The temperature in London has been rising these past few days with a mini heatwave and then, last night, spectacular thunderstorms and lightning. The change in the weather mirrored a change in status for yours truly, from locked in chastity to unlocked - and then permitted to cum. On Thursday after work Owner instructed me to remove my chastity device and allow my little clit some time unconstrained in its tight little cage. It was the first time it had been unlocked and allowed out at all since early January. It was quite strange to suddenly be able to see and touch it again.

Needless to say though there was to be no touching of a masturbatory type allowed. Friday passed without incident in my newly released state but then Saturday morning i was awoken with a surprise from Owner. As i lay in a semi-awake (in both ways) state in bed She began to gently fondle and caress me, including caressing my now unlocked clit. Then She took the pair of Japanese clover clamps that always hang from the bed post, for just such a purpose, and clamped my nipples, placed Her knickers over my head with the crutch positioned just under my nose so that i inhaled the sweet scent of Her sex, before taking Her vibrator out of the bedside table drawer, straddling my backside and riding Herself to a battery-powered orgasm. She then turned me over and started to rub Herself up and down along the shaft of my clit whilst continuing to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator. Needless to say, i was soon highly aroused, thrusting my hips up and down and rubbing the shaft of my engorged clit across the entrance to Her sex (i am never under any circumstances permitted to actually enter Her). Owner continued to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator and soon the combination of the sensation of my rubbing myself against Her sex and feeling the vibrations of Her dildo echo through me were too much. i asked for, and was granted, permission to cum and with that ended over nine months of denial. i felt a mixture of emotions when i came, pleasure yes but also a slight disappointment that such a long period of happy denial had come to a sticky end.

With my orgasm returned the unfamiliar state of post-orgasm tiredness and sleepiness on my part, to the extent that it wasn't long before Owner was forced to remark that She was regretting having let me cum at all. It was an off hand remark by Her but part of me wonders whether She might change Her mind and opt to keep me in long-term denial in future. We definitely both agree that i function better when maintained in that state.

It being the weekend also meant that there have been more treats in store for me, namely being handed glasses of Her delicious piss to drink each day. As this is a bank holiday weekend it has also meant i have enjoyed three glasses of Her wonderful nectar rather than the usual two i get on a normal weekend. The glass i had yesterday was particularly noteworthy. It was almost hot to the touch and tasted warm and wonderful. i truly am lucky to be given the opportunity to imbibe glasses of Her wine like this.

As Saturday was a hot day (Owner does not like the heat) we went to the cinema and watched a lovely Finnish film about Syrian asylum seekers called The Other Side of Hope. It is only on a limited release but if it is on near to you we would both recommend it, it is a slow and delightfully observed film with some great comic moments and a hilarious cast of characters. Then yesterday we spent the day in Kew Gardens in London. We last went to Kew over three years ago and it was lovely to go back and spend the day wandering around the gardens and the woods. i even got to complete a little public bra-wearing challenge amongst the floral displays

However, to be honest the biggest challenge i faced that day was going up the treetop walk, a walkway that wends its way around the tops of some of the trees. i am scared of heights and it left me with shaky knees afterwards, especially as the walkway wobbles!
the staircase up to the treetop walk

amongst the treetops
i was quite relieved to be back down on terra firma!

i am also thrilled to report that Owners' frozen shoulder is finally starting to recover. It has been a horrible experience for Her but She has been back working full time for a while now and we have also booked ourselves some holidays (Norway and Denmark) so in the coming months i will hopefully be reporting back on our resumed adventures abroad.

Oh, and one last thing. Owners financial domination of me is now complete. About two weeks ago the process of closing my bank account and transferring everything across into the joint account She controls was completed. It was quite a step to take but one i am really pleased we did. My salary now gets paid direct to this joint account and the only bank account i now have of my own is the one into which my monthly allowance of £100 is transferred. So Owner now controls every aspect of my finances and is free to spend my salary as She chooses, whereas i of course, cannot. This is a major change and one that i would not advise anyone enter into unless they are 100% secure in their relationship but to us it was the next logical extension of Owner's domination and control of me.

Sorry for the lengthy post, there was quite a lot to update on.


Anonymous said...

Oh hon, you look so cute in that bra!! Such a cute bra, and fits you so well i can tell from your smile that Owner has you wrapped around her little finger, walking around Kew Gardens almost naked!
Having Wife's panties over my face like that is a distinct pleasure. Her laughing at me that way, and having me wait for Her, is a bit more unnerving.
Sounds like you quaffed some lovely vintage from you Owner. So glad Her shoulder is getting unlocked...yay! hug, ~sara

susanrhodes said...

wow - allowed to cum after all that time - i am surprised it still worked lol.
i know the feeling all too well though - the excitement of been allowed to cum, but the disappointment that you have done!!
glad to hear you both are well, or at least well on the way to full recovery

Poppet Subslut said...

Thank you sara and Susanrhodes. Yes Owner does have me around Her finger but it is a lovely 'predicament' to be in. Thanks for stopping by and takign the time to comment, it is always appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Have a lovely weekend, hunni! ~sara

TKT said...

Hey puppet,
I'm a long time admirer and really happy for you for the special cumming event :)
Maybe you can help me with some local question, what web sites does local people at London are using to find sexy/kinky activities?

Thanks in advanced
P.S. please please please keep on posting pictures

Sissy Valeria thais said...

Hola como estas, se te extraña y Llevas tiempo desaparecida, espero estees bien. Mis mejores deseos para ti besos y abrazos. Te extraño nena..

Sissy Valeria thais said...
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NightlySun said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely post as always but it's been a while and getting itchy for more. Raising a glass of champagne to Owner and Happy pet - please come back soon.


Oopsydaisy42 said...

I haven't been able to read your blog for a few months, I had to have major surgery and today I came to catch up, but for me I'm not seeing anything since May? Have you got a new blog or have you stopped blogging 😰 I really hope that's not the case. I hope all with well with you and owner ❤️

Poppet Subslut said...


Glad you like the blog and hopefully we'll be back up and posting motre regularly now. Afraid I can't help you with your question as we don't use any particular sites ourselves. I do love your web page though and will be pointign it out to Owner as could be a useful future holiday planner!