Yesterday to work i wore a pair of knickers with detachable suspender straps and stockings underneath my was to prove to be an embarassing mistake. During the day the clasp of one of the suspenders kept detaching itself from my stocking top necessitating frequent trips to the bathroom to re-attach it in place. However, in the afternoon i could once again feel the unmistakeable sensation of my stocking slowly collapsing down my leg and so toddled off the the bathroom to rectify the situation. On getting there i pulled down my trousers but found i could only locate one of the two suspender straps for the my right leg. The back straps was still there albeit the clasp having become detached from the stocking but the front strap was nowhere to be seen, it had obviously detached itself from both stocking top and knicker. i checked in my shoe to see if the strap was there? No. i checked inside my trouser leg...but no, not there either. Bugger, it must have fallen off somewhere and be lying on the office floor. i returned to my desk and pondered what to do. It wasn't long before a colleague of mine loudly proclaimed 'look what i've found!' he wasn't sure what it was at first thinking it to be a garter belt, but i knew was the bloody suspender strap. As i hid behind my computer screen hoping i didn't look as embarassed as i felt my suspender strap was passed around the office like a curious museum exhibit until eventually my colleagues got bored of it and threw it away. So now i have a pair of knickers with only three detachable suspender straps left but a valuable lesson was learnt. Detachable suspender straps and jeans do not work!