This weekend Owner and i had a wonderful trip up to Manchester. On Saturday we got to see the Pride parade through the city which was watched by thousands of people along the route.

The only shame though was that the main party afterwards in the Canal Street area was not open to all but rather was a ticketed affair and not an overly cheap one either if you didn't intend to spend the whole day/night there. So instead we headed into China town and gorged ourselves silly.

After dinner we returned to our hotel and Owner advised that She would like to do a little photoshoot of Her own with me as Her muse;

Photoshoot over Owner proceeded tie me up and fuck me whilst i knelt on the above chair. This in turn caused some degree of hilarity as, mid-fuck, i suddenly felt as if i was about to fall down the gap between the chair and the stool. Quite how i thought i was going to fall down the gap i'm not sure but it led to some hasty re-positioning before Owner continued until She was satiated and i was left happily frustrated.

The next day dawned wet (well this is Manchester) and so we scrubbed our plans to head out into the Pennines and decided to head over to Salford Quays instead, a place i have a past work connection with. Miraculously, no sooner had we hopped off the tram than the clouds cleared and remained clear for the rest of the day. It provided Owner with an opportunity for an impromptu challenge request of me, namely to reveal my bra and so a few hasty photose were taken;

There is some wonderful 'new' architecture around Salford Quays including the Lowry Centre and the Daniel Libeskind designed IWM-North (something i was quite heavily involved with a few years ago);

Having left my old haunt of Salford Quays we returned to the Castelfield area for a drink by the canal before heading bck into the city centre.

Manchester is such a wonderful city and a place that will always bring back happy memories for me, having both studied and worked there in the past, and it was wonderful to re-visit some old haunts and also introduce the city to Owner who has never been. We also got a chance to explore some of the surrounding countryside today before heading back to London. But, the best thing we both discovered was that, at least one of Manchesters many great bars also serves our favourite lager beer and one we've never seen outside Spain, namely Mahou;

No it's not a case of Christmas having come early but rather a case of Owner having presented me with my very own ankle chain to wear, it even has a bell! It's great as i have always wanted to have one and now i have one to wear permanently around my ankle. As i wander about the flat this evening it tinkles constantly letting Owner know where abouts i am and that i am not being idle. i'm really thrilled with it as i think it looks so pretty;

Tonight also saw me performing another of my little shows for Owners amusement. The performance was to the tune of Lucas by the ever wonderful Rafaella Carra, one of our favourite Euro pop artistes from the late 70s/80s and someone who is still going strong today, and as glamorous (unlike me) as ever

This afternoon Owner released me from chastity and gave me a caning in the bedroom. When the caning was completed She had me first fellate the dildo at the end of the bed before getting me to lie on my back and play with my clit and nipples for Her amusement. Owner then instructed me to start playing with my pussy and as She did so She shoved a large dildo in my mouth and asked me how much would i like to fuck myself with it?

As i sucked and slurped my response Owner told me that if i was to beg properly like a real whore then maybe, just maybe i would be allowed to slide the dildo into my now very moist pussy. Owner removed the dildo from my mouth in order to hear my response, which needless to say was in the affirmative, begging to be allowed to fuck myself with the phallus. Satisfied that She had received the answer She sought Owner had me lift my legs up so that i was bent almost double with my feet raised above my head and hooked under the iron work of the headboard, my pussy lifted up off the bed and fully exposed with my legs spread wide apart...never in my life had i imagined i could be so flexible! Owner handed me the large dildo and instructed me to fuck myself with it. As i hungrily sank the dildo deep inside me and began to rythmically and then feerishly pull it out and plunge it back in Owner started to play with my rapidly swelling clit. As i fucked myself hard i could see the head of my clit swelling too a mere few inches above my face, seeming to be almost close enough to suck (but heck i'm flexible but not that flexible!). To my delight Owner told me to switch on the vibrate mode of the dildo and as She did i could feel the tightening of an impending orgasm. i desperately sought Owners permission to come, or at least to alert Her to the imminent danger that i was close to doing so, and to my delight She said to cum like a whore. i didn't need any further encouragement and as i rode the dildo in my pussy i watched as a spray of cum smothered my chest and neck, splashing down onto my face.  20 days of enforced denial gone in one heavenly moment. Without needing any instruction i scooped up my mess off my body with my fingers and sucked them clean until all of my cum had been swallowed.

'What a good and utter whore you are' said Owner smiling down at me before instructing me to go take a shower and return to chastity. And indeed i am, an utter whore.
This weekend has been a quiet one for Owner and i. Owner has a stinking cold which, combined with Her period, has left Her feeling somewhat low. As a result we have spent most of the weekend pottering about in the flat. i've been cleaning and also on something of a baking frenzy, the result so far being being banana bread and a sticky lemon cake. Owner's cold doesn't seem to have affected Her appettite at least.

We've also got some new neighbours moving in to the house next door to our flat. No doubt they are looking forward to settling in to their new abode and getting acquainted with the neighbourhood. i just hope that they're not in for too much of a shock as their top floor overlooks our garden where i am often to be found pottering about en femme with my collar and cuffs on and is also the location for my whore training sessions with Owner. i just hope that they are like the couple who lived their previously and don't spend all their time looking out of the top floor windows, otherwise they may be in for something of a surprise!

The countdown has now also begun in earnest to our trip to Manchester next weekend. It's years since i was last there and Owner has never been so we're both looking forward to it. Manchester is actually an old haunt of mine as it is where i went to University (albeit  two decades ago). Owner has advised that i can expect to be asked to complete some challenges whilst we are there which, naturally, i am looking forward to.

Meanwhile, tonight i have promised Owner a little show which i hope will speed Her recovery. That's about it from me for now, adieu.
Well today finally presented an opportunity for me to complete the last of my challenges left over from the World Cup, namely wearing my bikini in Hyde Park. Up until today we've been thwarted by a combination of ill health, weather and travels but today was deemed by Owner to be an appropriate day for the challenge to be completed. i was determined to give it my best shot and we also remembered that there was still an uncompleted challenge from the Eurovision song contest, namely to wear a sun hat in public, so that was added to the mix too. All in all, i don't think i did too badly, we chose a spot just off the main path but with people constantly walking past about 20 metres away. Anyway, this is the result;

Challenge completed it was time for a quick bit of silliness with Owner;

We then spent a lovely rest of the day wandering around Hyde Park and South Kensington before heading back home.

Today's challenge brings to a close the series of challenges i accrued courtesy of Owners games during Eurovision and the World Cup. We've both had tremendous fun doing them and i've ended up doing things which i never dreamed i would do (and have to confess have loved doing!). They certainly brought out the exhibitionist in me! Owner too has really enjoyed them and She has already indicated that, with the start of the Spanish football season nearly upon us, i may end up having more to complete depending upon the fortunes of Her team, Sporting de Gijon.

Whatever happens, i'm sure of one thing, we'll both have great fun!
Owner and i have just returned from a long weekend break to the North of Spain, well Asturias to be precise, to spend some time with Her family and friends out there. We also took my sister along as she's been having a pretty crappy time of things lately and, frankly, she needed a break. It was a great trip and we both love that part of the world and the lifestyle you can have out their...out eating at midnight and then drinking in some great bars until gone 5am. Not to mention the fabulous coastline, mountains, lush greenery and great cider!

Now though we're back in London and back to work and reality with something of a bump. The only positive for me is at least it means i am able to get back into my routines of serving Owner as best i can and return to spending my evenings and weekends en femme. However, we have a couple more breaks coming up which will involve just the two of us, and as a consequence, will enable us to maintain our Femdom lifestyle and enable me to wear my femme attire. The first break is a trip to Manchester for a long weekend in a few weeks to be followed by a two week holiday in Italy in October. The latter will be fabulous, two whole weeks without work in a secluded cottage in the Tuscan countryside - how we can't wait!

Meanwhile, roll on the weekend and the chance for some more challenges and fun in London.