This evening Owner removed my chastity device in order for me to have a supervised shower. However, rather than have it re-attached after i'd showered and shaved She instructed me to keep it off and to come to the bedroom for a caning. Owner commenced with some warm-up strokes with Her flogger and favourite paddle before moving onto the caning proper, using first the thicker and thuddier cane and then the lighter traditional crooked one.

When i had counted off 200 strokes She stopped and then turned Her attention to my nipples, pulling and twisting my nipple rings before caning each nipple in turn. Owner then attached japanese clover clamps to each nipple and carried on caning them whilst instructing me to play with my clit. i noticed She did not say to masturbate and so slapped my testicles instead (which is what i normally do if i am in chastity - which i was not - when Owner instructs me to play with myself this way). After a short while Owner directed her cane down betwen my legs and began to cane the head and shaft of my clit. She then paused and started to masturbate me and then resumed with the clit caning. Owner repeated this over and over, each time masturbating me until i sought permission to cum and then stopping and resuming Her caning. My titties were hot and sore from the clamps and my clit was engorged and swollen from the repeated edging and caning but still Owner continued.

After having been brought to the edge of orgasm for the 8th or 9th time i again begged for permission to cum but this time Owner didn't stop, but continued Her rythmic stroking of my clit and then brought Her cane into play. It was too much, i tried in vain to prevent the impending orgasm but failed and came across the bed covers and the tip of Owners cane as it continued to strike my clit. Owner didn't seem to mind that i had cum stating instead that it had been a useful experiment for Her as She removed the clamps from my nipples and i bent down and licked my cum off the bedding. Owner is certainly becoming very adept with Her canings!


Mistress160 said...

Oh now that's just evil ... I must give it a go this weekend *grin*

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160,

Enjoy, i'm sure Sol will! :o)