This morning after making Owners and my breakfast we both retired back to bed. No sooner were we back under the covers than Owner started to tease and caress and fondle my nipples, telling me how much She loved how big and puffy my nipples were. Meanwhile, i wallowed in the pleasure of Her caresses (having my nipples played with is one of my favourite things).

Minutes later Owner was removing my nightie and instructing me to start to spank my chastised clit. She watched as i beat my exposed bits with the palm of my hand and then handed me one of Her leather paddles and told me to use that instead. Then Owner instructed me to spank my chastised clit whilst lying on my back with my legs spread apart, then on all fours, next standing up at the side of the bed as She watched me make myself ever more aroused in my device and then finally sitting down on the edge of the bed with my legs spread apart.

As i continued to bring the paddle down repeatedly against my exposed 'labia' Owner asked me to pass Her one of Her vibrators, then She positioned Herself behind me and placed Her feet up on my shoulders as bega to masturbate Herself with Her vibrator, gringing Her hips against the tops of my buttocks. As She played with Herself She instructed me to beat my clit harder with the paddle, repeatedly urging me on and to spank myself ever harder as She gradually turned up the power of the vibrator.

Soon my clit was leaking pre-cum inside the confines of its cage as the paddle struck harder and harder and Owners moans of pleasure increased as too did the speed of Her vibrator until finally She came. Owner held me tight with Her legs and then released me and rolled over, presenting Her anus  to me. With my clit throbbing frustratedly and excitedly inside the confines of my chastity device i eagerly started to lick around Her delicious puckered opening before working my tongue inside, revelling in Her exquisite aroma and taste. My tongue probed and explored until Owner shuddered and Her glutes clamped tight as another wave of pleasure swept through Her.

Later, as we lay snuggled in bed, Her satiated and me throbbing and aching in delicious denial, Owner informed me that i can start to expect to receive texts from Her during the day instructing me to spank my chastised clit as i had demonstrated to Her this morning and that, if i performed well, She would might also tell me to do so with my nipples clamped and/or my butt plugged.

It was a wonderful way to start the day. i know that my frustrated and denied clit will throb and ache deliciously for the rest of the day inside its plastic cage, what a wonderful gift to receive from my truly wonderful and remarkable Owner.
This morning Owner sent me the link to a very pretty summer dress that She had found for me in the sales online. A few months ago this would be an invitation for me to purchase the outfit and i would have ordered the dress straightaway, leaping at the chance to be permitted to expand my wardrobe with a lovely new outfit. However, today i had to thank Her but inform Her that i wouldn't be able to buy the dress until next month as buying it would blow what is left of my allowance for this month. Such is the reality of now having to live within my means and being restricted to a set monthly allowance with Owner completely controlling how much money i have to spend each month. We are now three months into this new arrangement of my having only having access to a set monthly allowance to cover all of my routine expenditure and it has been working very well. Financial control has now well and truly passed over to Owner. i just hope that the dress is still as heavily discounted at the start of April as it is now.

Owners financial control of my was a new addition to Her dominance and control over my life which was added back in January. Today, Owner has set out some new requirements of me in an update to Her 'housewife academy' training and development plan. Each addition is designed to further Her control, deepen my submission and help my development into becoming the perfect wife for Her. So, what has been added?
  • Owner will now choose what clothes and accessories i wear whenever we go out. Owner has always chosen what items of clothing, accessories etc i am allowed to buy and until now i have always had to seek Her approval to what i wear each day. However, from now on She will select the clothing and accessories She wants me to wear Herself - i will no longer have a say.
  • Whenever we stay in hotels (which we do a fair bit) Owner will choose what i am allowed to eat for breakfast (whether from the in-room menu or the buffet). Whenever we eat out for lunch or dinner Owner always chooses and orders for me. However, breakfasts have been an anomaly and i have chosen my own when we are eating away from home. This will no longer be permitted. i will no longer exercise any choice over any meals.
  • i am to be solely responsible for making any bookings that Owner may wish to make
  • when i go to bed i must only read Spanish books/magazines or on-line articles for at least 3 days a week to help improve my Spanish  
  • i must learn how to hula hoop with a view to making a sexy hula dance video
  • i will have a twice-weekly clit spanking (Wednesday and Friday). This could be administered by Owner or a self-spanking if She requests.
  • Support Owners wheat and gluten-free diet by cooking accordingly. i am responsible for cooking all meals and Owner is trying to become wheat and gluten-free and so i shall need to adjust my recipes accordingly.
  • Create pretty all-year planting arrangements outdoors using window boxes and pots and keep the outdoor area clean. i will need to liaise with our neighbour on this as this outdoor area technically belongs to her but hopefully she won't mind me putting out some pots and the window boxes we can do whatever she may say.
i am very grateful and excited at the latest additions to my training and development and thank Owner for demanding them of me as She continues to strengthen and deepen my submission to Her and Her control of me and ensure i continue to develop into the wife She wants.
Well it's now almost three weeks since i have been locked up in the Holy Trainer chastity device, so what do Owner and i think of it? Well, it has it's pros and cons, as do all the various devices we have tried over the years.

Me in  my Holy Trainer
We ordered the small size device in pink. We both loved the colour and i wanted to get the small size because, well a) i have a small clitty anyway and b) i tend to like to wear quite tight jeans and trousers and so wanted a device that didn't bulge awkwardly under clothes. The Mature Metal Jailbird device that i also have is also size small and is hardly visible at all under clothing, and i was hoping for something similar. Owner was also intrigued by the fact that the makers of the Holy Trainer said it became a little flexible when the material reached body temperature, which suggested some possibilities to Her :).

Ok, so what is it like? Well as i said there are pros and cons and i will list these out below, starting with the positives.

  • Years ago i also used to regularly wear a CB-3000 device but i think the Holy Trainer is superior. 
  • The Holy Trainer is very comfortable to wear 24/7 and thanks to the design of its ring i have never once been woken-up by it during the night (as was a regular 3am occurrence with the Jailbird)
  • The locking mechanism is ingenious and very simple and removes the need for a padlock and there are none of the protruding plastic pins that you get with the CB 3000.
  • Hygiene wise provided the device is removed (under supervision of course!) once a week for cleaning and a shave you should have no problem.
  • The device is very lightweight
  • You can easily pass through airport security wearing it without fear of the device setting off the metal detector (i have recently done a few flights wearing it without any issues)
  • i love the fact there is a version available in pink - but there are other colours available too
  • The device is packed in a nice little case which makes a perfect small make-up bag to use when travelling
  • It is too big. Although i ordered the small size the 'shaft' of the device is still about twice the length of the Jailbird meaning it is not 'invisible' under tighter clothing. In my view you could halve the length again (though as mentioned i am quite small)
  • In my experience the material does not become any more noticeably flexible at body temperature as they state it does. That said, it seems a better material than the CB3000 and has no obvious seams.
  • If you were so inclined you could pull yourself out of the device, though there is an anti-withdrawal extra you can buy and fit that i presume would prevent that.
In summary, if you are looking for a lightweight, non-metal chastity device for long-term wear then the Holy Trainer is a very good device and is probably the best of its type currently on the market. It is extremely comfortable to wear. If the small size were only about half the length again it would be perfect.
Owner and i enjoyed a wonderful trip into the Arctic Circle, to Tromsø in the North of Norway. We both love the Nordic countries but this trip was especially enjoyable as not only did we get to see and experience some fantastic scenery but we were also lucky and got to see the Northern Lights as well. Needless to say neither of us were too happy to have to come back and return to work.

We also got to test whether or not my new chastity device would make it through airport security undetected. The trip involved four flights all told, London-Oslo then Oslo -Tromsø and then the same coming back. i am happy to report that the device passed with flying (ha, ha!) colours and was safely worn throughout the trip.

Below are some pictures from our little Arctic adventure:

in my pretty silver snow boots (p.s. the 'dog' is a statue)
having fun with snow shoes

i think i need to practice photographing the Northern Lights a bit more!

We had a wonderful time and hope to return one day.

On a completely different note. This morning Owner woke me up by caressing my nipples and lightly spanking my chastised clitty before grabbing Her vibrator and instructing me to lick Her delicious anus whilst She brought Herself to orgasm. Once satiated She then instructed me to go and make breakfast. What a wonderful way to start the day!