Owner has started to use the pussy impaler a couple of times of late and today was to prove no exception. So it was that this afternoon i found myself blindfolded and with my legs spread, ankles cuffed and hands tied behind my back with a purple dildo buried inside my pussy and locked securely in place using the impaler. Once positioned i am totally at Owners mercy and unable to escape.

Today Owner opted to use the opportunity presented, quite literally, to Her to have a bit of target practice on my exposed nipples and clit with Her riding crop. However, first She set about stretching my nipples until they were fuly hard by threading a leather cord through my nipple rings and then tying it off tight. Once done, out came the cane for some light caning of my stretched nipples and chastised clit. However, this was soon replaced by the riding crop and the 'fun' began.

Owner repeatedly grabbed and twisted each nipple and then set about it with the tip of Her riding crop, Her blows slowly getting harder and harder. She also lifted up my chastised clit so that She could easily access my swollen little balls and set about these with the crop as well. And so it continued with Her alternating between using Her crop on my nipples and clit. Next up came the pegs which She attached to my balls before re-commencing the deadly application of Her crop.

As each blow fell i helplessly jigged about impaled on the purple phallic prison in my pussy. Owner struck again and again until my nipples were bright red and sore and my clit engorged. However, when She stopped i knew the worst bit was still to come, the removal of the pegs!