So today has been an enjoyable day. i spent the day working from home. Owner had to pop out for a short time to go to sort out some paperwork for us both (incidentally, She has got a new job after being made redundant from Her last one and starts shortly). Anyway, whilst She was out Owner permitted me to wear my butt plug for a few hours during the day, as is custom when i work from home on a Friday. However, this was to prove just the start of the fun,

Locked and plugged
Later in the afternoon the two of us retired to the bedroom for a snuggle. It wasn't long before Owner had stripped me naked and was paddling my testicles with the leather fly swat and fondling my breasts, causing my little clit to swell inside its cage. i moved onto all fours and Owner continued to paddle and spank my swollen 'labia' before next attaching mini-clothes pegs to them. She attached about ten or so before continuing to paddle and spank them, pausing briefly to remove Her knickers and place them over my head - ensuring that the wonderfully aromatic crotch was positioned directly under my nose. By this time my testes were starting to throb happily under Her expert abuse and the scent of Her sex.

Next, Owner lubed my 'pussy' and began to open me up again with Her fingers -it's always a wonderful feeling to have Her digits inside me - before replacing Her hand with a dildo and fucking me with it in my pussy. i was in heaven as you can imagine. Owner continued to fuck me like this for a short while then stopped - one cannot be too careful and She had no intention of making me cum, that is a pleasure reserved for Her.

And so She stopped but left the dildo parked inside me and instead took out Her vibrator and, after having me first lubricate it with my mouth, She set to work pleasuring Her clitoris with Her favourite toy. As She did She positioned Herself so that She presented Her glorious backside to me. i didn't hesitate to start worshipping Her anus with my tongue, twisting onto my back so that She could squat down on my face and i could bury my tongue deep inside Her delicious anus, swirling it around and straining to probe ever deeper inside Her. And so we stayed, Owner riding my tongue and Her vibrator to orgasm and me fucking Her arsehole with my tongue whilst my clit bulged and throbbed futilely inside its cage, a dildo in my pussy and my testes/labia clamped with mini clothes pegs.

We finished as we started with us both cuddling on the bed except now Owner was spent and i was deliciously and frustratedly aroused with my balls throbbing but my clit still firmly under lock and key.

Today is the 46th day i have spent in continuous chastity and i will remain like this until at least the 11th July when i get to roll the dice which will determine whether or not i will continue to be locked and denied.

Sadly, Owner and i will be parted for a few days this coming week as She is going out to Spain to see family before starting Her new job whereas i have to stay here and work. We both hate to be parted from one another and will be counting down the days until we are reunited again.
Well, today is the 40th day that i have spent in continous chastity and 35 of these have been spent with my clitty locked tight and secure inside its' new Happygo Super Small chastity cage, with over two weeks still to go until i get my next opportunity for release on the 11th of July. So what is the new device like?
Me and my Happygo
As the name suggests it is super small! It is the smallest cage i have ever worn measuring in at a grand 4cm or 1.57 inches long. As a result it is incredibly discrete with very little sign at all that you are wearing a chastity device, even in tight clothing - which is a real plus. It's size also means that there is no way at all, no matter how much your body might try, that you are going to achieve any sort of meaningful erection. It is just physically impossible. In fact, even the slightest level of arousal will quickly be constrained by the physical size of the device. Of course, at first your body will still keep trying - particularly towards the end of the night when men the world over mysteriously 'awake' - but it will not be possible. i have worn different types of chastity devices for many years and have grown to adjust to this and i find that this 'dawn erection' is actually less of an issue in the Happygo than in some other devices, possibly because it can never properly get started and so there is less ability for your locked cock to grow and strain against the base ring than in larger chastity devices. So, in that sense the device is actually more comfortable for genuine 24/7 wear than larger ones. Still, if it is your first time trying chastity you might still want to start with a bigger device and then work down in sizes to this.
the low profile of the Happygo

In terms of construction the device i got is very well built, it is stainless steel so is more hygienic than plastic devices - though be aware that, being metallic, it will likely trigger airport security (i temporarily swapped into my plastic Holy Trainer device to pass through security on our Sweden trip). They locking mechanism is a bit fiddly, getting the three barrels to align in order to insert the key - but as it has only been unlocked twice since i started wearing it over a month ago (to replace with the Holy Trainer for the 15 minutes it took to clear airport security before putting it back on) that has not been an issue.
The 'three barrels' that need to align in order to lock [Edit by Owner - your clit looks like a raspberry!]
The Happygo is easy to keep clean and keep your trapped 'clitty' fresh. Just shower daily and use a good nail brush and some soap and a well-directed shower head to keep yourself clean and hygienic. As you can see i also keep myself shaved smooth.

The one thing i have realised is that because your cock/clit is trapped in a tiny little cage you will find that when you are sitting down to pee (which of course you likely will be when wearing any chastity device) you will sometimes dribble over your testicles and so need to wipe your bits dry afterwards - you know, like girls do.

The plus side of keeping your clitty so tightly constrained though is that your testicles/balls or 'labia' are perfectly presented and completely exposed for your Owner or partner to do with exactly as she/he/they choose. They are totally accessible and very well presented 'plums' that are just crying out to be spanked or clamped or abused in a myriad f creative ways, all the while your cock or clit can do little in response other than swell slightly then strain and throb.

My final comment about the Happygo is it's price. It is really great value for money. i have spent more than i care to think about on a variety of chastity devices over the years that Owner and i have been together. This is the cheapest one i have ever bought and yet, i think it is also probably the best. Not everyone will agree but for me the Happygo is a great value micro device that is perfect for keeping your clit exactly as it should be, tiny and locked out of sight.
So today was the day when the tattoo that Owner designed to mark the achievement of my becoming Her wife back in February this year was transformed into reality by Jon at Good Times Tattoo (who also did my ankle pendant and chain just over a year ago). Owner is delighted and so am i. You can see the end result below:
my left breast under wraps
our wedding date 16th Feb 2018 in Roman numerals and the Latin word for wife 'Uxor' - my status - with the laurels to mark the achievement of becoming Owner's wife
Readers may have heard of the cult novel The Dice Man which charted how a fictional psychiatrist decided to live his life and act according to the roll of a dice, resulting in all sorts of mayhem and him committing numerous illegal acts. Well, Owner has devised Her own version of the dice game, except one that is centred upon chastity. In short, the dice now decides if i stay locked or released etc.

However, Owner being the genius that She is would never have been happy with using just any old ordinary dice, She wanted a dice that She could personalise, a dice that would allow Her to determine the options i might have to follow. Thus, She bought a large dry-wipe dice learning cube from Amazon that allows users to write-on and rub off whatever text you choose on each face of the dice. This enables Owner to dictate what 'choices' the dice may present as She has written them. It is still chance and the throw of the dice which ultimately determines which of the choice She has chosen is the one that i have to implement. The dice will be rolled once a month (the 11th each month) and depending on how it falls it will determine whether or not i am unlocked from chastity or not, what else i may have to do etc. The options that Owner chose to write on the faces of the dice for now were as follows:
  • No change for 2 months (ie stay locked in chastity for another 2 months then roll again)
  • No change for 1 month (ie stay locked in chastity for another month then roll again)
  • Remove next weekend (ie released for 2 days then locked for remainder of month)
  • Replace with a ribbon for 1 week (then return to chastity for the remainder of the month)
  • Remove every Friday for one month (then roll again on the 11th of the next month)
  • Remove now for spanking only (then replace for remainder of the month)
 This way Owner Herself isn't sure what i will have to do other than knowing that it will be one of six options that She has written down on the dice.
the chastity dice
Anyway, the dice was rolled for the first time today when i was working from home (and good news - look no crutches!)
Owner hoped that the dice might land on the face demanding that i wear a ribbon on my clit for a week instead of my chastity device, as it turned out it landed on the face demanding that i stay locked up until the dice gets rolled again on the 11th of July - it will be rolled on a monthly basis from here on.

The advantage of the dry-wipe dice is that it enables Owner to change the 'choices' each month should She wish to. It is a fun new dimension to chastity that i think we are both going to enjoy.
Every weekday morning that i am at home and She is not i message Owner to seek her permission for what to wear etc. In these messages i also have a particular way in which i refer to myself namely as 'slutty pet'.  Anyway, we have recently had to have a door replaced at home and we had a builder come and do the work for us because i am useless at DIY and, even if i wasn't, i am still on crutches.  Anyway, this morning i messaged Owner shortly after She left the flat. In the message i referred to myself as 'slutty pet' and also said that i was seeking Her permission to wear a white skirt and knickers and my blue blouse that day. Except, i hadn't messaged Owner. i had instead replied to the last message i had received on Whatsapp - which was from the builder! Oops. Luckily the work was completed and so i did not have to deal with the added shame of later seeing him again in person.

This episode also reminded Owner and i of some other famous or infamous occasions in which i have, how shall i put this, slightly embarrassed myself by sendign something to the wrong person/people. For example the time many years ago when, in response to my families annual request for a list of things i want for Christmas, i accidentally sent a list of 'fun' items i was hoping to suggest to Owner we might get, you know, butt plugs etc to my family instead. Not quite the list i think my mum was anticipating she would receive!

Or there was the time when i accidentally emailed a work colleague (who happens to share the same name and thus a very similar work email address) a copy of the draft of one of my short stories that i meant to send to myself from my home email in order to be able to edit it on a forthcoming train journey. To say the story was not safe for work would be an understatement. He claimed he didn't read it when i emailed back and explained had been sent to him in error and could he please delete it, i am not sure i believe him though.

Have any readers had similar communication mishaps?

i leave you with a picture i sent Owner this morning with me wearing the outfit i had previously sought her permission to wear. At least this didn't get sent to the builder as well
me and my crutch