As the World Cup progresses i continue to accrue new challenges based upon the outcomes of the games. Last night after Owner and i sat through the entirety of England's woeful performance it was time for me to have my supervised shower (when i get to remove, clean and replace my chastity device). However, this time was to be different. As a result of the Slovenia drawing their game i had drawn out a new challenge from Owners hat. This one was to fuck myself with a dildo and act like a slut whilst having my supervised shower.

i have never before tried to fuck myself with the big suction-cup dildo, to date having only fellated it (see previous post for example) but this challenge presented an opportunity to give it a try. After lubing my pussy the first challenge was to try and attach the dildo somewhere where i could ease myself onto it. After a bit of positioning and re-positioning i eventually opted for it to be attached to the wall of the shower and for me to back onto it.

Position selected the real challenge then began. This cock is fat. It took me nearly a month of practice before i could get its entire head into my mouth and now i was going to try and get it into my pussy. With more lube applied and a lot of effort, and trying to get a wet and lubed big but bendy dildo inside you is not the easiest of challenges (grin!) i eventually succeeded and i could feel its head lodged securely inside me.

Under Owners guidance (She was in part checking i did not slip over in the bath and impale myself completely!) i was eventually able to start fucking myself in earnest. As i did so Owner pulled and played with my nipples before whispering in my ear to 'come like a whore'. Frantically playing with my swollen clit  i came heavily all over my hands and the bath,making sure that i licked up my mess like a good little slut.

After showering Owner instructed me to return back to chastity, another great World Cup challenge. Today there are more to come as i have to both wear my 'SLUT' t-shirt in public and wear nipple clamps in public for 20 minutes. It is going to be a fun weekend!