Tomorrow after work Owner and i get to sample the delights of a cheap hotel next to Luton airport before embarking on an early morning flight to Budapest as part of my belated birthday present for Her. No i didn't forget it's just we went to Spain to see Owners relatives on Her actual birthday and thus it didn't really count as a birthday trip. Needless to say that we're both really excited, neither of us having been to Hungary before. Both of us are really very selfish in that we love nothing better than spending time in each others company, we're both each others best friend and these little trips and holidays when we can spend all day together with no distractions or requirements to be apart from one another, like having to go to work, are times we both cherish. It also means we get to do whatever takes our fancy.

We're away for just a few days but needless to say that a good proportion of our suitcase is taken up with toys and other interesting 'stuff'. Hopefully we'll find some interesting things whilst we're in Budapest too...strange how we always seem to have an uncanny ability to stumble across shops selling fascinating adult wares! Our favourite to date was a pussy periscope/vibrator in a sex shop in Berlin. We didn't buy it but it certainly upped the ante in our international 'obscure toy challenge'. Talking of challenges, i wonder if Owner will have any in mind for me in Budapest? i guess i'll find out soon enough.



Mistress160 said...

Have a terrific weekend, and safe travels / play!

I'm planning sol's birthday weekend in May, right now. To be honest the one thing he wants is a super sized red dildo like yours lolol.