Well it is official, my hair is now the longest it has ever been in my entire life. Most of my life i have had either very short or short hair, now it is long enough to put into mini-plaits - well for Owner to do, i need practice!

Growing my hair long is not something we intentionally set out to do. It was due a cut last year when my back went and i became largely house bound for a month or two during which my hair kept on growing. That was over Christmas and since then  it has had one trim at the hairdressers and is now due another one to tidy it up a bit. Colleagues and family have all remarked about how long my hair has become and Owner has said that She likes it long too - though She says She also thought the very short look i once sported was quite cute too.

On windy days i do sometimes wish it was shorter - i have come to appreciate why it is that women use hair grips! Overall, however, i am pleased with my new longer hair - it opens up all sorts of possibilities that you cannot do with short hair (except by using a wig) such as pulling it back into a ponytail or putting into pigtails or plaits.


Candace Cerly said...

I love the plaits - very cute!

Happy pet said...

Thanks Candace and welocome to our little blog.