One of the consequences of Owner and i having moved house is that we no longer have access to a garden meaning that the days when Owner could instruct me to do naughty things by way of garden challenges are now gone. We have no regrets about no longer having a garden as we have a beautiful park just round the corner and our new flat is much, much lovelier than the last one. That said, Owner did enjoy opportunities to get me to do dirty things in potential full view of our neighbours.

However, earlier this week Owner hit upon a genius idea. Our new flat is on the 1st floor and it has large windows in the lounge that overlook the street and the houses opposite. Recently, i have been spending most of my free time in their painting and decorating after we had the walls re-plastered. But, on Monday i received a text from Owner that caused me to quickly change out of my painting clothes and into something, well a little less practical. Owners text read;

'Pet must wear his black dressing gown [this is a sheer lace dressing gown] and a pair of panties only and be prepared to place himself in front of the lounge window when owner texts him'

This was followed by a second text that read;

'Owner will b across the road and will want him to play with his titties and clittie and remove his panties and show them to owner.'

Then a third which read;

'When owner crosses the road he has to position himself on his fours on the top of the stairs sucking the brown dildo and with the pink gloves and lubricant ready and next to him'

Needless to say these instructions placed me in a state of high excitement! It was dark by the time Owner texted me to say that She was walking up the street and it was time for me to put on my 'show'. Accordingly, i switched the lounge light on and walked over to the window in just my lace gown and panties and peered out into the darkened street looking for Owner. i spotted Her approaching on the opposite side of the road and began to part my gown and caress my titties. i undid the belt and let it fall open as i pulled and stroked and pinched and twisted my pierced titties with one hand whilst my other moved down between my legs and began caressing my clitty through my panties. Owner watched from the pavement opposite as i played with myself in the window for Her like an Amsterdam hooker, eventually removing my panties and waving them at Her. At this point She crossed the road and i scurried out of the lounge to position myself at the top of our stair, sucking cock as instructed. i stayed like that as Owners gloved and lubed fingers probed, explored and filled my pussy whilst She told me how much She'd enjoyed watching Her whore perform so shamelessly at the window, how i could expect to have to perform publicly like that more often (possibly even on occasions when She is not there to see in person but has instructed me by text) because She loves to have me demonstrate what an exhibitionist little whore i am. Finally, Owner had me bring myself to orgasm all over the floor as She pumped my pussy with Her fingers whilst still telling me how much She was looking forward to me having to perform in full view of our street.

Despite Her warnings about the dangers me becoming too fluffy Owner was, nonetheless, still very happy to photograph me as Her pink princess this evening - and i greatly enjoyed being Her muse

[edit from Owner - a practical pet photoshoot will come soon]
It's true, i have allowed myself to become one of those that Owner aptly describes as a 'fluffy pet'. Accordingly, this morning She presented me with some instructions She expects me to follow in order to correct my behaviour and improve my performance and development as Her wife in training.

Owner is of course correct. i could try to hide behind the excuses but all of these would just be excuses for what, ultimately, is a failure on my part. i have indeed become a fluffy pet and i am grateful to Owner for stepping in and addressing my behaviour quickly.

i mentioned that Owner has presented me with some new rules/behaviours She has developed specifically to stamp out my fluffiness (when it is not appropriate - She agrees that some fluffiness on my part at the right time is fun). This is the list She kindly provided to me;

Home tasks
¨ Cleaning rota
¨ Get more organised with meals and consult with Owner re ingredients
¨ Do not create clutter – tidy up
Clothes and make up
¨ Current clothes/shoes to be reviewed and divided between home and out and recycled if Owner decides so
¨ Learn how to dress/make up for the occasion
¨ Have your clothes, make-up and hair checked by Owner before leaving the house
¨ Continue to ask for permission for any item of clothing or make-up that you think you need to buy
¨ When at home, wear pretty but also practical clothes on some occasions, for example on days when deliveries are expected.  Home practical clothing doesn’t need to be boring – examples below:
New skills
¨ Learn something useful
o   Manicure
o   Pedicure
o   Massage
o   Languages
o   Clothes making
o   Flogger making
Slut/whore behaviour
¨ Follow orders and do as requested – behave as whore on request not when it is convenient to you
¨ Only request to play with yourself if you have been asked to beg for it
¨ If you have a suggestion ask for permission to suggest
¨ Regular canings and physical play to be scheduled weekly
¨ Inventory of toys – some may need to go, new ones may be needed

As you can see i have allowed things to slip slightly of late!

However, as a sign that, i hope, i too was aware of the need for improvement in certain areas if i am truly to become the wife that Owner deserves i started researching for some courses i could enroll on that might be of benefit to both Owner and i. One of the areas i was researching was beauty techniques. Surprisingly, and in marked contrast to where we used to live, there are no adult learning beauty courses being run locally that i could enroll with. However, i did find a Level 2 distance learning course on Beauty Therapy that is fully accredited. i showed the course prospectus to Owner who approves and so i will hopefully shortly be enrolling and starting to develop some more skills. The course content includes;
  • basic salon health and safety (always good to know!)
  • fulfilling reception duties
  • developing and maintaining effectiveness at work (quite opportune given Owners need to remind me of my place!)
  • facial skin care treatments
  • manicure and pedicure services
  • eyelash and eyebrows
  • waxing services
  • make up services
i am very excited at the prospect of starting the course!

In the meantime, if anyone knows where i can learn how to make floggers (one of the suggestions made by Owner) i would be very grateful if you can let me know.
The constant hot warm sensation you can feel across your buttocks and the glistening, sticky, moist warmth of your pussy. Both of which have been a constant presence throughout the dinner that you prepared for Owner and the washing up afterwards and which you can still feel as you type this entry.

And the cause of my current 'condition'? Being made to bend over the sofa, lift up my skirt, remove my panties and spread my legs as Owner first flogged, then spanked and finally caned my derrier until it was glowing red. Caning completed She then inserted Her fingers, then whole Her hand deep inside my sex, whilst the heel of Her other hand forced my face flat down into the seat of the sofa as She pumped my gaping pussy with Her fist and told me what a dirty, dirty whore i am.

And my response? To readily acknowledge what a slut and whore i am, how i love to be treated like a whore in private and public. As the words tumbled out of me my hips further betrayed my true nature, shamelessly grinding against Owners hand willing it deeper and deeper inside me. My mind filled only with one thought....please don't make this moment stop. But stop it must, dinner had to be served so with a bottom flushed red and laced with welts and a well fucked pussy leaking and burping lube into hastily retrieved panties i hurried to tidy away Owners implements of fun and wrench my brain back to the task in hand, setting the table and feeding the one i love and adore as Her happy wife.
Owner and i are lucky enough to now live very close to Greenwich in London and today we decided to walk there from home to have a bit of a smooch around. It was also an opportunity for Owner to take some photos whilst we were out and about.

As we were visiting the epicentre of Britain's naval heritage i tried to think of something suitably nautical to wear, but couldn't really come up with anything save for a stripey blue and white top. Still i thought that would do the job and so after lunch we set off to explore and take some photos. For anyone who has been to Greenwich Park the vista that greets one as you head into the park from Blackheath is really something with the Thames and the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf and the Dome/O2 arena laid out before you. There is a spot which is always popular with tourists to take photos as it affords a wonderful view back across London and this is where Owner advised the first photos were to be taken. My initial pose yielded the following result;

but then i remembered the comment left by SusanRhodes after my last post and this time made a conscious effort to try to remember to smile, which yielded this
well, i admit some practice is needed here but at least i tried! Then it was off down the hill towards the newly restored Cutty Sark resting on its glazed plinth, but first a further stop amidst the  greens, ambers and golds of an autumnal Greenwich Park
Cutty Sark itself now dominates the Greenwich shoreline from its newly elevated perch next to the Thames. Opinions are divided as to whether the its new setting is appropriate or not but Owner and i both think her new home compliments her lines

We then headed off into Greenwich market for a little bit of retail therapy but not before stopping for a revitalising latte in one of the market cafes

There were some lovely items for sale in the market but nothing caught our eye until that was we spied the setting sun and rushed out of the shops and down to the waterline where Owner captured the beauty of a London sunset;

i particularly love the newly completed 'Shard' which is the building at the centre of this shot and is currently Europe's tallest skyscraper. With the sun setting behind us we both headed up the Thames for a drink in one of our favourite pubs. We were both sat in a little corner of the pub that afforded a great view of all the comings and goings and an opportunity for us both to engage in one of our favourite activities - people watching. However, being the slut that i am it wasn't long before my jeans were unzipped and Owners hand was caressing my clitty whilst Her other hand reached under my top and under my bra and caressed my titties. How naughty!

On our way back along the Thames there was another opportunity for me to behave like the naughty slut i am by flashing my bra on the steps of the Thames

Posing over it was time to head back to the DLR and home, a very happy and contented slutty pet indeed
Owner and i have just returned from a very short trip to Jersey, one of the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern England. We were only there for a weekend but there was plenty of time for some of our favourite activities, namely shopping (including some lovely smellies, new panties and a pretty pair of ear-rings for me) and fucking (of me by Owner). i was even fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity to worship Owners delicious derrier with my tongue - i truly was a pampered pet!

During our stay Owner also used the opportunity to take some more photos of me in our hotel room. She adjusted my hair-style and make-up to attempt to create a slightly more 'sophisticated' look - not something that comes naturally to me! We're both very pleased by the results which you can see below;

i think this is also the first time i have ever had a fringe.

Tomorrow we're off to see the new James Bond movie and who knows maybe this will provide inspiration for some 0007 related challenges - pussy galore? :) Both of us are now also counting down the weeks until my new chastity device arrives - it's high time i got locked safely away again!
Those of you who have been following the comings and goings of Owner and i on this blog for a while will know that there is one activity that we used to do on a fairly regular basis but which, sadly, has been none existent over the past 12 months or so. i refer, of course, to the little shows/strips/dances that i used to put on for Owner and which She greatly enjoys. After i did my back i was left unable to do much by way of any form of 'dancing' - it is actually only in the last two/three months that i have regained completely normal mobility. However, of late my back has been pretty ok and survived both us moving flats but even let me get away with doing some painting and decorating in the new place (lucky me!). Anyway, basically it demonstrated that my back was much, much improved and so it was high time that i put on a show for Owner. Accordingly, last night i performed my own little version of the classic Kate Bush song 'Hammer Horror' to mark our Halloween together. You can see the resultant video Owner shot below:

The video does get a little lighter after about 20 or so seconds. One thing i have realised as well having seen myself on tape is that i need to go on a bit of a diet.

This weekend Owner and i are off on some travels to the Channel Isles. We're both really looking forward to a couple of nights away to relax and maybe complete a challenge or two.