Last week Owner gave me permission to buy a book on make-up for Her and i to experiment with this weekend. The book we settled on, Makeup: The ultimate guide by Rae Morris, really is excellent. The writing is humorous and informative, the photography stunning and the tips and suggested styles really amazing. Accordingly, Owner announced that She would be using me as Her model to test out one of the designs this weekend, of which more later.

Yesterday we spent a lovely time out shopping together for makeup and other essential provisions in town. i have noticed that in the past few years my interest in makeup has shotup, as too has my interest in shoes! i now quite happily wander around the aisles in stores testing out different brands of makeup on the back of my hand, taking time to select the products i want and not caring a damn what the other shoppers around me may be thinking. A few years ago this would have mortified me, how i have changed :)

After dinner i spent some time in the evening researching hair removal systems for potential future purchase. My conclusion was that the Boots smooth skin plus system looked to be the best. We've not made any decision as to whether or not to go ahead and purchase yet and Owner has made it quite clear that i am not to use it on my face (She likes me with stubble sometimes) but it would be great to not have to shave the rest of my body again. We shall have to see.

Whilst i was researching hair removal systems i had also mentioned to Owner how i would love to permanently wear a pretty connecting chain between my two nipple piercings (i do like to be adorned!) so She spent hours researching options. There is definitely a gap in the market as there is very little choice. In the end Owner located a jewellery craft shop who can make chains to your own design and specifications and dropped them an email outlining what we were looking for. i'm very excited at the prospect of a new chain to wear.

Today, Owner tested out one of the new makeup designs from the book on me. What do you think?

We also bought tickets today for Torture Gardens Halloween night event in Brixton called 'The Mask of the Red Death'. Though it has been going for years and is now a global club brand neither of us have been to a TG event before. We're both really excited and are already planning our outfits - i'll be going as a satanic slut! So all in all we've been having a great weekend.