Owner and i have had quite a relaxed weekend. Yesterday we went to the cinema to watch The Martian whilst it is still showing on the big screen in London, it was good fun and a welcome distraction after the horror of the events in Paris on Friday night, Afterwards we did a little shopping during which Owner let me purchase a gorgeous, tarty little red 'plastic' mini-skirt that had been reduced from £35 to £2.50 - now that is what i call a sale! The skirt looks fab and i will post some pictures of me wearing it another time.

Today we've basically spent the day at home sorting out some domestic admin and discussing some travel and home improvement plans for next year. Owner did, however, have a little treat in store for me just before lunch. Rather than permit me to do my exercises before lunch She instead instructed me to go to the bedroom where She proceeded to strip me naked and then position me naked on all fours in bed and blindfold me with the waist belt of my kimono (see below)
you can see Owners favourite leather fly swat that She uses to beat my clitty bits hanging from the bed post
Owner then disappeared for a few minutes only to return with a full and warm glass of Her delicious urine which She had me drink, and which i enjoyed doing. Owner then took a pair of clover clamps that always hang from one of the bed posts and clamped one end to my left nipple and the other to the base of my unchastised clit. She then proceeded to spank my clit and their 'bits' with the red leather fly swat you can see hanging from the bed post in the picture.Owner also gagged me by pushing Her foot into my mouth but then swapped over to gagging me with the rubber cock gag - again which always hangs conveniently from the end of the bed post.

Owner kept spanking my testicles hard with the swat, the painful assault soon had me aroused and Owner then had me kneel up and positioned herself in front of me and rubbed and caressed Her pussy against my hard clit and Her vibrator, Rubbing Herself up and down and applying the vibrator to Her sex and the tip of my clit whilst still reaching down and simultaneously continuing to spank and slap and beat my testicles.

We bucked and rocked for sometime, me frantically rubbing myself against Her clitoris and labia with my own swollen clit whilst She pleasured Herself against the shaft of my clit and Her vibrator. Eventually Her orgasm began to build and as i helplessly dry humped against Her pelvis Owner came. However, it transpired my luck was in and that Owner was going to permit me to cum as well, only that my own orgasm would, literally be beaten out of me, or more precisely out of my clitty.

Owner set about beating and slapping and spanking my testicles hard again whilst also rubbing the shaft of my clit. As i have previously posted about Owner loves making me cum by spanking my testicles hard and it does produce some very powerful orgasms when She does so. This time was no exception and soon i was begging to be permitted to orgasm. Owner gave the OK and i came messily all over the bed. Owner kindly scooped up some of my mess with Her hand and fed it to me before pushing my head down into the duvet for me to lick and suck up the rest. It was a wonderful pre-lunch bit of fun.

i am pleased to report though that a few hours later i did get my exercises done and i was also returned to chastity by Owner.

Owner often states that She regards me as being Her slutty sex toy and She likes to use me and my body in whichever way She sees fit for Her pleasure. This weekend was no exception. On Saturday night Owner advised that i could be temporarily released from chastity as we were both visiting somewhere the following day that required passing through a metal detector (not something you ideally want to be doing when wearing a metal chastity cage). Thus, on Saturday She instructed for me to be unlocked in readiness.

That night Owner reached across a few times in bed and played and fondled with my clit before going to sleep. However, in the morning She decided to use me (as She often does) as Her human sex toy. She took out one of Her vibrators and then took the cord from Her dressing gown, tied it tight around my clit and then in turn tied it tightly wrapped part of the cord around her vibrator. positioned it between by butt cheeks and then tied the two ends of the cord tight around my waist. Owner then instructed me to lie flat on my stomach whilst She 'mounted' my buttocks and proceeded to masturbate Herself against Her vibrator as it buzzed merrily away between my butt cheeks.

Owner rode me like that for a good while, letting Her orgasm build, whilst i rhythmically gyrated my hips and pushed my buttocks up and down so that Her vibrator  provided Her with the pleasure She deserves. In short, i was Owner's human sex toy, my body used by Her in conjunction with Her own actual sex toy to bring Her pleasure.

The whole episode was also very arousing for me, especially after having been locked up in chastity for about a month. Owner decided that She wanted to make me orgasm like a whore and used one of Her favourite methods to do so. This involves Her spanking my testicles as hard as she can whilst i kneel on all fours. She started off spanking them with Her hand and then moved onto using Her leather paddle. It is a deliriously painfully pleasurable experience.

It always takes me a short while to start to process what, initially at least, is just pain into pleasure. However, once i get into the 'zone' it is truly the most amazing sensation in the world. My thighs can't help but part to afford Owner the best access possible and the harder She strikes the more intensely pleasurable the sensation. It's normally not long at all until i am moaning loudly and thrashing about it pure ecstasy begging Her to be allowed to cum and this time was no exception. As Her blows rained down hard against my very exposed and battered (by then) bits i cried out and buried my face in the bedding as i bucked and heaved and emptied my clit all over the bedding. Owner then scooped it up with the end of Her vibrator and fed me my warm cum. It was a most memorable and intense orgasm.

Owner is clear that my sole sexual purpose is to provide Her with pleasure and if She chooses to permit me such pleasure i am expected to respond in a manner befitting an utter slut. It has been over 5 years since i last sexually penetrated Owner. Instead She periodically fucks me, uses me as Her sex toy, controls when and whether i may orgasm and whether i am allowed out of chastity or kept locked up. And truthfully, i couldn't be happier.
This afternoon Owner and i ad a fun time with some heel training for your truly. Although i wear kitten heels regulalrly at home and normally also wear low heels if we go out dancing, it is not often that i wear very high heels. Owner decided that as part of my development She wants me to become fully competent in wearing high heels, hence the training,

A few weeks ago Owner permitted me to purchase a pair of these chunky 6 inch heels to start practicing in

  (TIP - with high heels start chunky, maybe even a wedge, and then progress to ever narrower heels). Owner also researched some online tutorials for me to practice dancing in heels. So this afternoon we spent quite a bit of time with me walking around the flt and going up and down the stairs in the heels and also trying our some dance moves. We had great fun and i look forward to more practice until i am fully competent in wearing killer heels in all situations.

Here are some pictures from the training session

This is one of the online 'how to' videos that Owner found, this one being a 'How to walk in 6 inch heels' guide (p.s. i adore the shoes in this one):

 And this is the dance tutorial video Owner found - there are actually quite a few in the series

Owner and i had a fabulous Halloween. We carved our pumpkins in the afternoon and you can see the results of our efforts below, ten points if you can guess which is mine and which is Hers :)

Then in the evening we returned once more to one of our favourite events, The Magic Theatre for a night of dancing and entertainment. It was a great night and there were some fabulous (and some hilarious) outfits. Both of our feet were sore from so much dancing when we returned. You can see below our own Halloween outfit efforts, i loved my tail!
Getting ready to head out
at the venue
Owner looking fabulous
Me with my tail
Today we are relaxing before heading to the cinema later in the afternoon. It is a lovely weekend and i hope your Halloween has been a good one too.

Incidentally, you may also be interested to know that, after a hiatus of many months, Owner has now placed me back into chastity. It's been three weeks now since i was once again locked up. i have to say that it is nice to be back under such overt control.