This evening Owner decided to be rather creative with pegs;

i ended up with a rather interesting pattern on my pussy afterwards

looks almost like a zip


MiWill said...

That is a seriously beautiful pattern it left on you. I'm so swiping this idea just for the after image if nothing else. How long were they left on to create it?

Happy pet said...

Hi MiWill,

Thanks for the comment. Consulting with Owner with estimate about 20 not a huge length of time.


Mistress160 said...

Lovely position. I've done CBT pegs before ... but never, er, inverted the package, so to speak. Works extremely well, doesn't it?!

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160,

Indeed it does, indeed it does.


sissyserge said...

Wow!! I've been pegged often, but never that seriously!! Must have felt amazing!! Especially when She took 'em off.