Today two exciting things have happened. The first was that this morning, after leaving for work, Owner texted me to say that She wanted to find me naked on our bed lying face up, chastity device removed and with nothing on but my panties - and that these were to be pulled down my legs with my knees spread apart. Needless to say i found concentrating on my work during the day a little difficult!

Eventually the hours ticked by and Owner returned whereupon She set about torturing my titties with clamps and chopsticks (inserted through the piercings then twisted hard), teasing my little clitty and then fucking my pussy with Her fingers as She rode Herself to orgasm with Her vibrator. Having satiated Herself Owner then granted me permission to cum as one of Her hands stroked my clit whilst the fingers of the other pumped my pussy - just the memory of it makes me feel all gooey again.

The second exciting thing was we have completed the draw for the next stage of our football challenge - the quarter final stage. As you can see below this is a serious affair :)

Owner has added some new rules that will see me having to undertake additional challenges if matches go into extra time and more still if an outcome can only be decided through penalties. For the record my teams (the ones that if i win mean i don't have any challenges to complete) are those in BOLD below;

  • CZECH REPUBLIC vs Portugal
  • Greece vs GERMANY (though i shall be rooting for Greece in this one)
  • SPAIN vs France (let's hope Owners home country wins)
  • Italy vs ENGLAND (and equally for mine)
Meanwhile, this weekend i have a lot of difficult outdoor challenges to complete let alone those i may accrue as a consequence of the outcome of the above matches. As someone once said, football is not just a is far more important than that!


susanrhodes said...

hi!! not off to a good start are we with portugal winning. hope the weather improves so we can see what you got up to over the weekend.

Happy pet said...

Thanks Susan and no, not the best of starts, hoping Greece will win tonight though not in my interests for them to do so.