In what are increasingly dark and disturbing times in the world there has been one small and positive little development for me. i have now finally saved up (after a year of squirrelling away a small amount each month from my monthly allowance) just about enough money to pay for the ankle tattoo Owner told me to get. Monday this week saw me having a short consultation with the tattooist to discuss the design of the tattoo Owner wants and to book an appointment to have the work carried out.  Owner had already decided that She wanted me to get a pretty ankle bracelet tattoo on my left ankle. She has now also decided that, to highlight my femininity, She wants the ankle chain tattoo to incorporate a half moon pendant design. The moon being the symbol of the female goddess. i discussed these requirements with the tattoo artist, paid my deposit and set a date of March 13th for the work to be carried out.

This will be my 7th tattoo. Four of my current six tattoos are designs requested by Owner and which symbolise something about me and my relationship to Her (the other 2 were done before we were in a relationship). The tattoos i currently have that She chose for me are as follows:

  • a princess crown on my right ankle - also to symbolise my femininity
  • a Celtic snake on my right hip - the 'S' being the initial of Her name and the 's' of my submission to Her
  • a key on my left hip - to symbolise my state of chastity/denial
  • a cat on my left shoulder - my role as Owners sex kitten
i am really excited at the prospect of having my new tattoo and can't wait to be able to show it off this summer! i am also quite proud of the fact that i was able to save-up for it from my monthly allowance. i started saving a year ago and finally have enough to get it done. i would love one day to also be permitted to have a 'tramp stamp' done :) - tattoos are quite addictive!

This coming weekend is also when Owner is taking me on my belated birthday treat to a night in a hotel in London with a rooftop hot tub. It may be the middle of winter here but i will be packing my bikini and can't wait to pose in it above the streets amongst the buildings of this fabulous city. We plan to have lots of fun splashing about. i will, of course, share the details when we get back.

In the meantime, stay safe and sane in what are troubling times and stand up for your rights and those of your neighbours.
With Owner's encouragement i write the odd short story. All are related to Femdom. Most of the ones i write end up in the bin but very occasionally one goes up on to see if anyone is interested in them. i have always assumed nobody has ever bought one but upon checking the other day i discovered a few people actually have! Not in any great quantities, certainly not enough for Owner to retire on (monies go to Her). Anyway, to cut a long story (ha, ha) short i have published another little story called 'Dancing Dave' .

They are my legs on the cover but nothing else in the story is about me. If you would like to read it you can get it from by clicking on the cover above or on the button below.

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Love this picture taken by Owner of me giving Her a foot massage last night, it says everything. Her on the sofa receiving a massage, me knelt before Her on the floor and locked safely away. Incidentally, the touch of Her feet on my thighs was delicioulsy and frustratingly arousing
i have blogged previously about how Owner controls my finances. My main bank card and my credit cards may only be accessed and used by me with Her permission. Instead i am permitted a monthly allowance of £100 a month - which is transferred from my main account into a separate account each month so that i have a bank card i can use to access my 'allowance'. However, in addition to this allowance we also agreed that i would start setting aside a small set amount each month from my salary specifically for Owner to use as She sees fit - it is Her money, earnt by me to be spent by Her on Her.

Today marked a little milestone in that, at Her request, i transferred across to Owner's account the balance of these savings to date. She is going to use the money to pay for some massages for Herself. It is a real thrill and privilege to see Owner use this money. i hope one day we can reach a point where every penny i earn is handed to Owner to keep and administer as She sees fit. Owner's parents are an inspiration to me in this regard, Her mother is in complete control of Her fathers money and always has been. As Her submissive wife it feels right that Owner should control our purse strings and treat what i earn as Hers.

Meanwhile, this past week has also seen the arrival of a couple of new outfits for me and a new bra. The first outfit i got was a new domestic cleaning tunic to add to my other household cleaning uniforms. It was paid for out of my allowance and purchased on eBay. We think it looks really good with leggings, how about you?

my new housework top
i was also allowed to purchase a new cheap and tarty nightie, again from eBay. Not sure about my pose though
My new bra also arrived, it's super pretty
And finally, this morning before getting up for work Owner administered a wonderful spanking to my chastised clitty with the palm of Her hand. My new little nano chastity device ensures that my little clit head stays locked and out of the way but my dangly bits are fully exposed, and accessible to Owner. They make for easy and inviting targets. The spanking did not last long but it left a lasting impression as i was throbbing and aching deliciously 'down there' all day. It is now over five months since i was last permitted an orgasm, i hope Owner keeps me denied this way indefinitely :)
Monday is my birthday when  i hit the grand old age of 47, unfortunately i will be spending the day at work (with a whole series of meetings). However, as i won't have much time to celebrate on the day itself Owner has turned the whole weekend over to a birthday celebration with a series of birthday treats for Her wife.

First off was on Friday when i was still working (albeit from home) and in the midst of a conference call when Owner placed a wine glass down in front of me filled with Her delicious piss. She didn't need to say a word as  continued my call whilst eagerly gulping down Her wine, it was delicious as always. However, that was not the only drink i got to enjoy that day. In the evening we had to go to see Owner's specialist. Afterwards we went to a nearby restaurant to share a gluten-free pizza and salad and Owner permitted me to order a bottle of beer as well to have with my food. Owner's piss and alcohol in one day, the weekend was shaping up to be a good one.

Yesterday morning Owner helped me to research a new padded bra to buy online from Little Women. i am a 38AAA and this is a great little shop to find bras in that and other small sizes. Owner picked out the Bree bra style for me and then paid for it Herself as a pre-birthday treat. i can't wait for it to arrive so i can try it on.

After an early lunch Owner accompanied me shopping and permitted me to buy some new clothes. First off was my present from Her mother. Owner picked out a lovely coat for me, She had been told to buy me something by Her mum and this pretty coat from Uniqlo is simply beautiful. You can see me modelling it below - we sent this picture to Owners mum who agreed it is muy bonita!
new jacket
Whilst we were shopping we discovered a new shop called Missguided which i would whole-heartedly recommend, this is me getting a little over-excited next to their window display. It is full of the kind of women's clothes i adore - trashy but with attitude. How i would love to work there!

To calm me down from my retail excitement Owner then treated me to ice cream and then it was off to do some more shopping. Owner permitted me to buy some knickers and a new blouse and jumper from H&M with some vouchers i had received. By now we were fading a little and so we went for tea and coffee before heading home
still excited from my shopping exploits 
My treats continued today. Owner permitted me to go with Her to the garden centre and allowed me to buy some plants (something that always delights me) for the pretty little container garden i am creating outside the front of our flat.
heading back from the garden centre with my purchases
When we got home Owner made me a hot chocolate for me to enjoy when i had finished planting my purchases, as you can see from my face it was delicious
enjoying the hot chocolate Owner made for me
Next Owner presented me with Her birthday presents for me - this was a real surprise as Owner had already told me that She was going to take me away at the start of February for one night to a hotel with a private rooftop hot-tub for us to enjoy (and lots of opportunities for bikini etc photoshoots) - so i wasn't expecting more presents. Owner presented me with a little box which contained a beautiful pair of pink ruby silver stud earrings. They are gorgeous and are now adorning my ears (you can see one of them in situ below).
pink ruby silver earring
We're now settling down to watch a movie. It really has been a wonderful birthday weekend. Owner has treated me like a princess with lots of treats but i am delighted to also report that i still completed my chores and duties and even baked a cake to take into my work meeting tomorrow. Now i can't wait until we go away and i can splash about in my bikini!

One of the perks of my job is that i can quite often work from home. On such days it has now long been established by Owner that i dress in a skirt and blouse with tights/stockings and shoes i.e. i have a home office uniform that i wear. The exception to this is Fridays when, if i happen to be working from home, i am permitted to adopt a less formal office uniform and wear a padded bra - a sort of dress down Friday if you will. Of course, i am expected to wear these outfits throughout my office hours and thus they are what i wear if i need to answer the door to someone, receive a delivery etc. The first time i received our supermarket delivery i was a little shy i confess but now just about everyone has seen me 'dressed for work', the postman, meter reader, door-to-door salesmen and our downstairs neighbour.

This is what i was wearing when i greeted our postman whilst i was working from home yesterday, though i was a stood little more 'ladylike' when i opened the door :)

me and my thunder thighs
Incidentally, you can clearly see my new mini nano chastity in situ in the above. It's early days still since it was installed (just over 3) but so far, so good.

However, the one person who traditionally never gets to see me in my uniform is my Owner, though i do always ask Her permission in advance to wear what i do and send Her a picture of what i have on, as Her work has never really provided Her with the same opportunities to work from home as my does for me. The onset of Owners health issues changed that. After a period when She was  not able to work at all She is now back working, albeit on reduced hours and with the understanding that She will be able to work from home some days a week. Having Her here when i am working from home is a real bonus to me, though i only wish She was able to do so under happier circumstances. This past week has seen both of us both working at home together for a couple of days. including today (my 'dress down Friday'). Here we are:

at home mid-week with Owner
Todays 'dress down Friday'outfit - wearing my padded bra - with Owner
2017 has started, for me at least, with an exciting new arrival. At my own request Owner consented to me purchasing a new, and much smaller, chastity device. Regular readers will know that we have tried many, many devices over the years, some more successfully than others. Previous to my latest purchase we had bought a pink Holy Trainer .This was a good device in many respects, it has an ingenious locking device and is comfortable to wear and being non-metallic can get through airport security without any problems. However, being non-metal means it does need removing and cleaning more than metal devices do. It;s biggest drawback though - for me - was it's size. I should stress here that it is not big, but i am quite small in that regard AND i also like to wear tight trousers and it is not easy to conceal. As a result i was less keen on wearing it.

A combination of this and the onset of my own then Owners health issues meant its use declined and it hasn't been worn for a good few months. Orgasm denial was maintained, albeit without the physical presence of a device. That said, Owner remarked on a few occasions when we were in bed that i was absent-mindedly caressing myself  'down there' ie i wasn't masturbating to orgasm but i was touching myself. i have also previously blogged about how, for me personally, i actually like being in chastity. Left to my own devices i would be thrilled and excited to be locked-up ad-infinitum with only limited or no chances of orgasm.

Anyway, fast forward to today. At the weekend i saw a cheap (it's Chinese made) metal device on line that was advertised as being the world's smallest chastity device, the Nano. It immediately attracted my interest. It's small (tiny in fact) but i am small too. It would be easy to disguise its presence even under very tight trousers. It's metal so shouldn't need removing for cleaning as often, And it was very cheap. This means it could be tried and if it doesn't work, well the bank hasn't been broken. Anyway, to cut a long story short i ordered it this weekend and it arrived today! This is it in situ

As you can see it is, indeed, very small. i am excited, Owner a little sceptical, time will tell. One of the immediate potential pluses i can see which hadn't occurred to me before putting the device on is that it leaves my testicles nicely exposed and accessible for Owner when Her shoulder is recovered.

Talking of Owners shoulder, it remains very painful and frozen. However, one of the 'positives' (if i can put it that way) of what has been, and remains, a horrible and extremely uncomfortable experience for Her is that it has highlighted a couple of additional activities for me to take on as Her wife. i am now the one who brushes and dries Her hair after it has been washed. This started because She physically could no longer comfortably reach to do it. It is now routine and is something i hope to always continue to do for Her after She has fully recovered Her movement in Her shoulder.

The second activity is that i now also give Owner daily massages, mostly in the evenings but sometimes mornings and evenings too. This is something i really enjoy doing and makes use of the massage skills i acquired a couple of years back when Owner instructed me to do some massage classes. Again, i can't believe this wasn't already something that She normally expected from me and is something i would hope i will continue to provide Her each day even when She is fully recovered.

Although Owner is still physically no better than when i last blogged i am pleased to say that She at least now has a physically fully OK wife again i.e. me. Although things took a knock and some of my routines became a little rusty due to my own health issues they are now back being implemented. The core of Owners control and domination of me and my submission to Her also never waned over these past few 'difficult' months. Owner continued to, and still does, control me completely in every aspect of my life outside of my work - and i love and adore Her all the more for it.

Owner having  financial control over me was something that was implemented in 2016 with my being limited to a monthly allowance from which i was tasked with saving enough to get as ankle tattoo. Well, the good news is that one year on i think i have enough to get one done. i have made an appointment later this month for a consultation on the design and to agree costings. Assuming my mental estimate isn't too far out it won't be long until i will soon be sporting a beautiful and permanent slave ankle bracelet to complement the other tattoos i have that Owner selected for me.

i start the year remembering that i truly am blessed. Yes, the world may be an increasingly fucked-up place but in my Owner i could never have hoped to have met a more wonderful person, She truly is my guide through life and i want nothing more than to serve and obey and be dominated by Her absolutely - doing this is what brings me my greatest pleasure and joy.