This weekend Owner and i had a wonderful trip up to Manchester. On Saturday we got to see the Pride parade through the city which was watched by thousands of people along the route.

The only shame though was that the main party afterwards in the Canal Street area was not open to all but rather was a ticketed affair and not an overly cheap one either if you didn't intend to spend the whole day/night there. So instead we headed into China town and gorged ourselves silly.

After dinner we returned to our hotel and Owner advised that She would like to do a little photoshoot of Her own with me as Her muse;

Photoshoot over Owner proceeded tie me up and fuck me whilst i knelt on the above chair. This in turn caused some degree of hilarity as, mid-fuck, i suddenly felt as if i was about to fall down the gap between the chair and the stool. Quite how i thought i was going to fall down the gap i'm not sure but it led to some hasty re-positioning before Owner continued until She was satiated and i was left happily frustrated.

The next day dawned wet (well this is Manchester) and so we scrubbed our plans to head out into the Pennines and decided to head over to Salford Quays instead, a place i have a past work connection with. Miraculously, no sooner had we hopped off the tram than the clouds cleared and remained clear for the rest of the day. It provided Owner with an opportunity for an impromptu challenge request of me, namely to reveal my bra and so a few hasty photose were taken;

There is some wonderful 'new' architecture around Salford Quays including the Lowry Centre and the Daniel Libeskind designed IWM-North (something i was quite heavily involved with a few years ago);

Having left my old haunt of Salford Quays we returned to the Castelfield area for a drink by the canal before heading bck into the city centre.

Manchester is such a wonderful city and a place that will always bring back happy memories for me, having both studied and worked there in the past, and it was wonderful to re-visit some old haunts and also introduce the city to Owner who has never been. We also got a chance to explore some of the surrounding countryside today before heading back to London. But, the best thing we both discovered was that, at least one of Manchesters many great bars also serves our favourite lager beer and one we've never seen outside Spain, namely Mahou;



Mistress160 said...

I'm sure you Photoshoped that blue sky *grin*.

I do like that chair ... infinite possibilities....

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160,

Fear not there was many a time when it was raining too. Yes the chair was fab, shame it couldn't really be smuggled out of the hotel ;0)