As the title suggests this is proving to to a very busy month for Owner and i. Both of us are studying outside of our normal working hours, except in Owners case She is studying to help further Her career whereas in my case i am continuing to seek to develop skills appropriate as Owners wife.

Owner has commenced an intensive career-related training course that occupies much of Her free time at the moment. i try to be as helpful as i can for Her by ensuring nothing disturbs Her study or by offering Her support and advice if and when requested. We joke that wouldn't it be good if She could work for Herself and i gave-up my job and became Her secretary instead - sadly this isn't a viable financial option and of course it would be even better if neither of us actually needed to work in the first place. But it would be great to be of service to Owner at work as well as outside.

Meanwhile, in addition to my ongoing Spanish study i have also started a knitting class. i have not knitted since school (and then only very badly) but Owner has stated that i should develop skills appropriate to and becoming of Her wife and i am really enjoying learning. i was inordinately excited when i completed my first mini-homework project- to produce a cloth using a combination of knit and purl - and during last nights class i progressed onto the art of cabling. For our class next week i need to bring in a pattern that i want to create. Mine will still be basic, am thinking of a pretty scarf, but i want to set a goal of producing a project every X number of weeks/months. i also found out last night that the teacher also teaches dress-making. First, i need to learn to sew and use a machine but dress-making would be fun and practical too :).

At the end of this month i am also doing a basic reflexology course to improve my foot massage skills and then in February i am booked onto an Indian head massage course and a manicure and pedicure course. With the latter i would like to progress onto a full beauty therapy course, but we'll see how i get on. However, the general ambition of Owners is that Her wife should be equipped with a full range of skills from the practical at one end to the downright dirty at the other.

For me i really enjoy learning anyway and am really enjoying the opportunity to develop new skills and abilities, skills which i hope will prove of use to Owner. i'd be interested if there are any skills or crafts that readers are studying/have studied? In addition to the courses i mentioned above which i am already enrolled on i am also keen to study the following, again all of which i think could be of practical benefit to Owner;
  • sewing/needlework
  • dress-making
  • full beauty therapy course
  • cup-cake design
  • flower arranging
  • embroidery
  • lace-making
  • web-design 
i mentioned that Owner is keen that i develop the full range of skills becoming of Her wife and that these are on a spectrum. At one end there are the practical skills/abilities highlighted above. At the other end there is being a wanton slut.

i did once research whether there was such a thing as a 'glamour model' course or a course for wannabe sluts, sadly nothing was found (gap in the market?). However, we did find a few glamour photography (how to) books. Being photographed by Owner/or posing for Her amusement is something we both greatly enjoy. However, i can also sometimes be shy/get embarrassed when posing in public, being publicly molested by Her and so forth. As Owners wife She expects me to act as  a slutty whore whenever She would like me to. Accordingly, Owner has an ongoing project to train me to overcome my remaining shyness/hesitation - much of which has been documented here in the form of public challenges etc.

However, in addition to this Owner also expects me to keep Her regularly supplied with naughty photos or porn clips. i'll leave you with the latest of the little videos i made

Last week was my 44th birthday and to mark the occasion Owner booked the two of us into the wonderful Apex London Wall hotel for an overnight stay. We really had a wonderful time. We have stayed at another of the Apex hotels before (Apex City of London) and would highly recommend this small hotel group. Anyway, back to the weekend.

Owner stated that She wanted to have me undertake a challenge in London and She used this as an opportunity to practice some of Her rope work on me. Owner had me out of chastity for our visit so that She could enjoy access to my clitty. After checking in Owner then set about decorating me with a rope bra/harness design that also involved some pretty rope work around my clitty and even down my legs. i think Owner does some great rope designs and you can see what She created in the set of photos below.

bra harness

rope extending down legs

pretty knotwork at the back

on the hotel bed

and again
Rope creation made it was then time to put some clothes on over Owners handiwork and accompany Her to the shops and to buy some clothes with some of the vouchers i received. i was very lucky in that Owner permitted me to buy a new blouse, jumper and pair of lace shorts (of which more later). Shopping completed Owner then reminded me that i still needed to complete the challenge She had set, namely modelling some of Her rope work in public. Owner advised that She would find a suitable spot to take some photos of me showing off Her rope bra/harness. The photos below are of me flashing Owners rope work;

Honestly, the things people (well OK..i) get up to down back alleys in London!

Rope challenge completed it was time to return to the hotel where Owner permitted me to have a couple of beers with Her in the bar. it was good fun sitting and gossipping about the other guests and just spending time relaxing with Owner. At one point Owner asked me to go and take another photo of myself in the toilets showing off the rope work that i was still wearing under my blouse and jeans

in the hotel bar toilets
Then it was time to head up to our room and to model some of my purchases for Owner. Here i am modelling my new blouse and lace shorts

However, Owners fun with rope was not over yet. This morning after breakfast Owner bound my clitty tightly with the rope, wrapping it around each testicle too so that they were nicely separated and exposed for Her and my clitty was kept hard. Next, Owner took one of the hotel slippers and proceeded to use it to spank my bound clitty. Owner delivered a series of blows to my exposed bound testicles, making me flinch and then shoved the slipper into my mouth, telling me to suck it like a whore before removing it and spanking my clitty with it again. Owner repeated this a number of times, each time hitting my bound clitty and testicles harder and then having me suck and lick the slipper before resuming Her beating.

Watching me twist and squirm under such a delightful beating was obviously turning Owner on too as She repositioned Herself so that She was squatting astride my waist and proceeded to rub Her sex hard against my swollen bound clitty whilst continuing still to reach around and deliver some firm slaps against my swollen testicles with the slipper. Owner ground down harder against my bound stiff clitty as Her orgasm drew near and shoved the slipper into my mouth. i could feel my own orgasm building, but was unable to speak because of the slipper in my mouth, so my increasingly urgent requests for permission to cum probably sounded to Owner like a series of muffled grunts! Not that She was paying much attention to me at that point, concentrated as She was on Her own pleasure. Thus it was that as Owner came, grinding against my clitty, so too did i. It was a wonderful way to round off a wonderful birthday weekend with Owner.

Owner has instructed me to now go back to chastity.
Owner and i had a great time in Spain for the Three Kings Parade but are now both back at home and back to work. However, January is a busy month for us both. Owner is starting a course as part of Her career development whilst i have a series of new courses and classes this month to help my development as Owners ideal wife.

i attended the first of my classes on Wednesday night after work. It is a two hour beginners knitting course that is running for four weeks. Although i knitted at school i have not done so since and so, am effectively a total novice. There are only two of us on the course so there is plenty of opportunity for one to one tuition. The first lesson was spent learning to cast-on, knit, purl and cast-off. i found it really enjoyable although i confess it took me a while to get the hang of things. However, this morning whilst Owner was researching online i knitted a practice swatch which i am quite pleased with. It will take me a while to progress to any level of competency but i aim to get to a level of skill where i can be of some practical use for Owner and make some pretty items.

At the end of this month i am doing a one day foot reflexology course to improve my foot massage technique for Owner. However, he real excitement comes next month when i am first doing an Indian head massage course followed up with a one day manicure and pedicure course. i'd love to be able to then go on and complete a beauty therapy course - what fun that would be!

In the meantime, i continue to try and perform as Owner expects and to meet the requirements of Her development plan for me. Now we are back from our travels to Spain after New Year i can get back into my daily routines so that 2014 can really be a year in which i  develop and advance as Owners submissive wife.

i hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year and that 2014 is full of excitement and joy for you all.
Wishing you all a very happy 2014