Owner and i decided to spend a night in a hotel in Islington, North London last night. Islington is just down the road from where we live and it was a spontaneous and last minute treat to ourselves, we both loving staying in hotels in London as we're under no pressure to rush out and sightsee and instead can just relax and enjoy a leisurely evening and morning doing as little or as much as we like.

This time Owner suggested it would be fun to do a photoshoot and also take the opportunity for a little play. i'd brought along my maid's oufit and new over the shoe stripey stockings and enjoyed showing it off;

Owner also made the most of our leisurely morning by having me breakfast on her arse with my tongue whilst She pleasured Herself. i adore having the opportunity to lick out Owners derrier and was delighted to have the honour to indulge in one of my favourite activities. Afterwards, Owner decreed that it was time to indulge in some nipple torture of Her whore. First, She had me position myself naked on the chair in the room and then next She stuffed my mouth with a large dildo and tied it into position before proceeding to twist my nipple piercings with chopsticks and bind them securely in place when they were painfully tight. This is actually the first time Owner has ever gagged me with a dildo and She seemed delighted with Her efforts and has informed me to expect to be gagged this way more often. You can see the result below;
Owner then finished the session by having me finger my pussy whilst She played with my clit before allowing me to cum. It was a wonderful session and one we both greatly enjoyed.
A drought was declared for much of England a few weeks ago and, as sods law would predict, ever since we have had day after day of constant rain and thunder in London. Thus, when Owner and i set out to do a 'singing in the rain' photoshoot in one of our local parks this afternoon it was with pretty high hopes that rain it would. i brought along my lovely shiny wellies  and a brolly and was determined to wear a dress for the occasion.

Unfortunately, the rain did not materialise until we were both on the bus on our way back home (probably for the best as i broke my brolly and had to buy a new one). Nevertheless, Owner did take some photos.
Nervously looking about before removing my jeans

One welly on

oh dear, what has happened to my brolly?

i really should have pulled up my socks!

tart in a park

such a slut
We both enjoyed the little photoshoot and i can't wait for some more outdoor challenges :)
Having spent the best part of yesterday enjoying some pleasant spring sunshine in South London with Owner, before stopping off at a pub in East Dulwich for a drink and a bite to eat, we decided that we ought to repeat the exercise the day after albeit with the camera and with a few photo challenges in mind. However, fast forward 24hours to today and the 'pleasant' Spring sunshine of yesterday had been replaced with intermittent sun and a bitingly cold wind - ahh yes the English spring, there're nothing quite like it!

We left home with the intention of doing a photoshoot in a Alexandra Palace park, albeit one that for the first time would involve the use of a dildo. Somewhat optimistically i had packed some blankets to lay out on and a skirt and a pair of heels to change into in the park, to go with sleeveless summer blouse. However, we had only walked a few yards down the street when we both realised that the weather was a little less clement than it had been the day before as we shivered and pulled our coats tight around us. The idea of walking the couple of miles to the park was abandoned and instead we sought out the warmth of a bus that would take us part way there.

Arriving in the park itself we then discovered that the Moscow State Circus had set-up shop, meaning that despite the cold there were quite a few people out and about heading to and from the big top. We agreed that our original plans would be abandoned and we'd just try and take a couple of quick photos before seeking out the warmth of a cafe. Well, Owner managed to take the following photos of yours truly doing performing what She subsequently advised me was a historic first, namely the first time that i have fellated a dildo in public;

The cold meant that all thoughts of stripping down further and putting on the skirt and heels i'd brought along too were abandoned, it was chilly enough in just a blouse and jeans! However, great fun was had and i just wish the weather had been a little kinder so we could have hung around for more.Oh well, there is always next weekend :)
i have been working from home quite a bit recently, something that Owner states She really enjoys as She gets to use Her slut as soon as She gets home. As for me, i find the prospect of Owners return very distracting and generally spend much of my day feeling aroused - a situation compounded when Owner instructs me to clamp and caress my nipples or plug my pussy. All of this of course leads to even greater arousal on my part so that when Owner steps across the threshold her submissive little whore (yours truly) is eager to be used and abused.

Today, it was time for some more oral dildo training as Owner had me practice my cock sucking technique on her strapon whilst She pleasured Herself with Her vibrator. It has to be said that i really do enjoy sucking Owners cock and She in turn has, over the years, grown ever more forceful in Her approach.  i have been trying to learn how to deepthroat and am enjoying the practice. It takes some getting used to but once achieved really does feel quite deliciously wanton! There really is nothing quite like looking up into the eyes of the person you love, adore and obey with spit, flem  and saliva drooling and dribbling out of your mouth, wet snot and mucus snorting out of your nose, eyes wet and makeup all gone to hell - oh yes to be face fucked until you are gagging is a wonderful thing indeed.
Owner and i are currently attempting to sell our flat and move to somewhere a little bigger. Accordingly, Owner decided to shoot a little promotional video to compliment that produced by the estate agent - unfortunately, a certain whore just kept getting in the way :)! Below is a little screenshot from the video;

You can access the full video on Fetlife

Apologies again dear readers for the excessive delay between postings, the consequence  in part of my having turned into what Owner describes as a spoilt fluffy pet. In truth there was a time when, due to the problems with my back previously documented here i had lost some of my mojo. i did not feel particularly sexual in any shape or form and was somewhat limited in what i could do anyway. Happily, those days are now past and, though i remain unable to do certain things and have to generally be a bit more careful, my overall level of horniness and whoreishness is most definitely back.

In the meantime Owner and i have been busy with some further travels, this time to Istanbul. We stayed for a long weekend and it was the first time i had been to the city in over 15 years and Owners first ever visit. Below are a couple of photos we took of the city;

Owner also used the opportunity to do a little photoshoot of me in the hotel (we didn't attempt any challenges in the city itself)

Not quite the glamour of the harem but it was fun to do!

One of the ways that i am trying to get my back back to normal is by doing regular morning and evening exercises and also weekly pilates classes. However, i have realised that wearing a chastity device is not that compatible with lying on your stomach doing back stretches etc - basically it gets in the way. Accordingly, i have stopped wearing mine (and will take down the counter at the side of the blog). We both hope that this is just a temporary state of affairs and that one day i'll be able to go back to wearing it - or someone will come up with a flexible device that can be worn at such times, but for the time being i am 'out'.

However, Owner has been making full use of the opportunity presented to play with and generally tease, torment and spank my newly exposed 'clitty'. She has also been encouraging me in my development as Her whore much to our mutual delight.

So, this is just a brief update to say hi and yes we're still here, alive and still having a whole heap of fun which - afterall, is what it is all about. Hopefully, i'll start posting a bit more frequently than i have of late.