Owner's sister and her partner stayed with us for the past 5 days. Now for me, and i suspect many subs, one of the challenges of having guests staying is that the little daily routines by which we organise our lives to serve our Owners can be thrown somewhat out of kilter. It would clearly take a very special type of guest, for example, to be comfortable with me fellating a dildo and dropping my panties around my ankles each time i wash-up for example, or my walking around the house in my collar and cuffs! And Owners sister, lovely as she and her partner are, are not one of those kind of guests!

For me it was time to put away the pretty and slutty clothes, hide the toys, diaries and other such clues and go back to 'normality' for a few days. However, i still wanted to be able to continue my service and this time there was an opportunity to do so discretely and in a manner that would not cause any kind of remark or embarasment to Owner. So it was that i threw myself happily into the task of being the person who would prepare breakfast (as i would do normally, albeit this time for a few more) and make dinners when we weren't eating out. i even managed to get in a bit of baking almost every day. Afterall, a good host(ess) should always be trying to ensure that their guests are well looked after and i greatly enjoyed being able to do so.

It was also great fun having them to stay and i know it means a lot to Owner as She does not have much opportunity to see Her sister during the year so the occasion was extra special for Her too. Now, however, they have departed back to Spain and so i am once more dressed tartily in the flat and wearing my collar and make-up and yes, it does feel fab and great to be 'back'. It's funny just how things that other people would probably regard as being distinctly 'not normal' are for us normality and feel strange when suddenly we cannot act or dress as we would normally do so. Still, we are now very much back to our own happy reality.

We're also both extremely, well OK more like mega-excited. At the end of this week we head off on our fortnight holiday to Italy. Neither of us can wait. The prospect of spending a whole 2 weeks with Owner in a little place in the Tuscan countryside is something we've been looking forward to all year and now it is almost a reality. We're both sure to get upto some 'normal' activities whilst we're there as well as getting in some sightseeing which will hopefully appear in this blog when we return. Owner has also booked us both in to a hotel in Rome for the night of our anniversary whilst we're away. It is next door to the Trevi fountain, maybe a La Dolce Vita challenge??

The office where i work is in the process of closing down and relocating to smaller premises. As a result we are being encouraged to work from home on a regular basis. What has this got to do with this blog i hear you ask? Well today was what is to become my regular working from home Wednesday. Now Owner normally arrives back from work a couple of hours before me, but not today. Today i was going to be at home waiting for Her and Owner opted to make the most of the opportunity.

After leaving for work in the morning She texted me stating that She expected me to be dressed as a whore when She got back and that i was to have my pussy nice and moist for Her. When She left Her office She then texted again to say that She hoped i was dressed appropriately (as i was in a basque and stockings with a micro skirt and no knickers) and that i was to insert a butt plug and prepare Her strapon and toys, attach a set of nipple clamps and wait for Her on my knees on the bed. By now i was feeling totally horny already and determined to be as slutty as possible. Thus, i selected the inflatable butt plug, inserted and inflated and then knelt down on the bed awaiting Her return. 15 minutes later i heard the key turn in the door and Owner entered the flat.

'Oh what a dirty whore you are' She said as She came over to the bed and ground Her hips against the base of the plug. She then proceeded to further inflate the plug and then got Herself ready. After pushing the base of the now balloon-like plug in and out Owner deflated the plug and put on a pair of latex gloves. First off She spread my cheeks apart; 'my you have got a big wet pussy haven't you, i bet you've been fantasising about this all day haven't you?' i meekly replied that i had. 'And you'd like me to fuck you wouldn't you whore' again i relied that i would. Owner then proceeded to slip Her gloved fingers inside my pussy until Her whole hand was inside me.

'What a big pussy and what a dirty whore' She said as She reached around and began to pull hard on the nipple clamps whilst thrusting Her hand deeper inside me. By now my pussy was molten and i eagerly rode Her fingers, rotating my hips against Her wrist. Owner then withdrew Her hand and put Her strapon on.

'Beg like a whore to be fucked' She commanded. As She said this She positioned Herself in front of me and thrust my head down onto Her cock which i sucked and gagged on whilst begging and pleading to be fucked. Satisfied with my pleading Owner then lubed Her cock and thrust it deep inside my pussy as i locked my ankles around Her hips and ground down hard onto Her cock. There followed a frantic period of bucking, grinding and fucking as Owner pummelled my pussy and i eagerly sought and pleaded for more until She switched Her cock onto vibrate mode and rode me to Her orgasm (of course i was in chastity throughout).

When Owner withdrew She leant forward and said 'would whore like something bigger?' i begged and pleaded that i would and soon i could feel the big black dildo we have force its way into me. Owner had me crouch down and ride the thick shaft up and down as She forced the dildo deeper into me with Her hands and pulled hard on my nipples before pulling the clamps off and twisting and turning them so that they throbbed in painful pleasure. Owner then forced me back onto all fours and fucked me some more with the dildo before pulling it out. 'Is whore ready for something bigger still?' She asked. My eyes lit up, there is only one toy bigger that we have and that is the monster red dildo....14 inches long and a good few inches wide of pure heavenly pleasure. Owner emptied the remaining lube into my pussy so that i could feel it running out and dribbling down my legs and then presented the head of the moster phallus against my wide open pussy. Slowly, but surely She forced it into me and i could feel the walls of my pussy push outwards as it sought to accomodate that delicious head. With the monster cock firmly inside me Owner then began to rythmically fuck me. i was delirious with pleasure moaning and vocalising what a total whore i was, how i loved to be fucked by Her huge cock and that i lived purely to serve as Her fuck toy.

And so it continued with Owner forcing the cock in and out and in an out and me meeting Her thrusts with my hips and forcing the phallus deeper and deeper inside. It was wonderful but of course it had to end and Owner withdrew and gave me a cuddle whilst telling me what an utter and complete whore i am, which of course is true, before getting up to shower whilst i cleaned up and tidied away.

Owner has suggested this could become a regular routine when i work from home and who am i to disagree? [don't think you'll be so lucky every Wednesday! - Owner]
The past few weeks have been completely hectic, but sadly this has been due to work. As a result Owner and i have had very little opportunity for any play time. It has also left me feeling very tired and jaded (there's also a lot of uncertainty at the moment as to whether or not i will have a job in the near future as the government looks to start slashing the public sector).

However, that aside, in less than 3 weeks time we are both finally off on our holidays...yippeee! We are spending 2 weeks in Tuscany in Italy. 2 weeks of uninterrupted and relaxed fun. 2 weeks in which i can give 100% to Owner as opposed to a few hours before and after work. 2 weeks in which we will be staying in a private villa and can be as isolated as we want to be. 2 weeks with potential for all sorts of fun and mischief. How we can't wait!
After baking Owner Her favourite sticky lemon bread in the morning we both retired back to bed for a kip after lunch. When Owner awoke She began to caress my nipples and pussy and then had me get on all fours on the bed and fellate the dildo that is not permanently attached to the foot of the bed post. As i sucked on the cock Owner pulled and twisted my nipples before instrcting me to fuck myself whilst She watchd and pleasured Herself with Her favourite vibrator. My chastised clit throbbed painfully inside its plastic cage as i pushed my pussy hard down on the dildo, delighting in the sensation of it lodged deep inside my pussy. Owner then encoraged me to start fucking myself hard and as She did so She positioned Herself right in front of me with Her legs parted and Her vibrator buzzing away. It was so wonderfully frustrating to see and smell Owners sex millimetres from my mouth whilst my hips bucked and gyrated as i eagerly fucked the dildo like a true whore. Owner smiled and asked whether i would like to be able to lick Her arse? i was soon pleading and begging Her to be allowed to slip my tongue inside Her, all the while still revelling in the sensation of the cock buried deep inside me. Eventually, Owner conceded to my pleading and turned around to position Herself on all fours and presented Her arse to my mouth. i eagerly spread Her cheeks apart and slid my tongue inside Her and we gyrated in unison, Owner grinding Her arse against my face whilst i ground mine against the dildo. As Owner climaxed i could feel Her sphincter muscles contract and expand around my tongue, surely there is nothing more pleasurable than to have the honour and privilege of physically experiencing your Owners orgasm? Drained Owner sank down onto the bed and instructed me to clean-up and get changed. i was left feeling deeply horny and very frustratingly aroused.

Later in the day we both went out to one of our local pubs for a drink. It is the first time we have been to this establishment in ages and we both agreed we ought to go more often (how easy it is to sometimes overlook places that are on your doorstep). It was the first time we have visited a pub so close to home with me wearing full make-up, a low-cut top with jeans and my 'outdoor' leather collar. i confess i was a little nervous which i put down to the much more heightened chance that i might bump into someone i know. i need not have worried though as, though busy, no-one paid any particular attention to my attire and no-one i knew walked in. That said, if someone had i don't think i'd have minded too much as in a way i'd love for my 'secret' to be out and not to feel that i am always slightly hiding who i truly am. We'd both love to meet some like-minded couple(s) who we could socialise with though.

All in all it was a wonderful way to spend a day.
There is nothing that i like more than baking for my Owner. The weekend will often find me, as it does this morning, with a cake or biscuits or bread rising in the oven and the flat filling with a delicious aroma. i am always surprised how easy and straightforward it is to bake something delicious and nutritious and it is an activity which is actively encourage by Owner. i like to try and make sure that She has something freshly made to take to work or to enjoy for breakfast and it has fast become one of my favourite activities. i think baking is an activity that all subs could, and possibly should, easily 'master' as it is a wonderful way of being able to offer your partner something personal for them to enjoy at their leisure. Owner certainly always seems very appreciative. Happy baking!