Owner and i have just returned from an unexpectedly incident-packed and hilarious night away which involved, amongst other things being locked out of our hotel room with me dressed like this:
A woman falling into a puddle of someone else's vomit in a pub and a hotel maid getting to see the rare sight of not just my naked backside but also my temporarily unlocked clitty whilst i was lying on the floor in a baby doll nightie! Oh, where to start, where to start?

OK, let us start at the beginning. Readers may recall a blog post a few weeks ago when i mentioned that Owner had decided to buy me a Hideri Kanzaki cosplay costume for a photo shoot. The character appears in the anime Blend S. Hideri is trans and works in the cafe in which the anime is set and wants to be an idol (J-pop star). This is what the Hideri looks like in the series:
Anyway, Owner suggested we book into one of the hotels we regularly frequent, the Charing Cross hotel in London, to do a photo shoot of me in my costume. Owner ensured that everything was in place for the photo shoot, even ordering me some blue coloured contact lenses so that i might have the right eyes and a long sliver grey wig.

Yesterday afternoon we arrived at the hotel to check-in and then do the photo shoot before heading out for drinks and a meal together. Upon arrival our room was not ready so reception switched us to another room. That fact was to become important later in the afternoon.

Anyway, we settled into our room and Owner did my make-up and fixed the wig before helping me with my outfit to commence the photo shoot. Below are some images taken in the suite we were staying in.

i then asked if we could take some pictures of me in the outfit in the corridor outside the room. We left the room, closed the door and Owner started to shoot me in the corridor. Again, you can see some of the pictures She took below.

Satisfied with Her efforts Owner then went to open the room again only to discover that the electronic door key did not work. We were stuck outside the room in the corridor with me dressed as a manga maid! Owner declared that i was not appropriately attired to be despatched down to reception to sort the issue out so She went Herself leaving me in the corridor. The hotel is a big one and there are lots of rooms and as it was only about 5pm i realised it would be quite likely that someone would come along whilst i waited. Rather than try and stand there brazenly and just look like it was the most natural thing in the world for me to be stood dressed like that in the corridor i scuttled down the corridor looking for somewhere to hide myself until Owner returned.

At the very end of the corridor i found a recess which i could stand in that was just past the very end bedroom door. i decided to wait there until i heard Owner return. A short while later i heard footsteps on the corridor, i peeked out but it wasn't Owner, rather it was three women walking down in my direction. i stepped back into my hidey hole waiting for them to stop and enter one of the rooms. But they didn't, they kept heading down towards where i was standing in the recess, getting closer and closer. Eventually they stopped outside the very last door which was about 2 feet to my left and let themselves into their room. Had any of them taken an extra pace they would have been quite surprised to see my standing there desperately trying not to make a sound in my over knee socks and bunny ears!

Seconds later Owner returned and we both let ourselves back into the room. Phew! We then broke out into fits of laughter at our little hotel corridor adventure.

We changed and then headed out, eventually finding a pub with seats to settle in for a few drinks and a spot of people watching. It proved to be an excellent vantage point. The pub was busy with a youngish crowd of drinkers, including a group in which one of the women looked decidedly the worse for wear. It was only 6.30pm but she had clearly had a few and was sat slumped across her table whilst her friends chatted away. At one point her friends decided to try and force her to drink some water and that seemed to be the action that broke the proverbial camels back. The girl got up, staggered, slithered down onto the floor, was dragged back up, sat down briefly and then projectile vomited all over the floor. At about the same time another woman was heading towards the bar and the area where the other girl had just been sick. This other woman was wearing white trainers, a white coat and a very pale blue short dress. She stepped into the vomit, slipped and then fell into it. Her shoes and coat were covered. Given what had just happened she took the whole thing remarkably well - finding it all hilarious herself. The pub watched the comedy unfold as more people nearly came a cropper until the bar staff finally cleaned up.

Owner and i managed to avoid any mishaps and we left later and went for dinner before returning to the hotel. After a good nights sleep we went down for breakfast this morning then returned to our room and back to bed to watch TV. Pricess Bride was showing which i have never watched and so we snuggled up and watched that. Movie over Owner went to the bathroom and i decided to do some of my morning exercises. i was wearing my white baby doll nightie and nothing else.

No sooner had i prostrated myself on the floor at the foot of the bed to do some stretches than i head someone unlock the door and let them self into the room. At the sight of my elevated bare backside, tiny clitty and white baby doll the maid beat a hasty retreat. We later discovered that because the room we were first booked into was not available and we had been switched to another room the computer room service use to tell if a room is occupied or not had not been updated to reflect the fact that we were in it. The maid had ignored the 'do not disturb' sign and let herself straight in. i imagine she was rather surprised, perhaps even more so than i was!

Anyway, the hotel have offered us a discount for our next stay (we go there once a year or so) and gave us a rebate on our booking,

So, it was quite an eventful 24 hours. Oh, and two other bits of news. One related the other not. Owner suggested that as i now had an outfit and as it falls roughly at the same time as our wedding anniversary next year we should register and attend the London Anime & Gaming Convention in February next year. i do, as She pointed out, have a costume i can wear. There is even a parade and outfit competition i can enter. So that is what i shall be doing as part of our wedding anniversary!

The second bit of news is that, after spending the weekend unlocked, i will be returning to chastity in the next few hours. It has been nice being unlocked for a bit and it meant the maid got to see my clitty rather than my cage but being locked is my default state and i look forward to shortly being caged again.
So i have news. Yesterday, it having been the 11th day of the month, Owners' chastity dice was rolled again, as it is the same date each month. This time the dice (on Owners' behalf) decided that i am to be unlocked for 2 days this weekend. This will be my first extended period unlocked for over 100 days and appropriately enough will also happen when Owner and i have booked a hotel stay for a little photo shoot. Whether anything else will happen will entirely be down to Owner but one thing is certain, the days spent locked in permanent chastity counter on the blog will shortly be re-set.

Today also found Owner and i both working at home. i have been spending hardly any time working at home lately due to a combination of being super busy at work and the ongoing saga of our kitchen re-furb (don't ask). However, today we were both able to work at home together. That meant that one of us was wearing fishnet stockings and a skirt and blouse, and no, it was not Owner. My outfit seemed to delight the supermarket delivery person when he arrived with our order late afternoon. He was more than happy to carry our crates upstairs into our flat and then stood quite happily chatting to me in the kitchen whilst i unpacked the groceries. This is not the first time that i have noticed delivery men being very helpful when i am in stockings...i wonder why? :)

Delivery etc sorted Owner and i then headed out for a run at the end of the day. We are continuing with our new running regime and hopefully we will continue to keep it up through winter and into spring. My sister texted me later to say that she too had been for a run, the first in years. This means that either a) running is contagious or b) she reads this blog.

That's about all from me for now.
This post is a little different from my usual ones. This time you get to see a little window into my warped little mind, more specifically, the sorts of thoughts, fantasies and ideas that swirl around my brain and which distract me from time to time. So here, in no particular order, are some of the things that i spend idle moments daydreaming about;
  • Experiencing life as a woman, not becoming one but being able to experience a month or a year as one. This is something i have wanted to experience ever since i was a teenager (that and the ability to read people's minds!). At school i always wanted to know what it would be like to be one of the girls and that feeling has never left me. It is not powerful enough for me to want to actually become one but that fascination with women and what it must be like to experience life as one has never left me. i am very lucky in that Owner does allow me to explore my femininity. But i would love to magically become a woman for a month or so, and it would have to be at least a month to get the full menstrual experience. i think i would be a very slutty girl!
  • Spending the rest of my life locked in permanent chastity and with no ability to ever have the device removed. Now you can tell this is a fantasy rather than a practical idea for many reasons. Firstly, Owner does like to have me out of chastity from time to time so that She can tease and play with my 'clit'. My being in chastity, and i have probably spent as much of our 14 years together locked up as not locked, was originally my suggestion to Her. Owner agrees that it has helped with my development but She does not enforce it on a mandatory basis.  She does like to have me unlocked for periods as well. Practically i also have to remove the device periodically to clean it and shave my 'clit' or swap it for a plastic one (it's metal) when flying. The device that i am locked in is a super small size metal device. Ideally, i would love an even smaller device.
  • The smell and taste of Owner, especially Her delicious anus and urine! i cannot even begin to say how much i love both the taste and smell of both. Just thinking about it makes me uncomfortable 'down there'. My idea of heaven is when Owner straddles me and lowers Her bottom onto my eager waiting tongue. If i were to ever die with Her smothering me like that they would bury me with a grin on my face!
  • Travel and travelling. i love to travel and would happily go anywhere. Owner is more selective as She is not tolerant of heat and dislikes the idea of going to places that require vaccines. OK so nobody actually likes to be vaccinated but i wouldn't not go somewhere for that reason, but Owner would. We both spend a lot of time thinking about and planning where to go next.
  • Wearing very revealing outfits in public. In case you have not noticed i am an exhibitionist. i have been from a very young age (i used to sneak out the house and streak down our street age about 11). i love the idea of walking around wearing hyper revealing and not very appropriate outfits in public places. It excites me but also terrifies me a little as well, though the terror fades. i have a whole panoply of ideas, situations, outfits etc that swim around inside my head. When we visit somewhere for the first time you can pretty much guarantee that one thought going through my head is along the lines of, 'hmmm where would be a good spot to be photographed in just my bra and panties?' Of course, that is the other aspect of my exhibitionism. i love to be photographed - though am not always good at doing the 'smile for the camera' thing! i am also conscious that i need to increase my range of 'poses'. i have recently taking to trying to study how professional models stand, pose and carry themselves etc and trying to remember to include some of the positions they use when Owner is photographing me.
  • Extreme body modification/plastic surgery. i am always impressed when i see someone, say on the tube or in the street, who has taken body enhancement to an extreme. Say they have enormous over-sized lips or a huge chest. The sort of enhancement that you cannot disguise or which people might not overly notice. i am talking about the 'in your face/no disguising' type of enhancement. i think i almost admire the person more than what they have had done, that they still have the self-confidence to go out and about quite happily knowing that everyone else will be looking at them, talking about them, judging them. i wonder what it would be like to suddenly acquire enormous great lips or huge great breasts or a giant inflated backside and see how people around you react to you. i admire those that have done it and, in idle moments, wonder whether i would ever have the same courage/self-confidence.
  • Clothes and shopping for clothes. i used to hate shopping but ever since i started to wear only women's clothes my attitude to clothes and shopping has undergone a complete transformation. i love going shopping with Owner and love to look at all the clothes and imagine what they might look like on me and wonder whether Owner might permit me to purchase something? i also take much more interest in what women wear than i ever once did and will regularly be making mental notes about outfits that i have seen which i would love to wear myself. So for any ladies reading this who would like their husband or boyfriend to take more interest in clothes and shopping the answer is simple. Have him dress en femme. 
  • Working somewhere that i have to wear a short skirt, frilly knickers and stockings and suspenders with heels as part of my uniform. i would love a job that required me to dress quite sluttily every day, especially if it was a public facing role, say as a waitress or in a bar where i had to dress like that in front of total strangers. i imagine Owner observing me as i moved amongst the customers. It is a lovely thought but is a million miles from the job i actually do...sigh.
  • Cocks, specifically really big cocks. i find 95% of men unattractive (there are some exceptions - David Beckham for example) but for the most part i find men unattractive. Cocks, however, i do like. Not my own, no. Actually i don't even think about that as qualifying as one these days, in fact i don't really think about that at all anymore. No, i mean really big, thick ones. These i do fantasise about. Nice big clean shaven cocks, with pendulous testicles and a big fat head. i imagine draining them of their loads, my face slick with warm semen. i do like the taste of cum, Owner used to have me eat up my own in the days when i was allowed to orgasm. It is the one thing that i miss most about being kept in denial. So big cocks ejaculating in my general direction is another fantasy of mine.
Talking of my own cock, or 'clit' to give it's proper name, it never features in my fantasies....ever. i never daydream of having penetrative sex nor fantasise about it. Owner has not permitted my clit to enter Her pussy in almost ten years. Neither do i ever fantasise about receiving blow jobs. i have never had one in my life and have no desire or interest in having one. i fantasise about oral sex quite often and always have, but never, ever as the recipient.

So there you have it, these are some of the things that rattle around inside my head and some of the things that definitely do not.

Incidentally, in case you were wondering Owner and i are planning to do the Hideri Kanzaki photoshoot this coming weekend so we will keep you updated and hopefully post some pictures soon after. Also, tomorrow i get to roll the chastity device again (it being the 11th day of the month). Lets see if i stay locked for another month or not.
Today Owner and i went on our first ever run together in our local park. Neither of us are runners, i last ran when i used to be in the Territorial Army in my 20s (yes that is actually true - i was a heavy machine gunner). However, Owner decided that She would like to give it a try and so She downloaded a super useful app promoted on the National Health Service (NHS) called 'couch to 5k'.

So this  morning we set off for our inaugural run/jog/walk (all three were involved at different points). The programme has a great track record in non-runners to a point where you are able to easily run 5,000m. i am pleased to say that we successfully completed the first stage of our training together - now we just have to keep it up and keep going a bit further in stages. Hopefully this will prove a useful addition to my normal exercise regimen and i am also just so pleased that i can actually run at all. There was a period a few years ago after i experienced major back problems when i could not physically run 5m let alone 5,000m.

This is how we looked having got back home after completing our first run
And yes, i did run in chastity, with make-up and sports bra....obviously :)