Owner and i are both feeling sad today as we returned from our two week trip to Norway yesterday. We had an absolutely fantastic time and are already planning when and where to go back! It really is a simply stunning country to walk in and travel around, i'll not bore you with
endless landscape photos (we took almost 600!) but here are a few just to give an idea of the area near where we stayed in Hardangerfjord:

On arrival at the cabin in which we were staying for a fortnight, Owner discovered a carpet beater amongst the cleaning materials and soon put it to good use.

However, for most of the holiday Owner granted me permission to relax and just enjoy myself, i was even allowed out of chastity for the duration of our stay and was treated to a couple of wonderful meals prepared by Owner. Most of the time we spent exploring around the Hardangerfjord area in our hire car and going on lots of walks up mountains, past cascading waterfalls and looking down onto lakes, fjords and rivers. It really was quite breathtaking scenery. Of course, it wouldn't be Owner and i though if we hadn't sought to make use of the opportunities presented by these walks for a few impromptu photo shoots along the way! The first couple were Viking themed:

But there was also an occasion when i got to be a sort of perverted troll under a bridge!

On another occasion Owner made use of the plentiful supply of birch sapplings and branches for a little riverside caning (and to the couple who walked past us whilst we were mid caning i sincerely apologise if we caused any offence!).

As with all holidays we also discovered some of the culinary delights the country has to offer. In the case of Norway it was that reindeer tastes wonderful (sorry Rudolph), they have some of the best ice cream in the world and that the local cafe we used to visit for coffee (out of a flask - don't ask i think it is some kind of Norwegian thing!) in the village of Steinsto serves the most delicious apple pie and lefse

Owner even let me buy a new pair of elk themed panties as a souvenir of our trip together with a pair of matching leggings.

We had both brought along our wellie boots and umbrellas in anticipation of some days of heavy rain, but in reality the weather was largely good (we both got suntans) and the only occassion in which i wore my wellies was when i gave a short performance for Owner on the veranda of our cottage.

It was, in short, a fantastic holiday and one which we both greatly enjoyed. i know i probably became a little too relaxed whilst we were away - who am i kidding i did become far too relaxed and Owner has the photographic evidence to prove it (see below). i'm just lucky to have an Owner who likes to treat me to the occasional break from my service to Her, though i know i will pay for this one day soon!


Mistress160 said...

Oh God. *Ms160 rolls around laughing*

I'm sorry. I'm going to have "a sort of perverted troll under a bridge" nightmares for a while, after reading this....

Glad you both had a great time. It's a magical place. Did you bring any of those carpet beaters home?!

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160 - no we left the beater there (no space in the suitcase), but i think Owner wants to get one here for Her to use. Owner also likes to make use of items She finds when we're staying away from home that have pervertible potential