Owner undertook what She described at the time as a de-fluffing of yours truly this evening, remarking that it was 'time to de-fluff Her pet'. What on earth does this mean i hear you say? Well read on and i shall attempt to enlighten you on what is involved.

First, you need your pet, or sub, or sissy or combination of all three. Next you need to position them well so that they, or at least their bodies, are accessible to you. In my case this involved being placed kneeling down on top of the sofa with my hands resting on the back of the sofa i.e. so that i was facing towards the rear and away from Owner. However, before being so positioned your pet should be naked, or at least have her panties down to expose her derriere and also have her breasts similarly exposed. In my case i was naked save for my chastity device and my collar and wrist cuffs. Your pet should also be gagged and she should already have ensured that near to her are a variety of implements and tools available for her Owner. she can use her own judgement selecting these but she must ensure that her Owner has everything to hand which She may later need or desire.

Next, the pet needs to be prepped. Owner performed this by applying a selection of floggers and paddles to my backside. The prepping helps to warm and redden the pets derriere prior to administering the cane. When the cane is used each stroke should be counted off by the pet - not easy to do when you are gagged. Upon completing the first ten strokes attach clamps to the pets nipples. At the next ten suspend heavy weights from these clamps and add additional weights when 30 strikes have been delivered. At the 40 strokes mark attach small (and preferably metal and vicious) pegs to the base of your pets chastised clitty. At the 50 mark add more clamps to really start accessorising those bits of your pets clitty that are accessible to you outside the chastity device i.e. the dangly bits. Above the 50 mark  keep adding more pegs and clamps where you can but also start spanking and caning  your pets clitty as well as her bottom. When you start to get close to 100 stokes lube your pets pussy and stretch it open with you fingers before inserting a dildo.

Finally, for the last ten strokes finish with a flourish as your pet makes strange indistinct noises (remember she is still gagged) as you deliver the last few strikes of the cane to your pet as she squirms in painful delight - an interesting sight to behold with her pussy plugged with a dildo, and her titties and clitty clamped and the latter safely encased inside its chastity device. And that, dear reader, is how my Owner de-fluffed Her pet before dinner.