This morning after breakfast i baked some soda bread in preparation for our Halloween meal tomorrow night and then prepared Owners instruments and implements for my morning in Her torture chamber a.k.a our bedroom.  Owner locked me into position on the impaler and made sure that its's dildo was fully inserted into my pussy with my legs locked apart and my hands locked behind my back. Then She attached the tower of pain device to my nipples and wratcheted it up tight so that my nipples were being pulled hard by each set of clamps. Securely locked into position She set about spanking and caning my testicles and then attaching little mini metal clothes pegs to them until eventually there were 35 in situ (a combination of metal and wooden ones). i  concentrated hard to process the pain and focussed on my breathing as Owner then used Her cane to beat my taught nipples. A moments respite was afforded to me when Owner released my nipples from the tension of the Tower of Pain device only for Her to thread chopsticks through each of my nipple rings and then twist them around, and around unil i gasped in pain. Owner secured them into position and again started to cane my nipples, which by now were swollen and pulsating, before 'distracting' me by re-directing Her cane to my pegged testicles striking them repeatedly and causing me to jump about on the impaler. Owner continued with the torture, alternating between tying my nipples tight with cord and caning them and twisting them hard before switching to the riding crop and occasionally getting my attention by diverting Her blows to my pegged testicles.

By this point i was truly flying as the pain and endorphins fought their battle for control. Owner made me count off each of the strokes She administered which helped me to keep some degree of focus as my mouth dried up and my body shuddered and trembled under Her expert treatment. When i'd counted 140 strokes across my breasts Owner stopped and advised me that my session was over. However, we both knew that the worst bit was to come, the removal of the infernal pegs. Some had been knocked off when Owner caned them but most remained resolutely attached and i fought to contain the pain as each was removed by Owner.

When eventually i 'climbed off' the impaler to snuggle upto Owner my nipples were flushed red, sore and engorged and my testicles were covered in little red bruises were the pegs had left their marks whilst my clit throbbed inside its plastic cage. But i was elated. It had been a wonderful torture session and one that will be sure to leave a reminder (in the form of super sensitive nipples) for a day or so.

In the afternoon i performed a little slutty show for Owner, loosely inspired by Elvira (albeit minus the fabulous breats and big hair!) which was great fun;

But all of the above is the build-up to what for me is the main event, namely undertaking the red corset challenge Owner has set me to complete tomorrow in London's St James's Park. Owner read on the internet that the Park is hosting a whole day of Halloween activities so it looks like i will definitely have an audience when i undertake my little challenge - ho hum!