This afternoon Owner released me from chastity and gave me a caning in the bedroom. When the caning was completed She had me first fellate the dildo at the end of the bed before getting me to lie on my back and play with my clit and nipples for Her amusement. Owner then instructed me to start playing with my pussy and as She did so She shoved a large dildo in my mouth and asked me how much would i like to fuck myself with it?

As i sucked and slurped my response Owner told me that if i was to beg properly like a real whore then maybe, just maybe i would be allowed to slide the dildo into my now very moist pussy. Owner removed the dildo from my mouth in order to hear my response, which needless to say was in the affirmative, begging to be allowed to fuck myself with the phallus. Satisfied that She had received the answer She sought Owner had me lift my legs up so that i was bent almost double with my feet raised above my head and hooked under the iron work of the headboard, my pussy lifted up off the bed and fully exposed with my legs spread wide apart...never in my life had i imagined i could be so flexible! Owner handed me the large dildo and instructed me to fuck myself with it. As i hungrily sank the dildo deep inside me and began to rythmically and then feerishly pull it out and plunge it back in Owner started to play with my rapidly swelling clit. As i fucked myself hard i could see the head of my clit swelling too a mere few inches above my face, seeming to be almost close enough to suck (but heck i'm flexible but not that flexible!). To my delight Owner told me to switch on the vibrate mode of the dildo and as She did i could feel the tightening of an impending orgasm. i desperately sought Owners permission to come, or at least to alert Her to the imminent danger that i was close to doing so, and to my delight She said to cum like a whore. i didn't need any further encouragement and as i rode the dildo in my pussy i watched as a spray of cum smothered my chest and neck, splashing down onto my face.  20 days of enforced denial gone in one heavenly moment. Without needing any instruction i scooped up my mess off my body with my fingers and sucked them clean until all of my cum had been swallowed.

'What a good and utter whore you are' said Owner smiling down at me before instructing me to go take a shower and return to chastity. And indeed i am, an utter whore.


sissyserge said...

Mmmmmmm, that sounds soooo yummy !! Realy wish you'd have some pix of that session....Good girl, cleaning yourself is what we are supposed to do, isn't it?

Happy pet said...

Indeed it is Serge, indeed it is!