Owner and i had a fabulous time in the Czech Republic. We actually arrived back over a week ago but courtesy of the incompetence of our internet service provider (BT if you're interested) we had over a week of no broadband connection at all. Oh well, we are now very much back on line.

The holiday was fabulous and it was so great to go somewhere where, Prague aside, English is not that widely spoken forcing recourse to phrasebooks and pointing. It was great. We were staying in an area kown as the Bohemian Paradise famous for its landscape and rich in wildlife and culture. We went on walks almost every day and enjoyed wonderful small towns and villages that were empty of tourists.

Rather than bore you with me rabbiting on though the following are some photos from our trip

The above was taken in Heathrow Terminal 5 whilst waiting for our flight to leave

As you can see i was maybe a bit too relaxed whilst we were away!

Though Owner did find occasion for a caning and outdoor fucking in our garden.

The countryside itself was stunning with lots of weird rock formations that you can walk and scramble through (or if insane - climb)

Together with lots of lovely towns and villages

We really would both recommend it as a great place to go. Now that we're back Owner has reminded me that there are quite a few public challenges that i need to complete this weekend. Meanwhile, we have now just booked our next little holiday..yep in October we are heading to the Big A and some (i hope) Manhattan challenges!