Owner and i have just decided that it is time that we re-visited Club Pedestal, a Femdom club in South London that we went to a few years ago and kept meaning to re-visit but had never quite got round to. The main problem was that the club only hosts about 4 nights a year and these were always on a Thursday (not good for going to work the next day when you're both not teenagers anymore!). However, the next club night is on a Friday and so offers plenty of scope for lying in and recovering the following day. Owner has also decided that, rather than get a taxi back home after the Club closes (and it stays open until 5am) we might as well book into a nearby hotel. That way we do not have too worry about traipsing back all the way across London in our respective finery but rather can totter a few hundred yards on our heels back to the hotel instead.

i really can't wait to go to the Club as last time it was wonderful to be to be out in company with Owner in a venue with other like-minded folk. The venue also has a play area and the prospect of some possible public play is a very exciting one. To round off what will be an excellent end to the month we have also booked to go and see one of our favourite bands, The National playing at the Brixton Academy at the end of November.

Though the weather has taken a decided turn for the worst this week (torrential rain and freezing cold) and the days are getting depressingly long November promises to be a great month after all!


Mistress160 said...

I really enjoyed the Club Pedestal website and look forward to hearing about your adventures. Hope we can all go together when sol and I finally make it back to London :)

Happy pet said...

Will certainly update as to how the night goes Mistress 160 and would be great to see you and Sol in London one day.