This summer ought to have been a good one for both Owner and i and in many ways it has been. We had a great holiday in the Czech Republic (see previous posts) and also had a wonderful short trip to Asturias in Northern Spain to visit Owners family and also do some day trips, a couple of pictures from which can be found below:

We've also booked a trip to New York in October which we're both excited about (lots of fun locations for challenges) - including our first ever helicopter flight, and have ensured that we will be away from London during next years Olympic Games (we'll be in Iceland).

However, despite all of this both of us have also been feeling a little flat. We've both had various illnesses (nothing serious - just sapping) and also did a spot of DIY (which always leave us in a bad mood - essentially because neither of us is very good at it!). During this time my own behaviour has not been upto the standard Owner deserves.

These periods tend to happen about once a year despite our best attempts to avoid them. However, as the Autumn approaches hopefully things will be back on track again quickly. We certainly have had a more 'normal' weekend this weekend than the past few. On Friday we went to see the new Pedro Almodovar film at the Barbican 'The Skin I Live In' which was excellent. What made this the start of a more 'normal' weeked though was that i had packed some toys to bring along with us and so we both enjoyed some public nipple torture whilst waiting in the lobby before the film (there's nothing quite like having ones nipples pulled, groped and clamped in public!).

Yesterday afternoon found the two of us in bed with me on all fours with the inflatable butt plug stretching my pussy wide as Owner ground Herself against me whilst having fun with Her vibrator - and then granting me permission to orgasm after She had satiated Herself. In the evning we went down to our local pub (me in my normal collar and make-up) to gossip about the other drinkers.

Yes, the weekend has definitely been more enjoyably 'normal' to date than have some of the others over the past few months (not that they've not been good just not as we like to spend them) so maybe we're getting our mojo back.