This evening Owner administered a small caning. i love the ritual of being bent over on the sofa and first warmed up with Owners hand, then one or two of Her floggers and a paddle before the main event. Owner often remarks how my butt doesn't easily mark but this time there are few nice red stripes on my derriere, which was also left feeling delightfully warm;

Caning over Owner had me spank my chastised clitty whilst She played with my pussy with Her fingers. As She did this Owner whispered in my ear that as i loved to be such a slut for Her in public the next time we go out for a drink together i am to go up to the bar and ask for a glass of water with extra ice. On returning to my seat at Her side i am to take an ice cube and caress my titties until they are pert and then go to the toilet with the remaining ice cubes and insert them in my pussy before re-joining Her in the bar with the cold water of the melting ice cubes dribbling out of my pussy and down my thighs....i can't wait!

In other news. Today my new bikini arrived. It is super cute and i can't wait to show it off outside. There is also another, rather significant, order on its way..of which more in the future. Finally, tomorrow i get my belly pierced and my new super cute belly ring fitted. Life is good.