Greetings one and all and sorry it has been such an inexcusably long time since i last updated this humble blog. However, there has been a lot that has been going on in Owner and my life over the past few months which both got in the way and at times really got us down or else kept us otherwise occupied. I'll try to provide a quick summary.

As readers will know i've had some problems with my back this year and in the past few months it has been playing up again - not as dramatic as before but sufficient to put a bit of a downer on things and ensure that i wasn't always feeling quite my normal slutty happy self. Owner, too has had a period of not feeling tip top.

Us not feeling that great was then compounded by the fact that back in the spring we decided to try and sell our flat and buy a slightly bigger one in South London and, oh boy, what a saga that seemingly simple activity has turned out to be. On top of not feeling great we've been dealing with incompetent estate agents, inept solicitors and seemingly stupid buyers. We managed to get a buyer for our place and find a flat we too wanted to buy but that was when the fun really began and we've been on an emotional rolleroaster of a journey ever since. This was not helped ether by our existing flat choosing this moment in time to start to fall apart and our neighbour to accidentally bring down our kitchen ceiling. Ho hum!

The one bright spot was that, knowing the Olympics were coming, we'd planned to escape London for the two weeks of the games by heading mid-way across the Atlantic to spend the Olympic fortnight in Iceland. This was a godsend and a fantastic holiday. We were both so stressed out when we arrived it proved to be the least kinky holiday we've probably ever had, but we had an incredible time marvelling at the weird volcanic landscapes, inhaling sulphur fumes, watching whales and generally being left stunned and awed by the landscape and wildlife we saw whilst there. i have put some pictures from our holiday below - sadly there is not one of me wearing my pretty flowery girls swimming shorts in the Blue Lagoon but i promise you that wear them i did.

Oh and below is a gratuitous shot of me flashing my bra next to our jeep

If you have never been to Iceland we would both highly recommend it as a place to go.

i mentioned at the start of this post that we had some exciting news and i'm conscious that i haven't actually yet got round to telling you what it is. Well, after months of stress and drama we have finally sold our flat and will be moving into our new home at the end of September (does a little jig in excitement!). We are both so relieved and happy, i really can't wait. The new place is bigger than our current flat AND it has a HUGE loft. So we can create our own play space - yippee. The flat is on the top floor of a Victorian house and has a wonderful staircase leading upto it which Owner has already stated She expects to find me sitting on waiting for Her when She comes home. There is also a lovely park next door and all sorts of new places to do challenges (and i still have many to complete from this summer).

Best of all, i feel like i am finally starting to get my mojo back. Owner and i had a great long Bank Holiday weekend this weekend just gone during which Owner fisted me and allowed me to cum like a whore all over the bed as She did so and then lick up my mess afterwards - it felt sooo good :). i can feel my slut sap rising again and can't wait until we are in our new place and i can concentrate afresh on trying to be a trophy wife/whore for Owner.