Owner has not been very well these past few days and i've been attempting to be Florence Nightingale. Hopefully She will soon be on the mend and back to Her normal self soon. However, Owners period of enforced inactivity has resulted in an unexpected bonus in Her discovery of an excellent new online store for shoes and dresses/skirts called My 1st Wish Owner found a pair of 4inch wedge sandals for me to wear about the house to replace my current pair of slippers (3in heels) as well as a new dress for me. I must say we have both been amazed by the service we've received from this company. The order was placed on Sunday night, an email stating they would be delivered on Tuesday was received the following day (Monday) and on Tuesday morning they emailed again to say what time, within an hour, they'd be delivered. Now that's what i for one call impressive.

We're both delighted with the result too;

Now we're both just hoping for Owners speedy recovery because i know She has a lot of ideas for things She's like to do this coming weekend, not the least of which is for me to complete the last of my World Cup challenges by wearing a bikini in Hyde Park.


sissyserge said...

Love the sandals and the dress, sweetie! You look stunning in them! (i better not mention my Foot & Sandal-Fetish, but my mouth is watering...).
Hope Mistress quickly recovers !!