As previously posted about Owner has been prescribing Her own phylthio techniques for me to employ (to compliment my back stretching exercises) to aid my recovery from my recent back problems - involving having me wear nipple clamps for the duration of my exercises and then energetically spank my own clitty afterwards. However, Owner has also expressed concern lest my enforced recent lay-up should have had other negative side effects, specifically that my 'pussy' may have somehow lost its natural slutty 'elasticity', thereby compromising my ability to act and behave as Her whore. Accordingly, today Owner advised me that She would be performing a pussy inspection to check that all was functioning properly, assuming of course i could find a comfortable position to get into to enable Her to undertake said inspection. Unsurprisingly, i quickly discovered that being on all fours with legs spread was actually rather comfortable!

Now you sometimes hear the expression 'the laying on of hands' to describe an activity undertaken immediately prior to an apparently miraculous recovery from some debilitating condition - normally in the context of some sort of religious/cult setting. Well, Owner appears to have discovered Her own power to heal via Her unique 'inserting hand into pussy' technique :). With me kneeling on the bed on all fours twisting and pulling my nipples She rapidly established that She could still swiftly progress from having first one digit all the way through to all five digits fully inserted into my 'pussy' without any apparent adverse affect (quite the opposite in fact). Accordingly, She was able to swiftly establish beyond all shadow of a doubt that my pussy did not appear to have suffered any adverse affects from my recent bad back episode and that i was still as much of a whore as i had been before. My back even felt a little easier after the examination too!

i can only say that my experience this afternoon appears to be conclusive proof, albeit one worthy of further testing of the hypothesis (just to make sure), that patients suffering from back problems are likely to benefit greatly from a gentle fisting :)

i hope everyone is having as enjoyable a festive period as we are and i leave you all with one of Owner and my all-time favourite festive songs....give it up for the wonderful Wet Spots;


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susanrhodes said...

Hi poppet

thank you for your kind words and i am glad to here your back is getting better. i am soooo jealous of you - dark green with envy (except about the back!!).

i don't mind people laughing at me, quite enjoy it really.

hope you have a fantstic new year and are running about london in miniskirt in no time!!


Happy pet said...

Many thanks Susan and i hope you have a great 2012 full of fun and laughter (and not just at your expense!).