Owner and i have just returned from our two week trip to Italy which was, quite simply, amazing! We stayed in a wonderful villa in Tuscany but took the opportunity to travel throughout Tuscany and Umbria (with me getting in my annual practice at driving - we don't have a car in the UK) and also down to Rome for our 5 year anniversary in the Eternal City. There were so many amazing places to see with wonderful Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance art and architecture and stunning landscapes neither of us wanted to come back and are both merrily trying to work out how we might be able to relocate there (a fantasy i know but a nice one). And of course we got in ample opportunity for some fun both in the villa we were renting and also out and about in the wider countryside. i'll blog a bit more later with some of the details of what we did and got up to but in the meantime here's a little snapshot of ou two week sojourn;


Mistress160 said...

Welcome home .... wonderful photos!

Happy pet said...

Thank you Mistress 160, it was a wonderful trip and there is a little something very silly from us both that will be heading towards Oz for you to enjoy.