Owner and i had a lovely day today. We went into Camden and had lunch together before hitting the market and shops. Owner allowed me to buy a new top from Punkyfish, it's a little sleeveless summer number. Afterwards we went for a walk along the canal from Camden to Paddington before returning home.

After all that walking i gave Owner a foot bath and scrub followed by a massage. However, this was not to just ease Owners aching feet after all that walking, it was also to try and relax Her a little before the evenings big game. Yes, Owner follows the football team from her home town and tonight was to be a crucial match, relegation or to stay up in the Spanish Premier division. As She settled down anxiously in front of the laptop to listen to the game i set about cleaning the bathroom and trying to be useful.

It was high tension as first Owners team scored (much joy and excitement), then the other team scored (despair and despondency)...but then Owners team scored again and after a few very tense minutes in which they nearly let in a goal the match concluded. i don't follow football but Owner has become quite an avid follower of Her home town team. i'm pleased for Her that they won, if only to allow Her to relax until next weekend when the last game of the season is played and She will finally get to know if they are to remain in the Premier division in Spain or get relegated. i hope they stay up! Puxa Sporting!