Yes once again both of us have been off on a little weekend break, this time to the UNESCO-listed historic capital of the tiny country of Luxembourg - the aptly named Luxembourg City. To be honest neither of us had given a moments thought to visiting Luxembourg in the past until finding a travel guide to the place in a discount book store and having all of our preconceptions about what a boring and uninteresting place we assumed it would be over-turned - all for the paltry sum of 50 pence.

How wrong we had both been, the city is a delight and definitely worth a visit. There were even some opportunities for a couple of discreet photoshoots amongst the Casements du Bloc that are built into the rock the old city perches on top of;

The city itself is very beautiful and there are some terrific vantage points to take photographs;

The food and beer is also pretty good too and there were plenty of opportunities to sit down, relax and enjoy some light refreshment and hearty meals

 Unfortunately, as you can tell from the photos at the start of this post, i have been enjoying  little too much food of late and am starting to get a bit of a belly - not good and something that Owner has noticed too. i am going to have to try and get rid of that if we're to do any bikini/swimsuit outdoor photoshoots when the summer eventually arrives.

All in all we had an excellent little trip and would definitely recommed Luxembourg as a great short destination. Apologies too if this is turning into somewhat of a travel blog! We seem to have been doing a lot of that recently, albeit having fun along the way too.