Seasons greetings from a snowy London to all my readers, hope you have a great one. The final shot shows off the pretty suspender belt and stockings that Owner also got for me as one of our (not in front of the family) presents;

By the way, Owner discovered a fun new way for Her to have fun with the Khalli's teeth chastity device this morning, namely rubbing her clit against mine until i was painfully aroused with the tip of my clit inside Her as She ground out an orgasm. The device seems to be working well so far alhough i did wake-up a few times during the night with somewhat uncomfortbale nocturnal stirrings which caused the teeth to bite hard. However, that after all is the point (pardon the pun) and i hope i will start to get used to it!


Mistress160 said...

We tried to order one but they are out of stock ... NOT FAIR!!!!

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160,

Sorry to hear that. It's worth waiting for but conclusion is not an item to wear for extended periods but for a couple of days at a time it is evily fab!