Owner and i depart for our 2 week adventure to Norway this coming weekend. we've hired a cabin near a fjord and are both looking forward to two weeks uninterrupted fun and naughtiness. i have already been advised of the strong possibility of some outdoor challenges to perform and am hoping that there might be some opportunities for some good old viking style raping and pillaging to be had, with me being the one being raped and pillaged! Owner will also be updating my contract.

Whatever we end up getting upto we'll be 'doing it' amongst some of the most beautiful and spectacular scenery Europe has to offer. We're both really excited and can't wait to go and i can't wait to be able to give Owner my complete and undivided attention for a whole fortnight. It will be sheer bliss.
Today i had my re-collaring ceremony with Owner in front of members of the re-collaring committee. The ceremony was a short one in which my wonderful Owner secured my full collar around my neck and then i read out a short speech. The event was followed by 3 performances by me for Owners amusement to some old Queen classic songs. Some photos of the event follow;

Me wearing my outdoor 'probationary pet' collar prior to the ceremony, i'm wearing one of my best dresses

Members of the re-collaring committee settled and waiting for the ceremony to commence. My full collar is sitting on the table.

Me and my full collar

My wonderful Owner
Owner has recently taken up yoga and seems to greatly enjoy going to Her classes. It certainly seems to have increased Her flexibility. i, on the other hand, remain as inflexible as ever! i've never been very flexible, even at school i was unable to sit cross-legged during assemblies. However, what flexibility i did have seems to gradually diminish every year.

Owner and i were discsussing this when Owner suddenly had a lightbulb moment and announced that what was needed were yoga lessons for subs. 'Just imagine the interesting positions you could get into' She said. My imagination needed no encouragement on this one as i pictured myself in sort of 'begging puppy' (OK so i made that up) or whatever it was position, worshipping my very own Goddess.

Mind you, the above Extended Puppy position DOES look interesting! Owner has pointed out that The Plow (see below) is also full of possibilities!

However, a quick google search by Owner showed that someone had beat Her to it with Her idea, there is indeed a yoga teacher who offers yoga lessons especially for bondage and submissives. However, these take place on the other side of the world from us and i still reckon that Owner could be onto something here. Even i would give yoga a try if it was advertised as teaching positions and flexibility of especial interest to submissive sluts! i think i'll have to ask Owner nicely if She can start to instruct me.
Well today was a day of great sporting endeavour in this part of London and for this particular slut. A few days ago i received the following invitation from Owner to participate in a 'Slut Marathon';

As you can see this was an ingenious sport and one i felt confident i might do well at, unlike say tennis a game i totally fail to see the point of and which i was always hopeless at as well. Anyway, i digress. The aim of the 'marathon' was to select X and Y cards which determine where, with what and how the competitors pussy was to be fucked e.g.

The beauty of the game, as Owner highlighted, is that with judicious shuffling of the cards it can be repeated again, and again, and again. i look forward to the extension pack!

Anyway, the game started and i entered fully into the sporting spirit and am pleased to report that i did give of my best! The following are some action shots taken during the course of the event (the easily offended may want to look away now...though why you're here in the fist place beats me!)

There were 10 parts of the marathon to complete and with each one done these were chalked up on the multi-media scoreboard Owner had strategically placed in the kitchen

As you can see, interludes were provided during the event to enable Owners pet to continue with my normal tasks and duties. However, at the end of a long, gruelling, and wonderfully exhausting event! i was deemed by Owner to have successfully completed the 'slut marathon'. i had a congratulatory 'winners' laurel placed on my head and was allowed to pose for a photo with some of my 'momentos' from the day! Oh what fun we both had. As Owner said after, there was never really any doubt i would complete the marathon as i am a complete slut.

One of the things that i love to do is cook, which is probably a good job as it is also expected by Owner that i will do all the cooking! Being the one who prepares the meals has been a great opportunity to try out new recipes and ideas ove the past few years and has also re-introduced me to the pleasures of baking. i've come to love baking of all types, biscuits, cakes and breads. In fact baking bread is a particular passion of mine and i recently treated myself to an excellent book by Richard Bertinet called 'Dough: Simple Contemporary Bread' It is a wonderful book full of great bread recipes. This morning i decided to have a go at making my own version of one of Richard's breads, namely tomato, garlic and basil bread - except i also added some goats cheese to the bread as well. The recipe is as follows:

For the dough

250g strong bread flour
10g sea salt
yeast (i used instant)
5g salt
10g coarse semolina
25g extra virgin olive oil

For The Ingredients

1 punnet of cherry tomatoes - sliced in half and sprinkled with herbs, salt, pepper and sugar and dried in over for 2 hours at 100 degrees celsius
10 cloves of garlic - peeled then sauted in olive oil, butter and sugar before transferring to oven and cooking in mixture at 180 degrees celsius for 20 minutes

When the dough is ready stretch it out onto a flat surface, cover with the tomato's, garlic, basil leaves and goats cheese. Then fold one end in on top by a third. Take the other end and do likewise so that filling is covered. Tuck the ends of the dough underneath themselves to seal. Then slice the dough in half and place on a baking tray in oven at 220 degrees. Place so that the open end of the dough (which you can see the stuffing in) is on top and open up the dough slightly. Then bake for 20-25 minutes.

The end result looked like this;

Owner seemed very happy with the outcome, especially as i had also had my first go at making cappuccino's using a new milk frothing device (just a metal jug with an internal plunger and sieve in reality - but works a treat). i've never made these at home before and Owner seemed very happy with the result;

Owner seemed very pleased with my efforts, hopefully i've got my new pet status off to a good start!
Well tonight after giving Owner a foot bath and massage i received the following email;

'This is an automated message. Please do not reply. You are receiving this email on behalf on the CFPD's assessment department. Please find attached the results of your Spanish and PowerPoint's test. For extra feedback contact your personal trainer.
CFPD (Centre For Pets' Development)
Committed to the development of pets since 2005'

The following results were attached;

i'd passed both tests!!!! i'm soo excited i am going to become a full pet once again.....yippeee!! It's been nearly a year but at last i've finally earned my way back to becoming my Owners pet. Thank you, thank you Owner.

Owner has advised that we will have the re-collaring ceremony next weekend. This weekend we are to have a 'slut marathon' in which Owner has advised that Her pet will be fucked 10 times during the day. Her pet is to choose from two packs of cards marked X and Y. One indicates the place and position Pet is to be fucked in the other the object that will be used.

Oh what joy, back to being a proper Pet and a slut marathon to take part in too!! This could be one of the best weekends of my life!

Owner has advised me that i will get the results of my tests tomorrow so i shall just have to wait a little longer. As She has rightly reminded me, i need to be patient....not something i'm that good at being!

However, i am trying to use this time constructively and a train journey to Sheffield today for an utterly pointless work meeting provided an opportunity to come up with some additional duties that i could incorporate into my daily routine. The things i came up with are as follows;

1 - To prepare Owners toothbrush each morning and night to ensure it has toothpaste on it ready for Her to use.
2 - To bring Owner the cordless telephone each evening so that She might make Her calls without having to get up to find the phone. Then for me to replace the phone in its charge at the end of the evening.
3 - When at home to always be the one who answers the door for deliveries, meter readers etc, irrespective of what i am wearing, how much make-up i have on etc at the time.
4 - To provide Owner with a nightly foot bath/soak in addition to Her nightly foot massage.
5 -To be responsible for ensuing Owner is kept constantly supplied with Her favourite moisturisers etc (incidentally these are 'La Source' from Crabtree and Evelyn... in case you're wondering!)
6 - Likewise to ensure Owner is always supplied with other products She regularly uses and is never left in a situation when these have run-out at home.
7 - At restaurants to always pull out Owners chair for Her to sit down before sitting down myself.

i've shown the above suggestions to Owner and She seems to like them so now i shall have to start remembering to put the into practice and/or incorporate them into my routine as appropriate.
Well tonight is the night when i have the first of my two tests to see whether or not Owner considers me to be worthy of regaining my full pet status. Tonight's test is in the form of a powerpoint presentation to Her on the subject of 'Life As A Probationary Pet'. This test is in two parts. Part one is the presentation itself. Part to is a technical assessment of the powerpoint skills learnt and utilised for the test.

Tonight's test will be followed tomorrow by a Spanish test. i am nervous about both but the latter one especially as i am not linguisitically gifted. However, i have tried and do want to pass both tests in order that i might, once again, be deemed worthy of being my Owners pet. i'll update on how i got on (with Owners permission) later in the week.
Ever since i was a child i have been extremely ticklish and the knowledge of just how ticklish i am is something that Owner delights in exploiting. Many is the evening when, just after getting into bed after massaging Owners feet, i am thrown into panic by Her words 'immobilise the victim and....tickle 1, tickle 2...' as i frantically squirm and wriggle! Give me a sound caning any day.

Well yesterday Owner texted me whilst i was at work to say She had a surprise for me, but that in order to receive it i had to agree to receive 100 tickles and was i up for it? Of course i had to say yes. So last night found me on the bed squirming frantically, laughing manically, trying not to pee my pants whilst counting 100 tickles being delivered with relish by Owner. Needless to say, i was laughing/crying so much i kept losing track of the number of tickles i'd received so in total i'm sure it was many more than 100. At the end it was all worth it though when Owner presented me with my surprise - a lovely set of glittery eye liner and mascara to wear for my next performances for Her together with some stick on body jewels. i really am fortunate to have an Owner who gets me such beautiful gifts.
Owner and i went into town on Saturday to do some shopping. Whilst we were there Owner allowed me to buy a matching bra, knickers and skirt (underwear type) which you can see me in below, i really like it!

After this photo was taken Owner led me into the bedroom for my weekly flogging and caning. Owner is working to slowly increase the number of strokes that i receive and is also experimenting with different techniques on different parts of my body. After a few weeks of having my testicles spanked and/or caned this time it was time for them to be flogged. Owners flogger is quite short and so easily reaches round between my legs and soon had my attention!

After the spanking, flogging and caning session was over and Owner had pronounced Herself satisfied with this weeks 'experimentation' She ordered me onto all fours on the bed. No sooner was i in position than my pussy was being quickly finger-lubed by Owner and then penetrated by Her 8inch vac-u-lock strapon. This dildo used to cause me some problems, a case of my eyes being bigger than my pussy you might say! However, it now slides into position with comparative ease and no discomfort. Hurrah! There really is nothing quite like it for delivering a fully stuffed fucking.