This afternoon Owner administered my regular caning using first the thin whippy cane and then the thicker rattan one, having first warmed up my derrier with Her flogger. It left quite a satisfying glow on my cheeks

Caning completed Owner then had me lie on my back across the bed with my backside elevated on a pillow and my legs spread apart. The Japanese clover clamps were attached to my nipples and i was instructed to hold the chain connecting them tight between my teeth. As i lay back legs spread apart Owner began to strike my chastised clit with Her flogger until i was moaning appreciatively. Then She commenced to lube my exposed pussy and slowly inserted one, then two and then more fingers inside me until She was fucking me hard with Her hand. Once i was nicely stretched Owner moved onto the inflatable butt plug which was slowly but deliberately pumped up. As Owner did this She removed the clover clamps and instructed me to play with my nipples for Her and beg for the plug to be inflated further. As i twisted and pulled hard on my nipple piercings i could feel the plug growing larger and larger inside me as Owner pumped it further.

'Beg like a whore' She instructed 'beg for your pussy to be stretched further!'

Of course i begged and begged and was rewarded by another increase in pressure inside me as the plug expanded, stretching me wider and wider. i was in slut delirium and yet still the plug grew until eventually it could be inflated no more. As i lay back breathing shallowly Owner switched it onto vibrate mode and my legs turned to jelly as my pussy quivered and pulsated and throbbed. It was amazing and after Owner had finished and i returned to my duties and was cleaning the bathroom later in the day i could still feel delicious quivers pulsing through me.