With the building and decorating works in the flat now completed Owner has graciously allowed me to re-start my probationary pet period. This is a 6-week trial to decide whether or not i will be granted the right to be referred to as Owners 'pet' as opposed to 'trainee pet'. For the duration of the probationary period Owner has outlined a number of additional tasks, duties and areas of learning that i am to incorporate into my existing daily and weekly routines. This will be followed by a formal evaluation at the end of the 6 week period to see if i am allowed to regain the status of 'pet' - lost last August (and rightly so) or not. Owner has set out the following agreement which i signed yesterday;

"I ....., trainee pet, commit myself to the role of ‘pet on probation’ for a period of 6 weeks. In these 6 weeks I promise to complete the following tasks to the best of my abilities:

- To wear my Probationary Pet badge

- To finish off the kitchen - To complete a ‘fake nails’ challenge
- To re-start my Spanish lessons – I must schedule 1 lesson per week. If during a week I can not complete a lesson I must re-schedule 2 lessons for the following week

- To treat Owner to a pedicure every two weeks and a foot massag
e at least 3 times a week
- To have a PowerPoint lesson – I must schedule this lesson and create a little project at the end

- No to drink any coffee in the evenings during the week. On weekend evenings I must ask for permission

- To keep my paperwork organised in a folder. Any printed instructions for events/games must also be archived

- To request a caning at least once a week

- To think of imaginative ways to use the queening stool during play, produce a list and submit it to my Owner for approval

- To re-start daily/weekly cleaning routine

- To keep the flat very tidy

- To stop smoking on the 1st of June 2009

- To complete all punishments accrued before the re-start of the probationary period

- Not to accumulate more than 3 punishment from the moment the probationary period re-starts

If I fail to complete any of these tasks or my behaviour is not of the standards expected I will revert to my position of ‘trainee pet’ and my role will not be reviewed until December 2009. If I complete these tasks to my Owner’s satisfaction I will be offered a new contract and my status will change to ‘pet’.
Signature: Date:"

As you can see Owner has been very fair and charitable with what she is expecting and it is now down to me to ensure that i meet her expectations.

Meanwhile, now that we have our lounge completely re-decorated and with new furniture i have asked Owner if she would agree that as her 'pet' - probationary or otherwise - it would be inappropriate for me to be able to make use of the new furniture but that rather it should be reserved exclusively for Her use. Owner has kindly agreed. Instead, i am, from now onwards, only allowed to sit on the 'dog mat' which we purchased from Ikea to go in front of the fire, though as i hope you'll agree from the photo it is a very fine mat!


Mistress160 said...

LOL. I swear to God, guys, we were in Ikea YESTERDAY and I saw this mat! I thought "hmmm" .... and decided to get it for sol's birthday at the end of May!

Talk about great minds thinking alike :)

Happy pet said...