One thing i have noticed over the years in which Owner and i have been living together in a Female-led relationship is the extent to which the degree of my submissive yearnings and desire is affected by the seasons. In short, my submissive nature is at its weakest in the winter time and then starts to build strongly again as the days start to lengthen towards the arrival of Spring.

i've no idea why this should be the case but it does seem to broadly hold true and now i can well and truly feel the sap of submission rising strongly and coursing through my body. Each year the yearning to submit to Owner is stronger than the last but there is always a marked change (for the worse) in my submissive nature in mid-winter compared to the Spring and Summer. This Winter saw me particulalry neglectful of my duties and i know i wasn't the best of subs for Owner at times. The coincidence of this period of Winter 'submissive blues' with a significnt increase in my workload at work didn't help matters.

But now, although work is just as busy and likely to remain so for the rest of the year, i can really feel my submissive desires and yearnings returning with a welcome vengeance. Owner and i were really pleased with how i had progressed in my total submission to Her by last Summer and my only desire now is to be able to swiftly return to that happy state we both so enjoyed. i truly am at my happiest when fully under Owners control and do not want to return to the time just before Xmas when i really wasn't giving anything like of my best. i know my attitude then was a disapointment to Owner and one that made Her sad too as She had fully embraced and was releshing Her role as my full-time Domme and Owner. We both know that it is always going to be a challenge to try to achieve a genuine 24/7 Femdom relationship and that there are bound to be periods when one or both of us finds this hard to achieve in reality.

However, i want more than anything else in the world to submit totally to my wonderful Owner who is my best friend in the world. i just hope that this year will be the breakthrough year that doesn't see me slipping back to some of my old ways and slacking in my duties and total submission to Her.


jeanie the sissy said...

i can relate to that.
Could it be an Astrology thing? not sure, but its just like love, with how so many new relationships start up in springtime,... could submission be the same?


Happy pet said...

Hi Jeannie, not sure but must be something in the air! Hope all well with you?