Owner and i have discussed for some time now the idea of me wearing a pemanent nipple chain or pendant from my nipple rings. i love the idea of having something permanently hanging from my piercings that i can wear at all times, work included, and which will be constantly tugging gently on my nipples. Just the thought of this makes my nipples pulse and sends lovely sensations through me.

Wearing such jewellery without having the option to remove (without considerable difficulty) will also help serve to constantly remind me (along with my tattoos, chastity device and Ownership tag and necklace) that i am my Owners property and also that i am a cross-dressing slut. Which of course i am!

Anyway, this lunchtime Owner came up trumps whilst doing some internet research whilst i was depilating in the shower. i think they look absolutely beautiful, and so appropriate!

It's such a simple but clever design too, they just replace the normal ball in my existing nipple rings. If anyone else would like some (and they have lots of designs to choose from) then click on this link to Taj Arts

Needless to say i have ordered one for each nipple ring and can't now wait until they arrive in order to start wearing my beautiful new nipple jewellery!