Owner and i wish you all a very happy New Year and may 2012 fulfill all your kinky and naughty desires.

i am delighted to report (i hope not too prematurely) that, thanks to a combination of regular exercises each day and Owners prescribed phylthio activities, my back seems to be very slowly recovering. Yesterday, Owner added another dimension to my regular back stretching exercises (in addition to having my titties clamped whilst completing them and then spanking my clitty upon completion). She instructed that i am now to wear my spiked chastity device everyday and to play with my clitty after each exercise session so that it gets hard and the metal spikes dig in to my flesh - i now have to do this each time i exercise in addition to having my titties clamped and spanking my clitty. Owner also performed another pussy inspection yesterday - this time tightly binding my nipple piercings together and then exploring my pussy with Her fingers before inserting and inflating the inflatable butt plug and switching it onto vibate mode. Whilst my stretched pussy throbbed and pulsed as the plug purred away inside and my nipples were pulled tight Owner used the opportunity to pleasure Herself with a vibrator. Once satiated She switched off and deflated the butt plug - leaving me desperately horny, frustrated and aroused.

Today, as part of Her evolving phylthio treatment regime Owner instructed that i was to attach and wear tassled nipple clamps for the duration of my daily walk and that i was to play with my clamped titties in the park. Each day i have been trying to walk a little further as my back slowly gets better and today managed to walk just under 2 whole miles (wow!) for the first time since the start of December. Not only this but Owner also seemed pleased with how i completed my challenge in the park en route as well - you can see me performing the challenge in the video below as i once again demonstrate how much i enjoy playing with my titties like a slut

As previously posted about Owner has been prescribing Her own phylthio techniques for me to employ (to compliment my back stretching exercises) to aid my recovery from my recent back problems - involving having me wear nipple clamps for the duration of my exercises and then energetically spank my own clitty afterwards. However, Owner has also expressed concern lest my enforced recent lay-up should have had other negative side effects, specifically that my 'pussy' may have somehow lost its natural slutty 'elasticity', thereby compromising my ability to act and behave as Her whore. Accordingly, today Owner advised me that She would be performing a pussy inspection to check that all was functioning properly, assuming of course i could find a comfortable position to get into to enable Her to undertake said inspection. Unsurprisingly, i quickly discovered that being on all fours with legs spread was actually rather comfortable!

Now you sometimes hear the expression 'the laying on of hands' to describe an activity undertaken immediately prior to an apparently miraculous recovery from some debilitating condition - normally in the context of some sort of religious/cult setting. Well, Owner appears to have discovered Her own power to heal via Her unique 'inserting hand into pussy' technique :). With me kneeling on the bed on all fours twisting and pulling my nipples She rapidly established that She could still swiftly progress from having first one digit all the way through to all five digits fully inserted into my 'pussy' without any apparent adverse affect (quite the opposite in fact). Accordingly, She was able to swiftly establish beyond all shadow of a doubt that my pussy did not appear to have suffered any adverse affects from my recent bad back episode and that i was still as much of a whore as i had been before. My back even felt a little easier after the examination too!

i can only say that my experience this afternoon appears to be conclusive proof, albeit one worthy of further testing of the hypothesis (just to make sure), that patients suffering from back problems are likely to benefit greatly from a gentle fisting :)

i hope everyone is having as enjoyable a festive period as we are and i leave you all with one of Owner and my all-time favourite festive songs....give it up for the wonderful Wet Spots;

Seasons greetings everyone and i hope that Santa had bulging sacks when he came?! Today Owner and i were able to make it out of the house for a little Christmas walk around the neighbourhod and to our local park and shops (which, this being London, are all open on Christmas day) and back. This walk was, for me at least, something of a landmark occasion for a number of reasons, namely;

  1. as you will know i have somewhat buggered my back and today was the first time i'v been able to walk further than 100yards in almost a week. The combination of drugs, physio and Owners specially devised phylthio exercises - which currently consist of wearing my nipple clamps whilst doing my back strengthening/stretching exercises and then vigorously spanking my clitty when finished - seem to be working - yey!
  2. i have never before done a photo shoot in our local park - which is literally at the end of our street - or walked around our block and popped into the local corner shop wearing a dress rather than trousers, even if i was wearing my big padded new winter jacket ontop. All my previous skirt/dress wearing in public has been away from home or confined to our back garden. Owner said She is very proud of Her slutty sissy and i am delighted.
Anyway, without further delay here are some photos Owner took of Her slut posing in our park;

my new padded coat and Santa hat


with fast moving dog passing by

as always i love to flash my titties
We both decided this Xmas to just get each other little Christmas presents as we have quite a number of holidays and weekends away planned for 2012 (assuming my back continues to improve) - of which more later. Owners Xmas gift to me was a wonderful and very appropriate necklace which you can see in the photo below;
wearing my new 'whore' necklace from Owner
Walk and photoshoot completed it was back to our flat where Owner had prepared a delicious Asturian Fabada de Navidad (none of your boring Turkey for us). As you can see from the shot of me about to tuck in below it was delicious (incidentally i always eat out of a dog bowl at home);

Xmas dinner in my dog bowl
And finally, another gratuitous shot of my titties as i do so adore showing them off like a true slut! Felices fiestas!
gratuitous titty shot

[The following entry has been typed by Owner as dictated by poppet, for reasons that will become obvious]

As mentioned in my last entry, the problems with my back have continued and reached something of a crisis point early this week.  On Tuesday, after bidding Owner farewell to work, I hobbled out to the garden, wearing my fluffy pink dressing gown and pink panties, to feed the birds.  As I was placing the bird food my back went completely and managed in agony to drag myself back to our ground floor flat and to our bedroom, where I collapsed on the bed and laid there unable to move and in terrible pain.  I was desperate to know what to do as I was truly stuck until eventually texted Owner (luckily I had my phone in my dressing gown pocket) to say I had a problem. 

Owner phoned straight back, at which point I blubbed like a baby and explained I couldn't move and was in excruciating pain.  This was at 8:00am.  My wonderful Owner dropped everything, jumped in a taxi and went back home.  She phoned the doctor to get one to come by but was advised there wasn't one available until at least 11:30.  Then tried the ambulance service, who, in effect, said ... as he's not dying we cannot come.  NHS Direct were no more use either. 

The hours ticked by, still no doctor came despite repeated calls by Owner.  Meanwhile all I could do was lie there and growl. 

Eventually at 3:00pm my wonderful Owner was able to persuade the ambulance that I was in agony and the doctor wasn't coming.  They sent round two people. Their professionalism was wonderful for the sight that greeted them must have been fairly hilarious.  I was lying face down, immobile, in my pink fluffy dressing gown, pink panties and (I'm quite proud of this fact) matching pink toe nails. 

After liberal use of Entonox, the crew were eventually able to get me on my feet so I could hobble out of the house into their waiting ambulance.  It is amazing to what extent shear desperation could cast aside any embarrassment or shame I might have felt about staggering across our street, in full view of our neighbours, in my fluffy pink finery, to collapse face down again on the trolley in the ambulance.

PS.  I should say at this point said that Entonox (laughing gas) is amazing stuff.

Upon arrival in A&E, my bright pink attire probably combined with my face down posture led to degrees of confusion amongst the staff.  A kindly nurse passing by, said ... "Don't worry sweetie, we'll sort you out".  Furthermore I was checked in as "Miss" rather than "Mister".

Plaudit goes to the medical staff that examined me for passing no comment (at least not within earshot) as to why it was I had on a pink fluffy dressing gown, pink panties and matching bright pink toe nails.  My only consolation being, that a few days back, Owner had suggested it would be a good idea that I removed my chastity device.

I'm now back at home, with Owner looking after me, spending much of my time flat on my back.  Owner has been a star through out, and the two good things that come out of this are:

a)  my inability to travel means that me and Owner will be spending Xmas together, when we usually spend it apart with our respective families

b) having exposed my panties to the world, I suspect I will be even less shameless when fully recovered

Merry Xmas one and all.
It has now been almost 2 weeks since i did my back in and have, as a result, been forced to rest-up at home whilst Owner looks after me. It is incredibly frustrating and has put paid to a number of plans that we had for some (s)exploits and challenges in London and Lille. However, i have now been referred to a physio by my Doctor and this, in turn, provided Owner with a wonderful idea and suggestion.

i am extremely lucky in that Owner has a wonderifully creative side to Her character. Upon learning of my referral She immediately came up with Her own wicked idea ... namely that in addition to my going to physiotherapy sessions as prescribed by my doctor, i would also have to attend Owners own phylthio sessions. In these latter sessions i will have to perform or undertake any number of filthy, degrading or humiliating tasks that She deems to be required to help speed-up my recovery. i have not yet had my first phylthio appointment with Owner but i am eagerly lookin forward to it, just the prospect of it makes me feel better!

Changing the subject completely Owner and i have both ordered some pretty snow boots for a trip to Helsinki we have planned for early next year.

The boots are, i think, lovely and can be ordered from this shop on Amazon i can't wait to parade around Helsinki in the snow (i hope!) wearing them

Unfortunately, the plans Owner and i had to go to to Notting Hill and complete a 'Notting Hill the movie...the deleted scenes' photoshoot and public challenge, followed this weekend by a trip to Lille did not come to pass as i have spent all of the time recumbant, having developed a bad case of sciatica. It has been incredibly frustrating to be able to do nothing except lie there, flat on my back, unable to sit down or walk properly whilst Owner looks after me. She has done a wonderful job preparing delicious meals, bringing me reading materials and generally keeping me amused and entertained during this enforced lay-up.

Owner also bought me a wonderful new dresing gown and matching pyjamas from La Senza, pefect for me to shuffle around the house in. i think they are super pretty and Owner took some photos of me today posing in my new sleepwear;

Thank you Owner for looking after me