Owner and i made use of some of the early sales to update out toy collection. We purchased some new 'pegging pants' for Owner which we are delighted to say also fits the bigger vibrating dildo we have which has a much fatter head and shaft. Owner also bought some nipple suction cups to further enlarge my nipples and permitted me to purchase a 12 inch double-ended flexible dildo to practice some more advanced deep-throating with. Here are our purchases laid out on our bed:
They arrived Thursday and we are heading off to Spain on Sunday so we might not get a chance to use them until we get back, but they will be something fun to return to when we arrive home.

i have also asked Owner if i might return to chastity when we get back, i have been unlocked since September, and remain locked except for our monthly dice game when i get to roll a dice to determine if i might be set temporarily free. It was a fun game and i always feel i am a much better submissive when kept locked up, though i know Owner also enjoys having me uncaged and available to play with at times.

i hope to return to being the proper wife and submissive Owner expects and enjoys in 2019. Things slipped a little in the second half of this year and my performance has been sub par. She deserves better and i am happiest when i am working and performing at my best for Her.

Incidentally, this year also marked the 10th anniversary of this blog (i first posted in September 2008). How time flies but what an incredible journey i have had with Owner. She is, quite simply, the best.

Wishing all of our readers a wonderful New Year and may all of your dreams and desires come true in 2019.
Christmas day started with an early morning stuffing as Owner fucked me with Her glass dildo whilst pleasuring Herself with Her vibrator! She brought Herself off as yours truly slid up and down the clear shaft. Once satiated Owner reached around and played with my clitty as i continued to fuck myself until i came ll over my babydoll. What a wonderful start to the day!

Next-up was breakfast panetone and then calls to relatives to wish them well before i hot footed into the shower, did my make-up and then donned my 'sext' Santa outfit. Then come mid-morning it was time to get my act in gear and start cooking the goose. i have wanted to have goose on Christmas day for years and years and this year, as we are both spending Christmas together rather than with relatives Owner suggested we give it a try. A whole goose would have been somewhat excessive for just two people and so we bought some breast and legs to roast together with roast potatoes, parsnips and Brussel sprouts (incidentally - if you have never roasted sprouts before you will never settle for boiled ones again!)

Having never previously cooked goose i was a little anxious about how it would turn out but it was a success (thank you Jamie Oliver) and meal over we headed out to the park for a walk and a photo shoot of me in my outfit. You can see some images from the day below.

in our local park

posing in my Santa outfit

Does my bum look big in this? Hope so :)
getting the Goose ready for the oven
Now it's time to cuddle up and watch something on TV.

Merry Christmas everybody from Owner and me
Owner and i both went to the theatre yesterday to watch a matinee performance of 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' at the Barbican - which was excellent - before heading out for some drinks and then on for a meal. We haven't been to the theatre for a while and both really enjoyed the production and subsequent evening out.

Whilst we were out Owner decreed that we should spend today (Sunday) in our pyjamas all day doing nothing other than relaxing and watching films (we're going to watch some of the recent Star Wars films). We started the day in fine style. After breakfast i did my nails, using a colour of Owners choosing
my polished nails and silk dressing gown
As soon as the polish had dried Owner suggested we go back to bed. No sooner had She joined me than Her hands began to explore my body and strip me out of my gown and babydoll until i was completely naked next to Her. Owner then took my clitty and began to spank it, gently at first and then more firmly, starting with Her hand and then progressing to a leather swat, spreading my legs open to afford Her easier access.

It has been a while since She last spanked my clit this way and the pleasure was wonderful. Next She attached clamps to my nipples and asked draped Her fragrant panties across my face. My clitty throbbed in excitement as She spanked it further whilst i inhaled Her scent. My nipples throbbed painfully.

Owner asked if i would like to smell Her properly and after begging to inhale Her scent direct from Her perfumed pussy She positioned Herself above me and had me sniff and inhale Her. Owner teased me like that for a while, forbidding me to taste Her, simply inhale before then permitting me to lick Her clitoris and taste Her sex. She tasted divine.

Owner beat my clit further and tormented my throbbing nipples some more. Then She asked would i like to lick Her arsehole? i replied eagerly (i love having my tongue deep inside Her anus). Owner sat astride my face and then lowered Herself down directly onto my straining tongue which slipped inside Her. Taking Her vibrator Owner then pleasured Herself to orgasm whilst riding my tongue. As She came i felt the wonderful sensation of Her sphincter muscles contracting and spasming against my tongue.

Owner climbed off and tormented my clitty some more before bringing Herself to a further orgasm with Her toy whilst instructing me to keep my clit hard for Her. Then She straddled my waist and rubbed Herself up and down the length of my excited little clit, stroking it and caressing it until i could hold back no more and begged Her for permission to cum. Permission granted my back arched and muscles spasmed as i decorated my belly with mess.

As i write Owner is sat opposite researching strapons for Her to buy in the early seasonal sales.We are both working tomorrow (Christmas Eve) but it already feels like Christmas has arrived :)
This is just a brief update to say sorry for the lack of posting of late. Owner and i are still good it is just other things in life have been monopolising our time and attention a lot of late. Owner is unhappy at work, i am super busy at mine and we are both really stressed out by the unfolding disaster that is Brexit.

That aside, we have had some moments of relaxation and fun as well when we have been able to cast our current stresses and worries aside and live life as we both enjoy it. One such period was back in September when we took a two week holiday to the High Tatras mountains area of Slovakia. We had a lovely time walking and hiking in the mountains and exploring some of the local towns and villages. i even managed to do a bikini photo shoot on one of the mountain trails, the results of which you can see below.

Some of the mountain scenery was truly spectacular

 As too were the caves
Then in October Owner and i went celebrated our 13th anniversary (how times flies when you are having fun!) at a hotel in London and then the following month Owner took me to another hotel (again in London). Owner has started to do a digital photography course and She used the opportunity to test some of Her learning to date with a fun doing little photoshoot. You can see some of the results of Her work below

It was good fun to do and we spent the evening enjoying a lovely meal out together.

Now we are both counting down the days to Xmas. Unusually, we are spending it together this year and Owner has just ordered me a lovely Xmas outfit to wear from I Love Lola (see below)
Hopefully this will provide an opportunity to do a photoshoot challenge in our local park on Xmas day! We did one a few years back with me in my 'sexy' elf outfit which quite literally stopped traffic!

The downside of my having been so busy and stressed of late is that i have not been the playful pet that i now Owner enjoys. Hopefully Xmas will provide an opportunity for a little relaxation and fun. It has also meant that i have been less good at keeping on top of my chores and duties and generally not being the wife that Owner deserves. i know that i need to improve and get back to providing Owner with the service She deserves from Her wife. i have also spent the time since our September holidays out of chastity, which is rarely a good thing! Hopefully i will be locked up again soon.

Wishing all of our readers well and sorry for the absence.