Owner and i have just returned from an excellent couple of days in Mainz in Germany (well actually two days in Mainz and then overnight at a hotel in the outskirts of Frankfurt where we were put up by the ever excellent British Airways when our flight back was cancelled due to snow). We had a really great time enjoying the Mainz Christmas market in the snow and walking around the old town and along the banks of the Rhine. Here are a couple of photos from our all too short trip;

We also made some new discoveries whilst we were there that i got terribly excited about. Discovery number one was that women's shoe shops in Germany routinely run to larger sizes 41-42 (EU) or about an 8-9 in UK sizes. That combined with the snowy and icy conditions saw Owner grant me permission to buy a nice pair of winter boots - with sensible grips so that i stopped sliding around quite so much. You can see my new boots in the shot of me below that Owner took in our hotel room (of which more later);

The other discovery was that there was a fantastic shop selling  massive range of craft items including hundreds of different types of charms.Owner consented to me buying a stiletto shoe charm to attach to my waist chain as well as two new ball/bauble charms to suspend from each of my nipple piercings. They are wonderful and i love wearing them and feeling them tug ever so gently on my titties all day- i also loved flashing them in cafes and in public as you can see;

Of course, it wouldn't be us however if we didn't also use the opportunity for some other gratuitous 'naughty' photography (aside from the titty flashing of course!). Owner had me pose for Her at the hotel we stayed at in Mainz;

But when we ended up staying for an unexpected (and hugely enjoyable extra night) in Frankfurt when our flight got cancelled i really did get a little carried away and fully engaged my inner slut - sucking cock (well a dildo) and then making my pussy wet with my fingers before inserting the dildo deep into my pussy as i looked out across the Frankfurt skyline ...hopefully one day we'll be back


Tamara said...

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to my country.
You were lucky with the weather, too: Christmas markets look so much better in the snow.

And, as I can see, you also made the most of your time in the hotel rooms...

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Tamara, we both love Germany although we always seem to visit in wintertime. Would love to visit during another season one year. That said the markets and countryside do look wonderful at this time of year.


susanrhodes said...

love the hat and pink socks in the first photo - you do really good.

we went to leeds german market and had a good time with a few drinks etc, but not as good a time as you seemed to have had with that dildo!!