Today has been a scorcher in London. It was also the day that Owner and i headed off into Covent Garden for me to complete a couple of my outstanding World Cup outdoor challenges, namely wearing a hair grip for 30 minutes and applying my mascara and touching-up my lipstick in public. Covent Garden market was mega busy and hot but we managed to find a spot where i could do as instructed;

With make-up freshly applied and hair grip in place it was time to seek out some shade in St James's Park. However, en route we passed by the offices of The Lady magazine and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss!

Probably the only time i'll ever be photographed next to Joan Collins!

We eventually made it into the Park itself and collapsed happily under the shade of a tree and then spent a happy hour gossiping and commenting about people as they went by. Still, what they may have made of me in my new blouse who knows;

After lying down we set off for a stroll around the park and had some ice cream. There are some gorgeous flowers out at the moment and the park itself, though small, is one of my favourites in London

All that was left was for me to complete my final challenge of the trip and purchase a box of panty liners. This done Owner and i headed back home only to discover when we got there that South Korea had lost in todays knockout round of the World Cup and so i had to draw another challenge from Owners hat, which was to do the shopping wearing a butt plug and nipple clamps. It's certainly a good one!


sissy jeanie said...

good times it sounds! ;)

Mistress160 said...

I used to stay at a nice little hotel around the corner in Covent Garden ... nice to see my favorite parts of the city turning up in your blog again!

Happy pet said...

Jeanie - many thanks and they keep getting better.

Mistress 160 - hopefully they'll be some more pics of places you may recognise after this weekend, Owner has some interesting challenges for me to complete!