had seen this style of ring and she explained that she didn't think she would be able to use it as she had some concerns about whether it would be the right size.

i was disappointed but thought, well i can at least get my belly pierced, let it heal and then see if i can fit Owners lovely rings in later. Thus, instead of having Owner pretty metal ring inserted into my belly i instead had a fairly standard bar fitted. We had both looked forward to my wearing Owners jewellery and i remain hopeful that i can, after all it is quite normal to wear fairly plain stud type rings when you first get your ears etc pierced and then replace them with designs more to your liking when the site has healed. i hope that in about a month or two i will be able to replace my new ring with one of the lovely designs Owner chose for me. However, in the meantime i am really pleased to have my belly pierced.

The picture below is of my newly (still a little bloody!) pierced belly

This evening Owner administered a small caning. i love the ritual of being bent over on the sofa and first warmed up with Owners hand, then one or two of Her floggers and a paddle before the main event. Owner often remarks how my butt doesn't easily mark but this time there are few nice red stripes on my derriere, which was also left feeling delightfully warm;

Caning over Owner had me spank my chastised clitty whilst She played with my pussy with Her fingers. As She did this Owner whispered in my ear that as i loved to be such a slut for Her in public the next time we go out for a drink together i am to go up to the bar and ask for a glass of water with extra ice. On returning to my seat at Her side i am to take an ice cube and caress my titties until they are pert and then go to the toilet with the remaining ice cubes and insert them in my pussy before re-joining Her in the bar with the cold water of the melting ice cubes dribbling out of my pussy and down my thighs....i can't wait!

In other news. Today my new bikini arrived. It is super cute and i can't wait to show it off outside. There is also another, rather significant, order on its way..of which more in the future. Finally, tomorrow i get my belly pierced and my new super cute belly ring fitted. Life is good.
There's nothing like a dose of warmer weather to make one want to head down to the park and after what has officially been one of the coldest starts to a year in the UK for about 50 years the weather this week has actually been warm and sunny in London.

With the onset of the warmer weather Owner has asked that i purchase a new bikini for use in some outdoor challenges this summer. i can't wait to have the opportunity to pose in it when it arrives. i have also made an appointment to get my belly pierced this coming Friday after work so that i can wear the lovely belly rings that Owner bought me for our anniversary. Owner also permitted me to buy a pretty pink cropped top to wear to show off my new jewels once they are in situ. The warmer weather also saw us both down in our local park after dinner this evening. For me it was a chance to head out in my sandals to show off my painted toes, and to flash my bra :)

such a slut.....!